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Recent articles by Brianna:

This Is How You Get Focused When It Seems Like Life Is Pulling You In A Dozen Different Directions

The truth that almost nobody tells you is that what we try to do too perfectly we turn into its opposite. → Read More

If You Ever Feel Lost, Please Remember That You Can Make A Home Within Your Own Heart

Until you are at home in your own heart, you will never make peace with the world. → Read More

2021 Will Ask You To Shed Your Old Self, Because A New Era Is Right On The Horizon

This year has been marked by disruption, reflection, deep solitude, awakening, and change. → Read More

You Weren’t Born To Transcend Yourself, You Were Born To Become Yourself Completely

You were not born to spend your life trying to fix every piece of you until it is made perfect. → Read More

If You Think You Might Be Sabotaging The Very Dreams You Desire More Than Anything, Please Read This

Self-sabotage is an act of self-love. → Read More

This Is For Anyone Who Feels Like They’re Never Going To Find Their Own Path In Life

The truth is that what you're looking for isn't outside of you, but buried deep within. → Read More

This Is The Kind Of Person That’s Worth Falling In Love With

The kind of person that’s worth falling in love with is someone who is actually ready to fall in love. → Read More

When Life Gives You An Opportunity To Change, Please Don’t Let It Pass You By

When life gives you an opportunity to change, when a fork opens up in the road, when the detour becomes the destination, when you’re given something greater than you’d know to ask for —… → Read More

On The Days It Feels Like You’ll Never Move Forward, Just Remember How Far You’ve Come

Whether you realized it or not, the time passed. Without you having to even try, joy emerged from your days. → Read More

Maybe You Don’t Need A Reinvention, Maybe You Just Need To Be A Little Kinder To Yourself

Maybe you don't need a reinvention. Maybe you don't need to change your life. → Read More

This Is Your Evergreen Reminder That Slowing Down Is Not Falling Behind

You do not exist on a single schedule, your fate is not to arrive at each set point at precisely the second you think you should. That’s not what you’re here for. That’s not what … → Read More

This Is How You Slowly Learn You Can Only Hold So Much Space For Someone Who Doesn’t Want To Change

Desire doesn’t make it easy, or simple. → Read More

9 Signs You’re Just In Love With The Idea Of Someone, Not Who They Actually Are

If your relationship works better when you’re not actually in each other’s lives, that’s the first sign something might be amiss. → Read More

You Are Allowed To Revise Your Dreams, Don’t Let Anybody Tell You Differently

The truth is that you are allowed to revise your dreams, because the plans you made in the past were designed for a person you no longer are. → Read More

This Is How To Start Over, Even If You’re Staying Right Where You Are

When it’s time to start over, you won’t know you’re at the start of a new beginning, because all it will feel like is an overwhelming end. → Read More

10 Things You Will Start To Feel When A Big Life Change Is Around The Corner

We don’t snap out of denial one day, we slowly come out of it in phases, and eventually, we arrive at acceptance that we weren’t happy before. → Read More

8 Things To Measure Your Progress By That Aren’t Just Productivity

There's something better than perfection, and it's authenticity. → Read More

Why You Need To Stop Letting Other People Determine Your Self-Worth

When you look at the world, you see the world. → Read More

8 Signs You’ve Met Someone Who Is Supposed To Be In Your Life Forever

In the same way that you feel so close, protective and connected to members of your family that you love, you have that same sense with them. They feel more like family than friends. → Read More

7 Signs You’re Growing As A Person, Even If It Doesn’t Feel Like You Are

This means that you're coming home to yourself. → Read More