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Recent articles by Brianna:

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You Are Allowed To Revise Your Dreams, Don’t Let Anybody Tell You Differently

The truth is that you are allowed to revise your dreams, because the plans you made in the past were designed for a person you no longer are. → Read More

This Is How To Start Over, Even If You’re Staying Right Where You Are

When it’s time to start over, you won’t know you’re at the start of a new beginning, because all it will feel like is an overwhelming end. → Read More

10 Things You Will Start To Feel When A Big Life Change Is Around The Corner

We don’t snap out of denial one day, we slowly come out of it in phases, and eventually, we arrive at acceptance that we weren’t happy before. → Read More

8 Things To Measure Your Progress By That Aren’t Just Productivity

There's something better than perfection, and it's authenticity. → Read More

Why You Need To Stop Letting Other People Determine Your Self-Worth

When you look at the world, you see the world. → Read More

8 Signs You’ve Met Someone Who Is Supposed To Be In Your Life Forever

In the same way that you feel so close, protective and connected to members of your family that you love, you have that same sense with them. They feel more like family than friends. → Read More

7 Signs You’re Growing As A Person, Even If It Doesn’t Feel Like You Are

This means that you're coming home to yourself. → Read More

This Is Why You Feel So Alone In Your Spiritual Beliefs

If you feel alone in your spiritual beliefs, it’s not because you’re the only one feeling the way you do. → Read More

7 Signs You’re Emotionally Exhausted And Don’t Even Realize It

Emotional exhaustion is no joke — and it can disguise itself as a variety of other stressors. It’s time to recognize when you’re at your edge, and how to see through the fog once and fo… → Read More

11 Signs You’re Healing Past Trauma You Didn’t Even Know You Had

Trauma is likewise not always what we think it might be — we’re all traumatized from a variety of experiences, ranging in intensity. These are a few of the signs that you’re beginning t… → Read More

Read This If You Ever Start To Feel Apathetic About What’s Happening In The World

Don’t let yourself become worn out and give up. → Read More

How Your Environment Is Influencing Your Motivation While Working From Home

Environment is the "invisible hand" behind human behavior — this is how to control yours better. → Read More

If Your Biggest Relationship Challenge Is Deciding Whether Or Not You Should Be Together, You Are Not Actually In Love

Instead of acknowledging that this is the case, we set up unconscious barriers. → Read More

This Is Why It’s So Dangerous To Confuse Maladaptive Behavior With Your Actual Personality

Your maladaptive behaviors and your actual personality are not the same thing — and differentiating the two is essential to healing. → Read More

The Honest Truth About Following Your Dreams That Almost Nobody Is Willing To Swallow

It’s not your willingness to take the first steps that will get you the life your dreams, but your willingness to wake up every single day and keep building in the direction of your deepest a… → Read More

This Is Why You’re Most Likely To Fall In Love With Someone Whose Self-Esteem Matches Yours

They say we accept the love we think we deserve, but we also accept the partners we think deserve us. → Read More

Not Everybody Is Going To Grow—It’s Not Your Job To Force Them

Throughout your life, you will look back and realize that there are many people who you used to know who have stayed precisely where they’ve always been. → Read More