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Recent articles by Brianna:

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You are not supposed to know everything right now. → Read More

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You are not here to be perfect. → Read More

The Psychological Trick That Will Help You Release Old Experiences For Good

Instead of accepting the ways we think life did not work out, we have to be able to see what was at the core of our desire, and figure out a way to still give ourselves that experience now. → Read More

Everything You Need To Know About Your Psoas, The Muscle That’s Storing Your Deepest Trauma

Your body remembers everything that has ever happened to you. → Read More

Read This If You Feel Like You’re Doing All The Right Things, But Still Feel Anxious All The Time

Most approaches to anxiety presume that the problem is in your head. The problem is, actually, in your body. → Read More

This Is The Only Way To Truly Determine If Someone Is The ‘Love Of Your Life’

When you are growing up, everyone tells you that you will “just know” when you’ve met the person you’re going to be with forever. → Read More

Nobody Is Forcing You To Hold Onto Your Baggage But You

What’s holding you back more than anything is the self-belief that these things are true. → Read More

Why Some People Never Outgrow Their Childish Behaviors And End Up Completely Unhappy In Life

Something that you don’t learn about life until it’s often too late is that growth is not inevitable, it’s optional. → Read More

2019 Is The Year Of Shedding, 2020 Is The Year Of Becoming

In the process, you’ll find yourself removing everything that they once built. Habits that served them, belongings that they loved. → Read More

There’s A Difference Between Romantic And Attachment Love, And It Will Help You Figure Out So Many Relationships

There are many different types of love we experience in a lifetime. You know that the type of love you have for your parent isn’t the same you have for your partner. → Read More

The Most Obvious Thing About Super Successful People Is Also The One Nobody Tends To Notice

When you meet a successful leader, you will notice that they naturally have very high energy. → Read More

Jahlove Serrano Is An HIV+ Educator Whose Grassroots Activism Is Destroying The Shame Of Being Poz

When Jahlove Serrano was 16-years-old, he lost his virginity, and gained a diagnosis. Growing up in New York, Serrano said that condoms were “never a thought” when it came to safe sex p… → Read More

Living Well With Endometriosis: A Q&A With This EndoLife’s Jessica Duffin On What She’s Learned

When she realized how little information was available for holistic or alternative methods of treating Endometriosis, London-based writer and podcaster Jessica Duffin decided to make a media brand … → Read More

Your Past Self Should Be Your Competition, Your Future Self Should Be Your Hero

You are not only as good enough as you are better than someone else. → Read More

The Difference Between People Who Reject You And People Who Are Actually Toxic To You

Not everyone who rejects you is a bad person. → Read More

Why Jordanna Tucker Is No Longer Allowing Endometriosis To Define Her Life

For Jordanna Tucker, her Endometriosis diagnosis was as most women’s is: “drawn out and well overdue.” The 26-year-old Queensland native is now a graphic designer, and has put a l… → Read More

This Is The Dark Truth About Highly Ambitious People That Nobody Wants To Admit

They are characterized as heartless, but really, they are just trying to find their hearts. They are known for being singularly determined to build a big life, but they are really just trying to ha… → Read More

This Is How You Heal Your Deepest Trauma And Finally Start To Live Your Life Again

You can begin to use your body to help you heal. → Read More