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Recent articles by Brianna:

How Hayley Ray’s Lifelong Struggle With Endometriosis Led Her To Coach Other Women Through Invisible Illnesses

For Hayley Ray, the first symptoms of Endometriosis started innocuously enough. By 12 or 13-years-old, she was experiencing increased bleeding during periods, clots, and cramping in her abdomen. Ev… → Read More

As Soon As You Master Where You Are, It’s Time To Move Onto The Next Thing

The uncomfortable truth is that if we are not working for something, we have stopped living entirely. → Read More

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Confidence is built from the outside in. → Read More

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If You Aren’t Having Fun In Your 20s, You’re Doing Something Very, Very Right

Your young years should not ever be the best years of your life. → Read More

How Dimitri Joseph Moïse Turned An HIV+ Diagnosis Into His Life’s Purpose To Advocate And Raise Awareness

“Are you gonna tell him, or should I?” Those were the words Dimitri Joseph Moïse heard outside a room in his doctor’s office, where he sat waiting to hear whether or not his HIV test was posi… → Read More

You Don’t Change Your Life When You Fix Every Piece, You Change It When You Start Showing Up Exactly As You Are

We must listen to what’s wrong, feel it, move through it, allow it just to be. → Read More

This Is How You Start To Let Go, Even If You Don’t Feel Like You’re Ready Yet

This is the moment you realize that you will never find peace standing in the ruins of what you used to be. → Read More

Fuck The Fireworks—When Something Is Really Right For You It Makes You Feel Completely At Ease

This is why it is so easy to overlook our true purpose, our best skills, our soulmates… even when they are right in front of us. → Read More

If You Truly Want To Be At Peace In Your Life, You Must Decide What Is ‘Enough’ For You

You cannot be a self-hating person and expect to build a loving, healthy life. → Read More

This Is What It Means To Glow Up, Because It’s Not About Proving The People From Your Past Wrong

Your glow up might not be something others can see. It might not come across as a shift on the surface. In a world of revenge bodies and comeback relationships, a world that tries to tell you that … → Read More

You Can Fight With Everything You Have, But What Isn’t Right For You Will Never Remain In Your Life

There is nothing that you can do to win someone, or something, that is not meant to be yours. → Read More

Morgan Harper Nichols Is Carving Space For A New Kind Of Professional Artist

Nichols offers important advice for aspiring artists: go freelance and explore what you like before you commit. → Read More

Is A Relaxing Commute Sabotaging Your Productivity? This Surprising New Study Says So

If you use your commute to relax, you're actually making the transition into your work day harder. → Read More

Prove To The Universe That You’re Ready To Go All In, And See How Quickly Your Life Changes

You have to prove to the Universe that you’re ready to go all in. → Read More

Read This When You Can’t Decide Between What Your Heart Wants And What Your Mind Says

From the time you’re little, everyone offers you advice on how to navigate your mind and heart. They’ll tell you to follow your gut, trust your instinct, to place logic aside, to pursue… → Read More

Endometriosis Awareness: Symptoms, Treatment & What To Do If You Might Have It

When it comes to endometriosis awareness, there aren’t quite enough people speaking out about what’s an increasingly common disorder that can cause a lot of discomfort and reduction in one’s qualit… → Read More

These 10 U.S. Cities Have The Most Successful Women Per Capita

Some cities offer better conditions for women to thrive professionally, which can potentially help them more easily reach their financial goals, like saving for retirement, paying off student loans or purchasing a home. → Read More

Read This If You Have A Deep Well Of Anger Within You, Because It’s Your Time To Rise

If you have a deep well of anger within you, it is probably because you have spent years telling yourself why you should not. → Read More

Healing Yourself Is The Most Uncomfortable, Disruptive, Important Thing You Will Ever Do

When you are no longer scared to feel anything, when you no longer resist any one part of your life, something magical happens: you find peace. → Read More