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Recent articles by Brianna:

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You have to prove to the Universe that you’re ready to go all in. → Read More

Read This When You Can’t Decide Between What Your Heart Wants And What Your Mind Says

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Endometriosis Awareness: Symptoms, Treatment & What To Do If You Might Have It

When it comes to endometriosis awareness, there aren’t quite enough people speaking out about what’s an increasingly common disorder that can cause a lot of discomfort and reduction in one’s qualit… → Read More

These 10 U.S. Cities Have The Most Successful Women Per Capita

Some cities offer better conditions for women to thrive professionally, which can potentially help them more easily reach their financial goals, like saving for retirement, paying off student loans or purchasing a home. → Read More

Read This If You Have A Deep Well Of Anger Within You, Because It’s Your Time To Rise

If you have a deep well of anger within you, it is probably because you have spent years telling yourself why you should not. → Read More

Healing Yourself Is The Most Uncomfortable, Disruptive, Important Thing You Will Ever Do

When you are no longer scared to feel anything, when you no longer resist any one part of your life, something magical happens: you find peace. → Read More

8 Subtle Traits Of The Super Successful That You Should Be Following

Successful people who maintain their success live like someone who makes 2/3 of the salary that they do. → Read More

Another Person Is Not A Salve To Your Wounds, So Stop Relying On Others To Fix You

You probably already know that other people do not exist to be salves to your wounds, and yet you probably act like it regardless. → Read More

Stop Looking For A Sign, The Things That Are Meant For You Should Be Self-Evident

That is how powerful you are. You can make it true. → Read More

“I Refuse To Be Unproductive:” How Penny White Took An HS Diagnosis & Made It Her Life’s Purpose

This is one personal story of being affected by Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS). If you or anyone you know would like to share your experience, please contact This art… → Read More

There Are 3 Types Of Losses In Our Lives, And Each Teaches Us Something Different

There are ultimately three different types of loss that we experience in our lives, and each is meant to teach us something about ourselves. → Read More

How Anna Cobbs’ Endo Diagnosis Resulted In A Hysterectomy At 30-Years-Old

This brought me my platform, and now I can help others get diagnosed and prep, and not feel alone if they have to get a hysterectomy at a young age. → Read More

How To Write A Personal Mission, Because Your Vision Will Become Your Reality

When it comes to building the life you want to live, most people try to design it backwards. → Read More

When Your Thoughts Are Running Away From You, Remember That Feeling Something Doesn’t Make It True

What you need to know first is that feeling something does not make it true. → Read More

When You Are Being Your True Self Your Tribe, Your Money, And Your Love Will Just Show Up

The truth is that you have to be honest and authentic before you can find someone with whom you are actually compatible. → Read More

You’re Not Going To Realize You’re Blossoming, But It’s Going To Happen Anyway

The truth is that becoming is not glamorous. It is not fun. It requires diverging from the easy path, leaving the safe trajectory, risking everything, trying anything. → Read More

This Is For Every Woman Who Has Ever Doubted That She’s Able To Change Her Life

Slowly, over time, you’re going to see that life is always changing, and now, you’re ready to change with it. → Read More

May 2019 Be The Year You Decide To Create Your Own Beauty

I hope that when you realize you’re hiding behind your clothes instead of loving how they make you feel, you have the courage to pack them up and begin again. I hope that when your space begins to … → Read More

There’s One Key Difference Between Relationships That Last And Ones That Don’t

The point is that navigating which relationships are right and which are wrong is not as straightforward of a task as it seems. → Read More

This Is What It Means To Heal Completely, Because It’s Not About Going Back To The Person You Were

But what you don’t need to be more of is afraid. → Read More