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Past articles by Max:

Behind the Syrian Network for Human Rights

This is part one in an investigation into government-funded, opposition-linked NGOs that pose as impartial monitors and investigators of the Syrian conflict. The Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR) portrays itself as a neutral “monitor” of Syria’s bloody war. In recent years, the group has become a go-to source for corporate media outlets. → Read More

DC Embassy Protectors Force Guaido’s Shadow Ambassador to Flee in Failure as Coup Flops in Venezuela

US activists forced Juan Guaido’s shadow ambassador, Carlos Vecchio, to flee from a rally that was supposed to mark his triumphant entry into the Venezuelan embassy in Washington → Read More

Max Blumenthal Searches for Communist Dictatorship at Venezuelan Luxury Mall

Max Blumenthal visits a luxury mall in Venezuela to see just how about the country's humanitarian crisis really is. → Read More

US-Backed Opposition Accuses Venezuelan Military of Setting Humanitarian Aid Trucks on Fire

Mainstream media claims that the Venezuelan National Guard burned US aid trucks in Colombia. All available evidence says otherwise. → Read More

Inside Venezuela’s State-Subsidized Communal Markets

Max Blumenthal toured open air markets in Caracas that were full of food and supplies subsidized by the Venezuelan government. → Read More

Ebay Founder Pierre Omidyar is Funding a Global Media Information War

Pierre Omidyar has become a politically sophisticated data monarch through his purchase of a media empire and national security state ties. → Read More

The Making of Juan Guaido: How the US Regime Change Laboratory Created Venezuela’s Coup Leader

How the United States National Endowment for Democracy crafted Juan Guaido as a tool for regime change in Venezuela. → Read More

A Covert British Military-Intelligence Smear Machine Is Infiltrating the US

A bombshell domestic spy scandal has been unfolding in Britain, after hacked internal communications exposed a covert UK state military-intelligence psychological warfare operation targeting its own citizens and political figures in allied NATO countries under the cover of fighting “Russian disinformation.” → Read More

New Documents Reveal Covert UK Military-Intelligence Smear Machine Meddling In US Politics

With the help of John Rendon and the State Department's Global Engagement Center, the Integrity Initiative brings its disinformation campaign to the US. → Read More

How Critics of Trumps' Syria Withdrawal Fueled the Rise of ISIS

Too many of those protesting the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Syria are authors of the catastrophe that feuled the rise of ISIS. → Read More

The Integrity Initiative and the UK’s Scandalous Information War

The carefully concealed offices of a covert, British government-backed propaganda mill at the center of an international scandal the mainstream media refuses to touch. → Read More

How the Resnicks’ Snack Food Fortune is Fueling the Assault on Iran

A new documentary reveals how the billionaire Resnick family is using the Israel Lobby to stifle competition from pistachio farms in Iran. → Read More

Investigation slams Guardian cooperation with novice reporter linked to US regime-change machine

Award-winning journalist Max Blumenthal has been following the current situation in Nicaragua closely. And in this investigation, he looks in detail at the activities of a novice foreign reporter in the country who appears to have links to the US regime-change machine. He calls the Guardian’s cooperation with this reporter a source of “deep embarrassment”. This was an investigation for… → Read More

How an American Anthropologist Tied to US Regime-Change Proxies Became the MSM’s Man in Nicaragua

The sordid tale of how American Anthropologist Carl David Goette-Luciak came to be tied to US Regime-Change Proxies in Nicaragua. → Read More

Undercover Documentary Shows Israel Lobby Groups Organizing "Fake Protests"

Footage reveals how the Israel lobby has compensated for its lack of grassroots influence by paying for protesters. → Read More

The Side of John McCain the Media Isn't Talking About

His mourners reflect the elite view of U.S. military interventions as a chess game, with the millions killed by unprovoked aggression mere statistics. → Read More

How Washington Manipulated Nicaragua’s Death Toll to Drive Regime Change

A study of Nicaragua's death toll shows that at least as many Sandinista supporters were killed as opposition members. → Read More

An Interview with Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega

Ortega claims his Sandinista government has just defeated a US-backed coup. → Read More

Watch | Congress Hosts Actual Fascist as Nazi Violence Rages in Ukraine

Max Blumenthal asks the Washington hosts of Andriy Parubiy, the speaker of Ukraine’s parliament and founder of two neo-Nazi parties. → Read More

Max Blumenthal Grills OAS Panel on Venezuela's "Crimes Against Humanity"

An OAS panel featured condemnations of Venezuela’s human rights violations by one of the world’s most prominent defenders of Israeli atrocities. → Read More