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Past articles by Steve:

The Republicans Begin to Eye 2024

It’s been a winter of garish factional disputes in the G.O.P., and Donald Trump remains a seismic force of instability. → Read More

Some Hope for Afghans in Need

Steve Coll reports on the Biden Administration’s release of $3.5 billion to the Afghan Fund, a Swiss foundation intended to benefit everyday Afghans without empowering the Taliban. → Read More

A Year After the Fall of Kabul

Steve Coll writes about the first anniversary of the Taliban takeover of Kabul, following the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan, and about the dire situation of the Afghan economy, as well as the human-rights and humanitarian crises facing the country. → Read More

Ayman al-Zawahiri and the Taliban

Steve Coll on the killing of the Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri, and what the stark evidence of the renewed relationship between Al Qaeda, Afghanistan’s leaders, and the Taliban suggests. → Read More

How Will Trump’s Primary Messages Affect the Midterms?

The former President has been sowing white-grievance politics and lies about election corruption from Pennsylvania to Wyoming, setting the scene for a potential constitutional crisis. → Read More

The Complexities of the Ukraine Dilemma

The aid offered by the West may help, but it cannot relieve Volodymyr Zelensky of the terrible predicaments he must manage in the weeks ahead, Steve Coll writes. → Read More

The Fall of the bin Ladens

The family might have thrived indefinitely after Osama’s death but for the ambitions of Mohammed bin Salman. → Read More

The Lessons of Defeat in Afghanistan

After twenty years, it hardly needs saying that America’s wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were disastrous to U.S. interests and standing. → Read More

The Spyware Threat to Journalists

In this gathering age of digital autocracy, it is hard to avoid the impression that the dictators are winning. → Read More

In Gaza, an Impasse Cannot Be Mistaken for Stability

Israel’s continued occupation of the West Bank and its harsh blockade of Gaza have undermined its constitutional ideals and worsened internal fault lines that threaten its future. → Read More

The Politics Behind India’s COVID Crisis

The coronavirus thrives off of complacent leaders, such as Prime Minister Narendra Modi—and has exacerbated the contours of global inequality, Steve Coll writes. → Read More

In India, Narendra Modi’s Government Is Using the Courts to Attack Civil Rights

Steve Coll speaks to the lawyer Indira Jaising and writes about the history of Indian governments—one led by Indira Gandhi in the nineteen-seventies and one now led by Narendra Modi—using legislation and the judiciary to curtail civil rights in the country. → Read More

Leaving Afghanistan, and the Lessons of America’s Longest War

Steve Coll writes about President Biden’s recent announcement that U.S. and NATO forces would withdraw from Afghanistan by September 11, 2021, and about the lessons that Mikhail Gorbachev conveyed to Barack Obama, in 2010, about the Soviet Union’s experience of war with the country. → Read More

Will Biden’s Sanctions Help Restore Democracy in Myanmar?

Steve Coll writes about the decision by the Biden Administration to impose sanctions on Myanmar following the takeover of the government there by a military junta. → Read More

Trump’s Impeachment Trial Offers a Chance to Seize the Initiative on the Future of Free Speech

Steve Coll examines the free-speech line of defense Donald Trump’s upcoming impeachment trial and that argument’s ramifications for social-media platforms. → Read More

State Republican Leaders Are Rushing to Exploit Donald Trump’s Big Lie

In diverse parts of the country, followers of the former President are attacking voting laws and systems, using his claims that the election was stolen as a justification. → Read More

Joe Biden Will Have to Address the War in Afghanistan—Again

This time around, for President Biden, the war in Afghanistan is nowhere near as consequential for the U.S., yet American troops remain in the country as the fight grinds on. → Read More

The Outdated Law that Republicans Could Use to Upend the Electoral College Vote Next Time

Our byzantine process for selecting a President will plunge the country into a constitutional crisis sooner or later. Yet the current system won’t be easy to fix or replace. → Read More

Donald Trump, George Wallace, and the Influence of Losers

The outgoing President may find himself stunned by the speed at which former loyalists distance themselves. But his ideological imprint on the G.O.P. is likely to remain. → Read More

What Does Trump Get Out of Contesting Biden’s Win?

The election was not close, and the President’s claims of voter fraud are merely a distraction from his many recent failures. → Read More