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Past articles by Chris:

Will the SNP leadership candidates ever talk about anything other than independence?

The first TV debate neglected the real economic and social problems facing Scotland. → Read More

Scottish Labour’s gender bill farce shows it’s not ready to lead

Anas Sarwar’s party risks coming across as a limp facsimile of the SNP. → Read More

The SNP has no one but itself to blame for the Scottish NHS crisis

The hapless Scottish Health Secretary Humza Yousaf has come to resemble a man squashed by a falling piano. → Read More

Ian Blackford’s resignation shows Nicola Sturgeon’s grip is slipping

The biggest danger facing the First Minister now is that all this upheaval could poison her legacy. → Read More

Scottish independence is a fading dream under the leadership of Nicola Sturgeon

The First Minister has said the next general election will be a de facto IndyRef2 – a gamble that could end in her defeat. → Read More

Scotland’s chief entrepreneur Mark Logan interview: “There’s still not enough focus on the economy”

The former Skyscanner executive on his battle to change the Scottish government’s mindset. → Read More

What would Liz Truss as prime minister mean for Scotland?

The kind of policies that win you the support of Tories in the shires are almost guaranteed to have the majority of voters north of the border hissing in horror. → Read More

Boris Johnson’s departure will be a headache for the SNP

Johnson’s resignation as Tory leader removes one of the strongest arguments for Scottish independence. → Read More

Scottish independence: Nicola Sturgeon has taken her biggest gamble

The SNP’s vow to turn the next election into an independence referendum could end in disaster. → Read More

Can Kate Forbes force the SNP to accept there is no magic money tree?

The woman who could succeed Nicola Sturgeon has delivered hard economic truths to her party. → Read More

Scotland badly needs its own version of levelling up

The SNP should turn its attention to Scotland’s vast regional inequalities. → Read More

Why the opponents of Scottish independence are more divided than ever

The SNP’s pro-Union enemies now seem to be pursuing entirely disparate and even conflicting strategies. → Read More

Can Scottish Labour ever escape the political wilderness?

From the outside it looks and feels like Anas Sarwar’s party has simply vanished. → Read More

Why the SNP must stop hoarding power in Edinburgh

Local Scottish leaders weary of having their hands tied by Nicola Sturgeon are taking a stand. → Read More

The SNP-Green deal does nothing to change Nicola Sturgeon’s independence dilemma

Everyone wants to know what happens next. Even the smartest among us are struggling to understand where Scottish politics is headed over the next few years. To this end, an SNP-supporting friend and I were recently asked to speak to the leaders of Scotland’s universities to shed some light on the constitutional direction of travel. This was no easy task, clarity of analysis not being currently… → Read More

How the OECD whitewashed the failings of Scotland’s education system

When the long-awaited Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) report into Scotland’s Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) was published in June it created a rare moment of political unity. The investigation into the effectiveness or otherwise of the policy that has shaped the nation’s school curriculum for more than a decade was generally viewed as rigorous, → Read More

The new SNP-Green pact has only one aim: remove Scotland from the UK

When is a coalition not a coalition? The SNP and the Scottish Greens have avoided the C-word, but their newly minted “Cooperation Agreement” – on the basis of which they will jointly run Scotland for the next five years – is something more than a basic confidence and supply arrangement. Both parties intend to hoard their cake and scarf it down at the same time. The Nats now → Read More

The SNP should stop pretending that Scotland is in any fit state for independence

It says much about his grinding predictability and reliably tin ear that when Ian Blackford rose to speak in the Afghanistan debate this week I wondered how he was going to shoehorn in a mention of Scottish independence. I wouldn’t have been alone. Instead, the SNP’s leader in the Commons for once stuck to the matter at hand, although he still devoted a fair amount of time to → Read More

Why the SNP believe they are invincible in Scotland

It is two and a half decades since the Scottish Conservatives held a national leadership role north of the border. Even then, during Michael Forsyth’s eventful spell as Scottish secretary in John Major’s disintegrating government, there was a sense of temporariness, of the sand running out, and no little democratic outrage. The Tory comeback at Holyrood, following the 1997 wipe out, has been as… → Read More

Nicola Sturgeon’s Green embrace only proves the weakness of the independence project

In Stirling, where I live, we have had a month of practically unbroken sunshine. It has been a delight, waking each morning in the knowledge that a healthy bath of vitamin D lies ahead. There is a distinct psychological impact: one’s mood improves, one’s options increase, one’s garden becomes an extra room of the house. The skin tone of many Scots has gradually shifted from eggshell blue to… → Read More