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Josh Bersin

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California, United States

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Past articles by Josh:

Mental Health Has Become a Business Imperative

Taking a holistic approach to supporting employee mental health improves business, talent, and innovation outcomes. → Read More

Five Ways Leaders Can Support Remote Work

A new employee survey reveals strategies that can help leaders more effectively manage a distributed workforce. → Read More

New Ways to Gauge Talent and Potential

Digital tools are making the hiring process easier and more precise — despite their limitations. → Read More

Yes, CEOs, You Do Need To Speak Up On Social Issues

Yes, CEOs have to speak out. As citizens and buyers look for trust and purpose, taking a position may be the most important thing you can do. → Read More

HR Technology for 2018: More Intelligent than Ever

HR tech thought leader Josh Bersin says almost every HR vendor he speaks with claims to have artificial intelligence (AI)-based solutions, predictive analytics, chatbots or some other form of algorithmic solution to make HR better. Here are his tips on ho → Read More

Viewpoint: Automation and the Future of Work

Suddenly there are dozens of books, conferences and speeches being made about the future of work. The big issue we face is not the loss of jobs or robots taking over our lives; it’s the profound effect this new economy is having on people's careers. → Read More

Catch the wave: The 21st-century career

In an age where skill sets can become obsolete in just a few years, many workers are scrambling just to stay current. How can organizations encourage continuous learning, improve individual mobility, and foster a growth mind-set in every employee, year after year? → Read More

Navigating the future of work: Can we point business, workers, and social institutions in the same direction?

​From the individual 9-to-5 workday to how entire industries function, work is changing faster than ever. Big shifts threaten to create massive societal and economic disruption unless we look seriously at making the future of work productive and rewarding for everyone. → Read More

Watch Out, Corporate Learning: Here Comes Disruption

Corporate training is being disrupted by a new generation of digital tools, platforms, and business models. And the problem is more urgent than ever. → Read More

Robotics, AI, And Cognitive Computing Are Changing Organizations Even Faster Than We Thought

Robotics, AI, and cognitive computing are coming much faster than we thought. How do we redesign work, jobs, and organizations to adapt? Ten "new rules" discussed here. → Read More

The employee experience: Culture, engagement, and beyond

​Rather than focusing narrowly on engagement and culture, many leading organizations aim to improve the employee experience as a whole, supported by a multitude of pulse feedback tools, wellness and fitness apps, and employee self-service technologies. → Read More

The organization of the future: Arriving now

​As digital transforms the business landscape, the successful organizations of the future will likely be those that can move faster, adapt more quickly, learn more rapidly, and embrace dynamic career demands. → Read More

Citizenship On The Rise: What This Means To Business And HR

Why citizenship has become a new corporate strategy, impacting senior leaders, business strategies, and employees around the world. → Read More

How Everything Is Becoming Digital: And Why Businesses Must Adapt Now

Everything in business has gone digital: the workplace, leadership, management, product strategy, and HR. And AI and robotics make it happen faster. How can you adapt to keep up? → Read More

Workday Launches Corporate Learning Platform: Brings Video To The Enterprise

This is a product that will push the industry forward, and become an example for others to follow. → Read More

The Future Of Work: It's Already Here

I recently had the opportunity to speak at the Singularity University Summit in San Francisco on The Future of Work. After months of research on the topic, reading dozens of books and articles on AI, robotics, and economics, I came to a simple conclusion: the future of work is already here. And [...] → Read More

Introduction—The new organization: Different by design

Four powerful forces are driving change for both HR functions and the organizations they serve, creating talent challenges—as well as potential solutions—radically different from those faced by previous generations of leaders. → Read More

HR for Humans: How behavioral economics can reinvent HR

A new generation of talent strategies, rooted in evidence-based HR and behavioral insights, is replacing HR practices centered on outdated ideas of human psychology and organizational design → Read More

People Analytics: State of the Market

What are the "Top Ten" trends in People Analytics? This presentation reviews the research and discusses how you should prepare for this exciting and fast growing but emerging market. → Read More

Feedback Is The Killer App: A New Market and Management Model Emerges

A new market has emerged: Employee feedback apps for the corporate marketplace. These tools are powerful and disruptive, and they have the potential to redefine how we manage our organizations. In this article I discuss this explosive new market and talk about some of the innovative vendors helping make this market grow. As [...] → Read More