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Recent articles by Jim:

Declassify America's Dirty Secrets in Syria to Stop a Biden War

Opening incriminating documents from the conflict up to the public could discourage Biden from escalating America's role. → Read More

Waco Whitewash King Vindicates Presidential Debate Commission

John Danforth, a key player in the cover-up of misconduct at Waco, has some rich ideas about faith in government and the 2020 election. → Read More

Turns Out Michelle Obama's Obesity Campaign Was a Flabby Flop

One thing you won't hear about the feted former first lady at the DNC tonight: kids actually gained weight under her program. → Read More

Under four presidents, the Feds neglected duty to collect statistics on police killings

Why has the Justice Department failed to follow a law from 1994? → Read More

Political Legitimacy Dies in 2020

With large scale vote-by-mail elections looming in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, America's political system is facing its worst legitimacy crisis since the Cvil War. → Read More

Political Legitimacy Dies in 2020

With large scale vote-by-mail elections looming in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, America's political system is facing its worst legitimacy crisis since the Cvil War. → Read More

How Intellectuals Cured 'Tyrannophobia'

American presidents have adopted Hobbesian levels of power. → Read More


The REAL ID Act Ravages Our Liberty – The Future of Freedom Foundation

National ID cards have been atop the command-and-control political wish list for decades. In the 1990s, Republican Congresses shot down efforts to move toward national identification cards. However, after 9/11, “everything changed” and politicians seized the chance to unleash far more snooping and create potentially hundreds of millions of dossiers on American citizens.There is no reason for… → Read More

Anti-Slavery Zealot John Brown is No Hero

Thoreau and Emerson's effort to canonize the abolitionist fanatic helped spark the Civil War. → Read More

The Korean War Atrocities No One Wants to Talk About

For decades they covered up the U.S. massacre of civilians at No Gun Ri and elsewhere. This is why we never learn our lessons. → Read More


Impeachment Reminder of Our Toxic Foreign Aid – The Future of Freedom Foundation

Foreign aid to Ukraine helped spur the Democrats’ effort to impeach and remove President Trump earlier this year. Ukraine was supposed to be on the verge of great progress until Trump pulled the rug out from under the heroic salvation effort by U.S. government bureaucrats. Unfortunately, Congress has devoted a hundred times more attention to the timing of aid to Ukraine than to its… → Read More

Virtue Signaling Maryland Officials Ignore Brutal Killing By Their Own Cops

They boast outrage over George Floyd, but refuse to tell us why Duncan Lemp was shot sleeping in his own bed. → Read More

Trump's Finger on the Martial Law Trigger

Giving the military total power would be a political nuclear bomb, provoking more unrest than we have now. → Read More

Cops Kill Because We Gave Them The Legal Framework to Do It

Rather than burning and looting, protesters should turn their ire on lawmakers and judges who facilitate police immunity. → Read More


The Great College-Hunger Hoax – The Future of Freedom Foundation

“Nearly half our college students are going hungry,” presidential candidate Bernie Sanders proclaimed in late November. Sanders’s tweet went viral, spurring more than 20,000 re-tweets and “likes.” Starving college students are a new rallying cry for social-justice warriors, spurring demands for new federal handouts and maybe even a college student-meal program modeled after school lunches.Bogus… → Read More

County Puts Bag Recycling Before Grocery Workers' Health

A liberal Maryland municipality caved to environmentalists and is sustaining a tax on single use plastic bags amid COVID. → Read More

Duncan Lemp's Parents Threatened With Jail For Protesting His Killing

While mum on why a SWAT team shot the software developer while he lay sleeping, a Maryland prosecutor suggests COVID order trumps Bill of Rights. → Read More

It's Time to Track the FDA's Death Toll

The Food and Drug Administration helped turn the coronavirus from a deadly peril into a national catastrophe. Long after foreign nations had been ravaged and many cases had been detected in America, the FDA continued blocking private testing. → Read More

The Mystery Deepens Over the Pre-Dawn Police Killing of Duncan Lemp

Cops are giving curiously muddled messages as to why this 21-year-old Marylander was shot while he was sleeping. → Read More

Did Maryland Police Shoot and Kill a Sleeping Man?

An initial police press release claims "firearms offenses" were involved, but now the authorities are being mum. → Read More