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Past articles by Jamie:

Russian advance losing steam as Ukraine gears up for coming counteroffensive

RUSSIAN FORCES STALLED, PINNED DOWN: Russian forces got as far as the east side of Bakhmut before things started to fall apart, according to the weekend analysis from the Washington-based Institute for the Study of War. → Read More

Not so fast: Tenacious Ukrainian defense, Russian ammo shortage thwart Russian advance on Bakhmut

BACK ON DEFENSE FOR NOW: Just days after crowing that the eastern Ukrainian city of Bakhmut was on the verge of falling, the head of Russia's Wagner mercenary group has appeared on a social media video complaining that a lack of ammunition has stalled an advance on the town, which is largely in ruins. → Read More

Pentagon, top House Armed Services Democrat defend Biden’s nixing of F-16s for Ukraine

A MINI-DEBATE: FOR AND AGAINST F-16s FOR UKRAINE: In testimony before the House Armed Services Committee Tuesday, the Pentagon’s top policy chief defended President Joe Biden’s decision to refuse Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s request for F-16 fighter jets. → Read More

DoD watchdog: Trump’s Taliban deal 'set in motion a series of events' leading to Afghan collapse

SIGAR: LOTS OF BLAME TO SPREAD AROUND: A new report from the Pentagon’s internal watchdog pins the blame for the collapse of the Afghan military in August 2021 on the decisions of former President Donald Trump, President Joe Biden, former Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, and a succession of prior… → Read More

F-16 flap undercuts Biden’s show of resolve in Ukraine, say lawmakers

UKRAINE’S AIRPOWER GAP: There are reasonable arguments on both sides of the debate over the provision of modern fighter aircraft to Ukraine as it prepares for a late spring counteroffensive. The primary argument against runs something like this: the pilots can’t be trained in time, the planes can’t… → Read More

One year later: On grim anniversary, Zelensky declares, ‘We see the light of this victory’

ONE YEAR LATER: A year ago, the world vastly overestimated the combat effectiveness of the Russian military while vastly underestimating the fighting spirit of the Ukrainian people and their indefatigable determination to preserve freedom and democracy whatever the cost. → Read More

Unsatisfying answers about possibly ‘benign balloons’ leave congressional critics frustrated

UNSATISFYING ANSWERS: If there’s one word that captures the reaction to the mystery of the three UFOs shot down Friday, Saturday, and Sunday over the U.S. and Canada, it’s “frustration.” → Read More

At meeting of allies, Austin says Ukraine faces ‘challenging road’ as Russia prepares for spring offensive

AUSTIN: ‘KREMLIN STILL BETTING IT CAN WAIT US OUT’: Today’s meeting of the Ukraine Defense Contact Group, comprised of more than 50 countries that supply both military and financial aid to Ukraine’s war effort, has taken on added urgency as Russia has poured tens of thousands of reinforcements into the eastern Donbas region in preparation for an expected major assault. → Read More

A UFO invasion? Or shadow boxing with ‘sky trash’?

UNPRECEDENTED: So much mystery surrounds the three unidentified flying (or floating) objects downed by U.S. fighter jets over the past three days that when Gen. Glen VanHerck, NORAD commander, was asked during a briefing last night if the objects could be extraterrestrial in origin, VanHerck replied, “I haven’t ruled out anything at this point.” → Read More

Alaska and Montana lawmakers irate over Biden's decision to allow Chinese spy balloon to traverse US

‘FIVE CONTINENTS, 40 COUNTRIES’: In public and private briefings on Capitol Hill yesterday, lawmakers were briefed on the extent of a Chinese balloon espionage program that has operated around the globe for years with apparent impunity. → Read More

The spy balloon that changed the US conversation about China

After transfixing those who could see the tiny white dot high in clear blue sky with their own eyes for the better part of a week, a 200-foot-tall Chinese spy balloon met an ignominious fate at the pointy end of a single Sidewinder air-to-air missile fired from a U.S. F-22 stealth fighter jet on the first Saturday in February. → Read More

Zelensky pleads, ‘Give us wings,’ as UK offers to train pilots for future fighter jets

ZELENSKY’S ‘WINGS’ TOUR: After visits to London and Paris, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is wrapping up his tour of European capitals in Brussels, where he will address the European Union’s legislature. Zelensky is on the hunt for fighter jets, and, like the quest for main battle tanks, he… → Read More

Probing the gap: Past Chinese balloon missions went undetected

BLIND SPOT AT 65,000 FEET: The hot take on China’s dispatch of a surveillance balloon to spy on U.S. missile fields and other sensitive sites is that it was an in-your-face message from Beijing to the Biden administration. After all, the Chinese had to know a 200-foot high balloon violating U.S. airspace that could be seen from the ground would be quickly detected. → Read More

Top US commander defends delay in spy balloon shootdown

‘YOU’LL SEE’ … TIME FRAME WAS ‘WELL WORTH’ THE WAIT: The top general in charge of the joint U.S.-Canadian North American Aerospace Defense Command says when he first saw the Chinese spy balloon approaching Alaska’s Aleutian Islands, he “could not take immediate action,” because it appeared unarmed… → Read More

Political and diplomatic fallout continues after US shootdown of Chinese spy balloon

GOP: BIDEN LOOKS WEAK: While the Biden administration says the president was informed of the Chinese balloon incursion into U.S. airspace Tuesday and gave the shootdown order Wednesday, a chorus of Republican critics argue the decision by the Pentagon to wait until the balloon was over water to… → Read More

China expresses surprise as ‘spy balloon’ floating over Montana casts shadow on impending Blinken Beijing visit

HASTILY CALLED BRIEFING: Word went out to Pentagon reporters just before 4:30 p.m. yesterday that a senior defense official would be briefing on a “national security issue” in less than an hour. The urgent Zoom briefing was to reveal that NORAD, the North American Aerospace Defense Command, was… → Read More

The Schiff-Swalwell saga: Is McCarthy being politic, or playing politics?

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) insists his rejection of California Democrats Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell to be members of the Intelligence Committee is all about protecting national security. → Read More

US expands access to Philippines bases as North Korea ramps up nuclear rhetoric

NORTH KOREA THREATENS ‘OVERWHELMING NUCLEAR FORCE’: North Korea has reacted with angry threats in response to the joint announcement from the United States and South Korea that the two allies will increase defensive military exercises aimed at deterring the North. → Read More

Boris Johnson: War in Ukraine is NATO’s failure, ‘Give the Ukrainians what they need’

JOHNSON: WE SAID ‘YES’ BUT MEANT ‘NO’: Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Russia’s invasion is a direct result of NATO’s disingenuous pretense that Ukraine was being seriously considered for NATO membership, while the alliance was overtly signaling it was never going to happen. “In principle, yes; in practice, no. That has been the message.” → Read More

The ‘great tank debate’ shifts to the ‘great F-16 debate’

A FLAT ‘NO’: It’s the same underlying question: Is the United States willing to give Ukraine the weapons it needs to defeat Russia this year or just enough not to lose? The debate has shifted from main battle tanks to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s urgent pleas for modern fighter… → Read More