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Recent articles by Jamie:

China extends invasion rehearsal drills to intimidate Taiwan

CHINA EXTENDS INVASION DRILLS: What China initially said would be a four-day military exercise that would wrap up yesterday has been extended as Beijing continues threatening military exercises that have all the earmarks of a rehearsal for an eventual invasion. → Read More

Russia abandons Donbas offensive to reinforce southern flank ahead of expected Ukrainian counteroffensive

‘SEIZING THE STRATEGIC INITIATIVE’: Russia is taking Ukraine's threat to retake the southern province of Kherson seriously, shifting forces from its eastern front to prepare for an expected Ukrainian assault to reclaim lost territory in the south. → Read More

Pelosi warmly welcomed to Taiwan as China fumes, plans live-fire protest

DEMOCRACY VS. AUTOCRACY: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, defying threats from China and against the advice of the White House, landed in Taiwan last night and met today with Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen, delivering a strong pro-democracy message. → Read More

Hellfire rains down on bin Laden’s successor. Does that vindicate Biden’s ‘over-the-horizon’ strategy?

NOT-SO-SAFE HOUSE: With the Americans gone and a friendly Taliban in charge, 71-year-old al Qaeda leader Ayman al Zawahiri felt comfortable enough to move back into the tony Sherpur area of downtown Kabul, into a “safe house” owned by a top aide to senior Taliban leader Sirajuddin Haqqani. → Read More

Off book: Pelosi said to be plotting Taiwan trip amid rising China tensions

PELOSI IN SINGAPORE: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and five fellow House Democrats arrived in Singapore this morning, the first stop on an Asian tour that may or may not include a controversial stop in Taiwan. → Read More

Ukraine’s southern counteroffensive ‘gathering momentum,’ leaving some Russian troops ‘highly vulnerable,’ says UK intel

‘GATHERING MOMENTUM’: The latest British intelligence concludes Ukraine's long-awaited effort to retake the southern city of Kherson, which fell to Russian forces in early March, is having some initial success. → Read More

Tide slowly turning in Ukraine, but Putin shows no sign of quitting

‘A DISTINCT TURNING POINT’: In Ukraine, the signs of a subtle battlefield shift are everywhere as President Volodymyr Zelensky announces the beginning of a counteroffensive in the south and Pentagon officials make plans to continue the flow of weapons for months to come. → Read More

After embarrassing miscues, US seeks better ways to predict will to fight

In the intelligence game, there’s a saying: “Tell me what you know, tell me what you think, and make damn clear which is which.” → Read More

Milley: Battle of attrition 'not lost yet' in Ukraine's east

‘NOT LOST YET’: In a Pentagon briefing following a virtual meeting of the Ukraine Defense Contact Group, Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Mark Milley gave his assessment of what he called “a grinding war of attrition” in Ukraine’s eastern Donbas region. For the Russians, he said, “the bottom line is, the cost is very high, the gains are very low.” → Read More

Despite Zelensky’s hope, no signs Ukraine war will end this year

RUSSIAN PROGRESS SLOW: Ukraine continues to make effective use of U.S.-supplied HIMARS precision artillery rocket systems to degrade Russian forces, hitting and damaging a key bridge in the south that Russia needs to resupply its troops. → Read More

Iran’s nuclear breakout time ‘now too short for comfort,’ says State Department

‘TOO SHORT FOR COMFORT’: With Iran declaring it now has the “technical means” to build a nuclear bomb, the Biden administration insists there is still time for Iran to accept a negotiated deal to avert a showdown that could lead to military conflict. → Read More

Some partisan provisions of the House-passed $839B defense policy bill may not survive the Senate

NDAA FOCUS SHIFTS TO SENATE: Members of Congress have a perennial ritual of patting themselves on the back for passing the annual defense policy bill, known as the National Defense Authorization Act, with a broad bipartisan consensus. This year was no exception. → Read More

US, Israel jointly commit ‘to never allow Iran to acquire a nuclear weapon’ as Biden says military force ‘last resort’

‘AS A LAST RESORT, YES’: As he did in Tokyo two months ago, President Joe Biden, in a short, extemporaneous response to a reporter’s question, appeared to commit the U.S. to the use of military force in circumstances that could result in all-out war. → Read More

Russian forces ‘regroup, rest, refit,’ as Ukraine steps up counterattacks on Day 140 of the war

‘REGROUP, REST, REFIT’: As the war in Ukraine approaches the five-month mark, Russian forces in the eastern Donbas region appear to be licking their wounds as they prepare for a mid-summer offensive to secure more gains in Ukraine’s industrial heartland. → Read More

Biden departs for Mideast trip fraught with political peril

FIRST STOP, ISRAEL: President Joe Biden will depart Joint Base Andrews at 10 p.m. for an overnight flight to Jerusalem, Israel, the first stop on a trip that Biden says is intended to shore up stability in the region and that later this week will bring the U.S. president face to face with Saudi… → Read More

Armed with HIMARS, Ukraine seeks to retake territory lost to Russia in the south

THE HIMARS FACTOR: Ukraine has only a small number of the satellite-guided U.S. rocket artillery system known as HIMARS, an acronym for High Mobility Artillery Rocket System, a shoot-and-scoot mobile launcher that can put a munition on a target with precision accuracy. → Read More

Can America’s all-volunteer military survive a dearth of volunteers?

Increasingly viewed as too woke or too extremist, fewer young people have any interest in joining. → Read More

White House says change of UK government will not affect world support for Ukraine

SUPPORT FOR UKRAINE CONTINUES ‘REGARDLESS OF WHAT GOVERNMENT IS IN POWER’: The dramatic end of Boris Johnson’s tenure as British prime minister should have no effect on international support for Ukraine, a key White House aide said yesterday as it became clear that Johnson’s resignation was becoming inevitable. → Read More

Outgunned vs. undermanned, both sides face challenges as Russia seeks to capture more of Ukraine

OUTGUNNED VS. UNDERMANNED: Like battered prize fighters staggering into the late rounds, both the Russian invaders and Ukrainian defenders have been worn down by the intense artillery duel that inflicted heavy casualties on both sides. → Read More

After declaring victory in one of two key eastern Ukrainian provinces, Russia eyes the other

‘RUSSIAN FORCES MAKING STEADY PROGRESS’: While the details of the battlefield reports differ, all sides agree that Russian troops, along with their separatist allies, have taken control of Lysychansk, the last stronghold of Ukrainian forces in Luhansk province. → Read More