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Past articles by Casey:

2022 Year In Review: Pop Culture's Biggest Moments (VIDEO)

Sequels dominated the box office, while streaming platforms fought for viewers. Meanwhile, Billboard's top artists set records. → Read More

Why Do We Procrastinate Holiday Shopping?

Two psychology professors break down why some people wait until the last minute to buy holiday gifts for their loved ones. → Read More

Why Don't More Streaming Services Debut Their Films In Theaters?

Even with the box office bouncing back in 2022, the theater is no longer the main way to release a new movie, like Netflix's "Glass Onion." → Read More

How Political Films Affect Audience Perception

In an era where Americans are as divided as ever over politics, its line with pop culture has become even more blurred. → Read More

What Does Hollywood Have To Fear With Deepfakes?

As the use of deepfake technology increases, questions arise on whether an actor's digital twin can be used without consent. → Read More

Taylor Swift's 'Midnight' Is Here After Millions Enjoyed TikTok Teases

Swift's videos live alongside hundreds of other musicians on the platform — each one vying for the next viral hit. → Read More

Filipino Filmmaker Is Shining A Spotlight On Community's 'Caretakers'

Filipino Americans play a big part in the health care industry, but they aren't able to get as much access. A filmmaker is trying to change that. → Read More

'James Bond' Celebrates 60 Years

This year, the famous 007 is celebrating his 60th anniversary. → Read More

Elton John Performs At The White House

The White House has always had musical guests come and perform, but what is the history and strategy behind these visits? → Read More

Pop Quiz: Can You Fall In Love With A Fictional Character?

In this segment of "Pop Quiz," Newsy's "In The Loop" dives into whether or not you can fall in love with a fictional character. → Read More

TV Shows And Movies Are Contributing To Youth Sex Education

Sex has always been portrayed in TV, movies and shows, but it's changed over time to educate people about sex. → Read More

Why Are So Few Women In Animation?

Women in film are still struggling to find jobs in the film industry, specifically in animation. → Read More

Next Level: Are We On The Brink Of Gaming's Cinematic Golden Age?

Video games and movies have many things in common, but efforts to adapt franchises from one medium to another have historically been met with failure. → Read More

How Live Storytelling Is Helping People Cope With Mental Illness

Heather Bodie is the executive artistic director at an organization that uses live reenactment to start discussions on topics about mental health. → Read More

Why Does Swiss Cheese Have Holes In It?

Swiss cheese used to be turned down by cheesemakers, but now those holes you see have become a distinct feature in the cheese. → Read More

Pop Quiz: How Would New York Survive A Superhero Movie?

In this segment of "Pop Quiz," Newsy's "In The Loop" explores what a superhero battle would really look like in the U.S., from costs to clean up. → Read More

'The Rings Of Power' Cast Discuss Hopes For The New Amazon Adaptation

Amazon invested $1 billion in its new "Lord of the Rings" adaptation, "The Rings of Power," and its cast hopes it'll bring longtime and new fans. → Read More

'Love Is Blind' Contestant Suing Show For Restricting 'Basic Needs'

Jeremy Hartwell said basic human needs like sleep, water and food were restricted while on the show. Netflix said the claims have no merit. → Read More

The Board Game Industry Is Booming

From new titles to collectable finds, the board game industry has skyrocketed in popularity over the past couple years. → Read More

Teachers On TikTok Give Inside Look Into The Profession

Teachers sharing more about their classroom and teaching style are making their rounds on TikTok, giving viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the job. → Read More