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Past articles by Ari:

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Are You There God? It’s Me, I’m Sorry I Don’t Believe In You

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A List Of Things That Make It Better

Whether it’s meetings or friends or people who just get you and what you like, community makes even the worst shit palatable. → Read More

A Lot Of Wishing I Knew What I Wanted

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A Love Letter To Jen Gotch

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Ashley I And Jared From Bachelor Nation Are Finally Dating And Rejected Girls Everywhere Finally Have Hope

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Being Unemployed, Broke, And Sad

I call my mother and hope she isn’t disappointed. → Read More

My Best Friend Is Finally Watching ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ So Now I’m Dead

So yeah…I eat, live, and breathe Buffy. → Read More

Honestly? You Shouldn’t Have To Question How He Feels About You

A man who cares isn’t callous. A man who cares isn’t selective. A man who wants you doesn’t ask you to jump through hoops. → Read More

Some People I Should Have Fought For

The split was so stupid. Can’t even honestly call it a split. More like a misunderstanding. → Read More

5 Reasons A Pisces-Virgo Pairing Is The Best There Is

This pairing excels BECAUSE of their drastic differences. …And I say this as a Pisces who has loved Virgos, both platonically and romantically, my whole life. → Read More

A List Of Things I’ve Already Done In 2018 That I Regret

Went for a petty route instead of being honest about my feelings. → Read More

I Don’t Know Why Birthdays Are So Depressing

There’s just so much I promised I would do. → Read More

Fuck Playing It Cool – It’s Cooler To Care

I’ve always cared a lot. And yes, it’s been both the aching sore in my side and greatest strength. But what fun is life if I’m not actually committing to it? → Read More

So Maybe I Love You

So maybe I stopped second guessing a feeling so good. So maybe I realized I care about you so deeply and there’s absolutely no going back. → Read More

Please Stop Telling Me Everything Happens For A Reason

The text read, “Just remember, everything happens for a reason.” The incident she was referring to was the death of my father. I was 16. → Read More

13 Things To Do If You Want To Unleash Your Inner Boss Bitch This Year

Speak up. If someone does something you don’t agree with, say so. Let your voice be heard. → Read More

I’m Finally Letting Myself Be Happy In A Relationship

Now is deciding to get over the fear of sleeping with someone else and leaning into an arm around my waist. Now is actually liking it. → Read More

A Short List Of Some Actually Attainable 2018 Resolutions

I also will stop trying to assess if people on Instagram are fake smiling or genuine smiling. → Read More