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Past articles by Derek:

Why the lab-leak and mask debates are such a disaster

All this time later, their utility is in doubt. → Read More

The AI Disaster Scenario

Is it right to freak out? Is it wrong? Will AI end the human race? But also: Aren’t these tools awe-inspiring? → Read More

The Tragic Mystery of Teenage Anxiety

Rising teen anxiety is a national crisis. → Read More

Stop Trying to Ask ‘Smart Questions’

“Can you just explain this to me like I barely know anything about this subject?” → Read More

The Surprising Reason for the Decline in Cancer Mortality

Behavioral changes and screenings may be just as important as treatments, if not more so. → Read More

The Consolidation-Disruption Index Is Alarming

Science has a crummy-paper problem. → Read More

Why America Doesn’t Build What It Invents

The U.S. just made a breakthrough in nuclear-fusion technology. Will we know how to use it? → Read More

Why the Age of American Progress Ended

Invention alone can’t change the world; what matters is what happens next. → Read More

Your Creativity Won’t Save Your Job From AI

Robots were once considered capable only of unimaginative, routine work. Today they write articles and create award-winning art. → Read More

The Housing Market Has Gone From Bad to Worse

In 15 years, we’ve had a historic housing crash, a historic housing crunch, a historic pandemic-fueled buying spree, and a historic mortgage-rate spiral. → Read More

What Moneyball-for-Everything Has Done to American Culture

You can make a thing so perfect that it's ruined. → Read More

‘What People Don’t Get About My Job,’ According to Workers

Misconceptions about pastors, playwrights, postal workers, and other professionals → Read More

Your Career Is Just One-Eighth of Your Life

Five pieces of career advice, shaped by economics, psychology, and a little bit of existential math → Read More

America Is a Rich Death Trap

It’s not just the pandemic. For citizens of a wealthy country, Americans of every age, at every income level, are unusually likely to die, from guns, drugs, cars, and disease. → Read More

All the Personal-Finance Books Are Wrong

They tend to treat their readers like fools without willpower. So you could argue that they’re wrong for the right reasons. → Read More

Why Urban Life Suddenly Got Way More Expensive

It’s not just inflation. It’s the end of the Millennial Consumer Subsidy. → Read More

Why Do Americans Think the Economy Is So Terrible?

A mentality that explains a lot about the economy, electoral politics, and human nature → Read More

Nine Worrying Signs About the Economy

Is the U.S. destined to have a recession in 2022? → Read More

What’s Behind America’s Shocking Baby-Formula Shortage?

America’s baby-formula shortage has gone from curious inconvenience to full-blown national crisis. In many states, including Texas and Tennessee, more than half of formula is sold out in stores. Nationwide, 40 percent of formula is out of stock—a twentyfold increase since the first half of 2021. As parents have started to stockpile formula, retailers such as Walgreens, CVS, and Target have all… → Read More

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