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Past articles by Rich:

What does the perfect space for creative thinking look like?

His tip is to fit as many whiteboards into a space as you can, whether they’re mounted on the wall or ceiling. He even recommends scribbling on walls if need be. "The key is a minimalist environment, keeping the creative war space airy and clean and bright, with white walls and nothing fancy, says Adam Barker, CEO and co-founder of MagnaPass, a fitness tech start-up that helps people to access… → Read More

Flat-packed bouquets: the startups transforming the flower trade

With a high street in decline and 90% of cut flowers sold in the UK coming from overseas, domestic growers and florists are finding new ways to reach customers → Read More

How start-ups are using algorithms to help them hire smarter

This type of relationship needs to be built on mutual respect, but finding common ground isn’t always easy. The problem is that the recruitment process can leave a lot to be desired. "When assessing a new recruit, companies tend to be very vigorous at making sure a candidate has the right hard skills [such as the ability to use software programmes], but less so when it comes to assessing more… → Read More

How mindfulness is making entrepreneurs better leaders

> Taking time out to exhale can give you a greater sense of clarity and focus A survey of 500 SME leaders, carried out by Bupa, found that 54 per cent weren’t convinced that health and wellbeing benefits would be key and beneficial part of future growth strategy. Roszko adds that there’s often a misguided perception that investing in mindfulness is a complex task that involves time, money and… → Read More

Entrepreneurs who collaborate in the strangest places

Positive body language, strong handshakes and good eye contact are powerful tools that can help promote your business ideas to a room full of strangers, but these goes out the window at the gym. Exposed bodies and clammy palms may not seem an attractive way to sell yourself, however, Greaves says that the "shared experience" levels the playing field and allows you to open up immediately. You may… → Read More

The smartphone app placing virtual statues of women on the map

If you’re a woman, then in order for you to be immortalised in stone, bronze or whatever once you’ve shuffled off this mortal coil, you should either have royal blood or be willing to be sculpted naked. That is the rule of thumb. A statue that actually celebrates a woman’s achievements is a rare sight. Writing in the New Statesman last year, equality campaigner Caroline Criado-Perez found that… → Read More

Making it happen abroad: entrepreneurs discuss the challenges of exporting

However, research from UK Trade & Investment suggests companies benefit from a 34 per cent increase in productivity by targeting international markets. They’re also 11 per cent more likely to survive in the future. Let’s suspend reality for the rest of this article and assume everything will be stay the same post-Brexit. Here are the thoughts of two businesses (one currently selling to and… → Read More

Could a smartphone game really help us cut down on energy use?

Ah, the youth of today. They’ll spend ages having a hot shower. They’ll leave lights on when they exit a room and waste time staring at an open fridge, craving a midnight snack. We’re all guilty of bad habits – but apparently young people in particular guzzle more energy. Young people in the UK are also disengaged and uneducated when it comes to knowing their energy bills: statistics from the… → Read More

Four entrepreneurs explain their biggest 2016 takeaways

Despite the challenges business owners are facing, the study also revealed that the percentage of small businesses citing barriers to growth has fallen since October 2015, from 77 per cent to 72 per cent. What may seem like a small drop is actually indicative of something bigger: businesses are resilient and can adapt in the face of disruption. We spoke to a few entrepreneurs about the… → Read More

Can music make food and drink taste better?

A spoonful of sugar brings out the high notes, while some beers have an indie sound, we hear how businesses are experimenting with sensory connections → Read More

Augmented reality is driving construction's creative reinvention

As the use of AR grows, the building industry will benefit from the ability to visualise virtual objects in the real world → Read More

Shaping mental health support through data

Open data is being used to design resources for people with mental health conditions to help them find the right support → Read More

How to find the right strapline for your business

Palmer adds that all businesses want to be the best in their field and taking staff away from the work environment and into another type of field entirely – in this case, one full of woolly animals – can improve business morale and prompt radical changes in the ways teams work together. So, the strapline, which came to her whilst she was out running, makes both literal and metaphorical sense.… → Read More

Multisensory branding: Immersing all five senses

Of course it’s not physically and practically possible to eat and drink clothes or wear a car, so brands are using immersive cross-category experiences to create associations instead. By tapping into the emotional triggers that prompt consumers to make non-conscious decisions and to buy on impulse and desire, brands can create long-lasting memories. For example, whenever someone drinks Johnnie… → Read More

Funerals for failed startups that allow entrepreneurs to rise from the ashes

Wakes and similar events are helping business owners learn from their mistakes and bounce back → Read More

Robot staff and emoji menus: how hospitality went hi-tech

Technology is shaking up the industry, with artificial intelligence increasingly being used to enhance the customer experience and make businesses smarter → Read More

Turning online connections into offline success

"As start-ups and entrepreneurs, you are working very long hours, so physically getting out of the office can be difficult. Social media allows you to stay connected and communicate your views to the world," she says. "networking also allows potential mentors to follow someone for a while, to observe them and see their views, before deciding if they are someone they would like to [take under… → Read More

Living in a box: the cardboard and bioplastic tents pitching up at festivals

With 5,000 tents abandoned at Glastonbury last year, Comp-a-Tent and KartTent aim to offer more eco-friendly throw-away alternatives → Read More

Unusual places to make business connections

Outside of rooms full of stuffy businessmen and small talk, networking can take unusual forms. Sometimes when you’re least expecting it and with added benefits. “When you speak to people in a non-business environment, more success comes out of it, because it’s not forced,” says Jules Greaves, owner of Susie in the Sky, a luxury handbag brand, who met a like-minded businesswoman during a gym… → Read More

Why investment from family can be the best option

Turning to family to kickstart a business can make perfect sense for personal reasons, says Gemma Pond, who founded Nuva, a drinks brand, just over a year ago. Pond initially pooled her savings with her husband’s – around £50k was spent on designing the bottle. The company has gone on to acquire £1m funding from a group of City investors, which will help promote their profile in the media and on… → Read More