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Past articles by Yossi:

Macron And Blinken Show Netanyahu A Yellow Card – OpEd

By Yossi Mekelberg For those who observe how Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu operates, the impression he gives is one of a political chameleon, rather than a person with a well-establishe… → Read More

Retained EU Law Bill: UK’s Worrying Approach To Discarding EU Regulation – OpEd

By Yossi Mekelberg If those behind Brexit meant to disrupt the system, they did a better job than they could have ever imagined, but not for the benefit of the country and, as it emerges, it has no… → Read More

Netanyahu’s Far-Right Government Tests US-Israeli Relations – OpEd

By Yossi Mekelberg A speech last week by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken to the pro-peace, liberal Jewish American organization J Street encapsulated the dilemma the Biden administration is fa… → Read More

Why Cuban doctors are on the coronavirus front line globally

A contingent of Cuban doctors arrive at Milan’s Malpensa airport to assist in the battle against COVID-19, March 22, 2020. (Reuters) → Read More

Israel has failed to accept historical realities of the Nakba

When this time of year comes round, Israelis and Palestinians mark the events that unfolded in 1948 — events that left them with diametrically opposed experiences, narratives and emotional legacies that affect both peoples to this day. For Israelis, the day on which independence was declared is one of joy, celebrating the ultimate Zionist, against-the-odds aspiration for the renewal of Jewish… → Read More

Why the UK should put Brexit on hold

Few people could have honestly believed at the beginning of last year that by the end of it the many pieces of the Brexit jigsaw would still not be joined together to make some sort of a picture, not even a worryingly fuzzy one. The situation is more muddled than ever, with little to no chance that when MPs convene in mid-January they will support the agreement reached by the → Read More

Why a second referendum on Brexit is the obvious solution

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, front centre, holds a klaxon horn, as he joins protesters in the People’s Vote March for the Future. (AP Photo) → Read More

Gaza brinkmanship is leading to another immoral war

A Palestinian protester throws a stone towards Israeli forces during clashes east of Gaza city, along the Gaza-Israel border in the Gaza Strip on October 5, 2018. (AFP/Anas Baba) → Read More

US voters to deliver half-term report on Trump presidency

Two months before the US midterm elections, the campaign is heating up. For those less familiar with the American political system, the process of electing representatives feels like a near-impenetrable cobweb. The country’s founding fathers, who were suspicious of the very notion of government, left a legacy of a country in a permanent state of electioneering in the hope that → Read More

Iran and Israel on the brink: What will stop them?

In the early hours of Thursday morning, the much-anticipated Iranian missile launch on the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights took place. Ever since Israel increased its frequency of attacks on military bases in Syria — in particular those manned by Iranian forces and their Hezbollah allies — a few weeks ago, the clock counting down to an Iranian retaliation had been ticking. → Read More

A Year of Macronism hasn’t resolved the enigma

It has been a year since Emmanuel Macron entered the Elysee Palace as the youngest leader of France since Napoleon Bonaparte, but the enigma of this novice politician is far from being solved. At home he is facing anniversary demonstrations by those who see his fast-track reforms as menacing, and abroad his globalist approach is not universally applauded. On his recent visit to Washington, he… → Read More

Israel’s final act of turning its back on African asylum seekers

As has become customary in Israel, the High Court of Justice remains the last bastion of the country’s conscience and serves as its moral compass. Last week, it temporarily halted the deportation of African asylum seekers to Rwanda and Uganda. → Read More

The welfare society: No, it’s not communism in disguise

In a few weeks, the world will celebrate the sixth International Day of Happiness. It might surprise some, but the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution back in 2012 that recognized “the relevance of happiness and well-being as universal goals and aspirations in the lives of human beings around the world, and the importance of their recognition in public policy objectives.” To mark it… → Read More

The transatlantic alliance matters now more than ever

There is more that unites Europe and the United States than separates them. Despite the US being founded by migrants who escaped European religious persecution, two world wars and a common enemy in their aftermath revealed the strength of their shared values and interests. Moreover, it became apparent that defending those interests and values required a strong transatlantic alliance. → Read More

The real measure of progress is respect for human dignity

For the first time since the meltdown of the banking system in 2008, there is a real sense that the world economy has turned the corner, and for the better. It is not just a patchy improvement in the performance of individual countries or regions, but a substantial upturn in the global economy that is reflected in booming stock markets. → Read More

Cuba: End of an era?

For almost six decades, Cuba has been an iconic place of courage, stamina and standing up for one’s beliefs while defying a superpower, despite having to endure a punishing US embargo because of this. It might not be the socialist paradise that the leaders of the 1959 revolution promised, but they still built a society with a strong commitment to social justice. → Read More

There is something rotten in the state of Israel

Thousands of Israelis have been taking to the streets at the end of every single Jewish Sabbath for the past two months to protest against the spread of government corruption. There has been a constant stream of media reports on police investigations of politicians taking advantage of their position to enrich themselves. → Read More

The new Iranian revolution

It is too early to tell whether what we are witnessing on the streets of Iran is the closing chapter of the 1979 revolution, or merely the prelude to a repeat of the violent suppression of the 2009 protests. Unlike the demonstrations of nearly nine years ago, which were specifically against elections that were alleged to have been rigged, this time around there is no well-defined agenda and no… → Read More

EU is fighting for its life, soul and long-term survival

It was not that long ago that Europe was full of confidence, believing it had all the answers to the challenges that humanity faces. The continent has always been a case of mixed fortunes. It endured hundreds of turbulent years of wars, bloodshed and widespread destruction. However, Europe has also been the birthplace of great scientific innovations, cultural richness and political and social… → Read More

Catalonia: How not to deal with a separatist movement

Insanity was once defined as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. In the current period of European political madness, early elections and referendums are being repeatedly used in futile attempts to resolve political crises, as a substitute for vision and leadership. In most cases the results do nothing but highlight the deep divisions, mainly because the… → Read More