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Past articles by Cathy:

'Prolonged Grief Disorder' Is Now an Official Mental Health Condition—These Are the Symptoms to Know

Experts say the timing is important, with millions grieving losses from the past two years. → Read More

Abortion Pills Now Account for the Majority of All Terminated Pregnancies in the U.S.

New data shows medication abortions accounted for more than half of all abortions in the U.S. in 2020. → Read More

The 3 Best Plaque Psoriasis Treatments, According to Dermatologists

Dermatologists have more options than ever for treating plaque psoriasis. Sometimes a combination approach is best. Common treatments include topicals, light therapy, and medicines. Learn more about the options available for treating symptoms and reducing flare-ups. → Read More

How to Deal With Scaly, Plaque Psoriasis Patches on Your Scalp, According to Dermatologists

An itchy, scaly scalp may be a sign of plaque psoriasis. When psoriasis appears on the scalp, it can affect hair growth. But there are numerous treatments that dermatologists can use to clear up the plaques. Learn about options for treating scalp psoriasis. → Read More

8 Hyperhidrosis Treatments to Help People Who Sweat Excessively

Excessive sweating, a condition called hyperhidrosis, can be treated via different approaches. Some people may need more than one treatment to get their sweating under control. Learn more about common treatment options. → Read More

What Is Plaque Psoriasis? How Doctors Diagnose and Treat This Chronic Skin Condition

Plaque psoriasis is a chronic skin condition that causes skin plaque and scales. It's believed that the immune system overreacts to some genetic or environmental trigger. Here's how the condition is diagnosed and treated, plus things you can do to manage psoriasis flares. → Read More

How to Heal a Broken Heart: 10 Tips

Whether you broke up with them or they broke up with you, a breakup can leave you feeling heartbroken. With a few self-care tips and a whole lot of self-compassion, healing is possible. → Read More

Disenfranchised Grief: Causes and How to Manage and Validate It

Though grief is valid for any type of loss, sometimes those close to us don't consider our grief grievable. This is called disenfranchised grief. → Read More

Why Art Therapy May Help You Manage Anxiety Symptoms

Art therapy may help you manage your anxiety symptoms. Here's why and how, and what to expect during a session. Spoiler: you don't need to be artsy at all! → Read More

Why It’s Important to Set Boundaries Emerging from Pandemic Isolation

You don’t have to be ready to jump back into the way things were before the pandemic. It's healthy to set boundaries as we ease back in. → Read More

8 Ways to Improve Financial Wellness During Challenging Times

Financial wellness isn’t about the number in your bank account, but your internal emotions toward money and how they can ultimately impact your mental and physical health. → Read More

Managing Depression, Anxiety May Be Harder During COVID-19. These 12 Tips Can Help

For those who are living with anxiety or depression, the COVID-19 pandemic has triggered worsening symptoms for many, while simultaneously making it more difficult to get treatment. → Read More

Loneliness and COVID-19: How Pets Can Provide the Social Interaction We’re Missing Right Now

As the COVID-19 pandemic keeps us isolated from others, many of us are missing social interactions that are essential for our well-being. Caring touch from pets can provide mental-health benefits. → Read More

How Angela Trimbur Created a Community of Breast Cancer Survivors

For actress Angela Trimbur, connecting with other women who know what it's like, especially during the COVID-19 crisis, has been invaluable. → Read More

What Is Vaginal Discharge? Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment|

Clear or white fluid that comes out of the vagina is called vaginal discharge or cervical mucus. It can be thick, pasty, or thin; have no odor or a bad odor. → Read More

What Is Vaginal Itching? Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prevention

Vaginal itching, sometimes called vaginitis, occurs when the vagina becomes inflamed, often also causing discharge and pain. → Read More

Caring for Someone with Alzheimer’s During the COVID-19 Outbreak: 5 Tips

These 5 simple tips from experts can help caregivers navigate the complex and quickly changing environment of caring for people with Alzheimer's while social distancing. → Read More

How to Clean Common Surfaces During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Cleaning your home during the COVID-19 pandemic? These are the areas that can harbor germs — and the best way to disinfect them according to experts. → Read More

Being Mindful of Your Mental Health During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Stress and anxiety about the spread of the novel coronavirus, coupled with increased social distancing and isolation, may be affecting your mental health more than you realize. These tips from experts can help. → Read More

Lonely Workers Take Twice as Much Sick Leave — Here’s Why

Loneliness is a growing epidemic in the United States that’s affecting the health of our minds, bodies, and businesses. → Read More