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Recent articles by Jacob:

Anti-Vaping Researchers Claim E-Cigarettes Cause Heart Attacks Before Smokers Try Them

A study suggesting that e-cigarettes double the risk of a heart attack ignored crucial information on timing. → Read More

The Washington Post 's Simplistic Assumption That More Opioid Prescriptions Mean More Drug Overdoses Is Demonstrably Wrong

The causes of opioid-related deaths are more complicated than "too many pain pills." → Read More

John Paul Stevens Was a 'Liberal Champion,' Except When He Wasn't

The late Supreme Court justice was an inconsistent defender of civil liberties. → Read More

Trump Tells His Critics to 'Go Back' Where They 'Came From.' His Love-It-or-Leave-It Attitude Is Totally Wrong and Arguably Racist.

Is the angry reaction to the president's incendiary comments "all about politics"? → Read More

2nd Circuit Agrees That Trump Cannot Constitutionally Block Critics on Twitter

The court says the "interactive space" created by his account is a public forum, meaning that viewpoint discrimination violates the First Amendment. → Read More

The Trump Administration's Double Reversal on the Census Highlights the Difficulties of Dealing With a Mercurial President Who Rules by Tweet

Did Trump change his mind about the citizenship question twice, or did his underlings ignore him? Which is worse? → Read More

Colorado Supreme Court Upholds a Decision That Forced a Teenager to Register As a Sex Offender for Swapping Nude Selfies

That result "may strike some as unfair," the court says, but it's what state law required at the time. → Read More

Rampant Criminal Laws Make Bullies and Tyrants Rejoice

When "almost anyone can be arrested for something," no one is safe. → Read More

Gorsuch Joins Ginsburg in Decrying a 'Colossal Exception' to the Ban on Double Jeopardy

The Trump appointee is not impressed by the logic of the "dual sovereignty" doctrine: "Really?" → Read More

The Costs of Monitoring Your Prescriptions

State databases that track the medications we take invade our privacy without reducing opioid-related deaths. → Read More

To Defeat Trump, New York Times Columnist Argues, We Must Abolish Judicial Review

Jamelle Bouie's counterintuitive recommendation would effectively eliminate constitutional limits on elected officials, including Trump and every demagogue who follows him. → Read More

Was Scot Peterson's Cowardice a Crime?

The criminal charges against the former Broward County sheriff's deputy for failing to intervene in the Parkland shooting seem like a stretch. → Read More

Mass Shooting Delusions

"We must act now" is not a gun control policy, let alone an argument. → Read More

Illinois Is on the Verge of Legalizing Marijuana. Here Is What the Bill Would Do.

New York legislators also are taking another shot at legalization. → Read More

Double Standards Endanger Press Freedom

The treatment of Bryan Carmody and Julian Assange reveals widespread confusion about who counts as a journalist and whether it matters. → Read More

Illinois Survey That Supposedly Shows Support for Legalizing Marijuana Is 'Dwindling' Actually Shows It Is Rising

An anti-pot group's own polling shows that support for legalization is up by 78 percent since November 2017. → Read More

Cory Booker's Microstamping Mandate Would Amount to a Ban on New Handgun Models

The Democratic presidential candidate promises to fight for a design requirement that is not currently feasible. → Read More

The Upside of Teen Vaping

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which responded to an "epidemic" of underage vaping by imposing restrictions on sales of → Read More

Houston Police Shot Man Killed in Fraudulent Drug Raid at Least Eight Times

Dennis Tuttle and his wife, Rhogena Nicholas, who was shot twice, were pronounced dead shortly after police invaded their home based on a "controlled buy" that never happened. → Read More

Did the Attorney General Commit a Crime by Lying to Congress?

Nancy Pelosi thinks so, but the relevant statutes suggest she is wrong. → Read More