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Past articles by John:

Why I'm Celebrating Memorial Day Differently This Year

In recent years, I have rarely celebrated the day. For some reason or another Memorial Day has become a day of reading or chores. → Read More

ABBA Will Outlast The Rolling Stones

The “Rolling Stones” have real drive. But ABBA’s music better reflects the human condition. My suspicion is that the as the Baby Boomers age and disappear, so too will the Stones. → Read More

Why We Need a Socialist Dating Market

Dating apps like Tinder have created a large, unregulated market for dating. But here is where capitalism fails. Every man can join a dating app, few will ever get a date. → Read More

3 Things AOC Can Learn from Margaret Thatcher

AOC has enjoyed a meteoric rise in American politics. If she intends to have a lasting impact, then she should study the career of Margaret Thatcher. → Read More

4 Reasons Why Nixon Remains the Most Important President Since 1945

When people think of Richard Nixon, they often first think of "Watergate". They shouldn't. His opening to China remains the most important even in modern American history. → Read More

The Joys of Not Gifting at Christmas

Christmas gift giving can break your budget and drive you crazy. There is a simple solution. → Read More

A Case for Dropping out of College

Samuel Knoche thinks that he can get a good a college education on Youtube for free. He is probably right about the education. But there are more reasons to go to college. → Read More

The Hidden Messages in the Wizard of Oz

In 1939 the Wizard of Oz became an instant classic. But it was more than a great movie. The film expressed Middle America's desire to stay out of war in Europe. → Read More

Three Reasons America Should Have Stayed Out of World War I

Veterans Day commemorates the end of World War I. The United States intervened in that war to save its British and French allies. Should America have stayed out? → Read More

Three Reasons Brazilians Elected Their Own ‘Trump’

Brazilians believe that their country is destined for greatness. They elected a man as president who has promised to make Brazil great. → Read More

A Third of Millennials Identify as Democratic Socialists: Why I am Not Surprised

A recent survey shows that a third of Millenials identify as "Democratic Socialists". Given their financial straits, I am not surprised. → Read More

Doxing: The Dangers of Cyber-Tribe Hunting

Grotesque jokes on Facebook about a fatal accident in Holland which killed four children resulted in a cyber witch-hunt for the offending joksters. This illustrates how people are increasingly finding their identities in on-line tribes. The problems with this development are obvious. → Read More

Is Male-Female Friendship Possible Outside of Marriage?

The minefield that is the millennial scene in which relationships – “The Friend Zone” - can remain undefined for months and years. → Read More

Three Ways the U.S. has Changed Since 9/11

Seventeen years after Pearl Harbor the United States presided over a stable world order and a robust, growing economy. Seventeen years after 9/11, the United States looks weaker and poorer while the world looks less stable. → Read More

9/11: The Day I Wasn't Ready for, but Mustered My Will to Act

On the morning of September 11th, 2001, I got up expecting to unpack boxes in our new house. I wasn't ready for the phone call that came at 8:50 AM, telling me to get a cameraman and get to New York City. → Read More

7 Awkward Questions Millennial Women Should Ask a Potential Husband

Some of these questions may seem intrusive, even outrageous. But you should have answers to all of them if this man is going to be the father of your children. → Read More

Rev. Bill Hybel and the Value of the Pence Rule

For the past twenty-five years, Rev. Bill Hybels has enjoyed world-wide fame as the founding pastor of Willow Creek Community Church in suburban Chicago. → Read More