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The EU's highest court has ruled that spilled-coffee injuries can be the fault of airlines, under international liability rules. → Read More

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An Early Christmas for U.S. Farmers

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How Germany's 'Black Zero' Could Bring Angela Merkel's Government to a Premature End

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How Equality Sparks Innovation

Companies that embrace diversity are also more likely to have a culture of innovation. → Read More

Defending Satya Nadella's Pay

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Remembering Paul Volcker

Paul Volcker, who has died at the age of 92, saved the global economy in the face of immeasurable opposition. → Read More

What is Satya Nadella Worth?

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Metrics for Corporate Behavior

What are the right metrics for measuring corporate behavior in the light of the Business Roundtable statement? → Read More

Google's End of an Era

With Larry Page and Sergey Brin stepping down, Google once again becomes just a search-and-advertising business. → Read More

Changes in CEO Succession

A new report from The Conference Board shows how CEO succession trends are shifting. → Read More

Fine Wine vs. Big Tech: How France's Digital Tax Sparked a Trump Tariff Backlash

Europe is preparing to strike back against threatened U.S. tariffs on French goods, which are themselves retaliation for a controversial new tax. → Read More