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Past articles by Amy:

How to Read a Nutrition Facts Label

The nutrition facts label on packaged foods contains vital information about a food’s nutritional value that can help people make healthy dietary choices. Recent changes to the nutrition facts label were made to present this information in a way that's easier to understand, and if you know what to look, you'll be able to maintain a healthy diet and take care of any special dietary needs. → Read More

How Come I Gained Weight This Winter?

Holiday festivities and a lack of exercise during the cold-weather season may have contributed to your winter weight gain. But other factors could be at work, too. Find out why you may have gained weight this winter, and how to get back on track. → Read More

The healthiest plant-based foods to order from Amazon Fresh and FreshDirect, according to nutritionists

Ordering grocery delivery? Here's what plant-based food nutritionists order from FreshDirect and Amazon Fresh. → Read More

8 Reasons You Gained Weight This Summer

Summer weight gain can happen due to travel, too many parties, or even putting too much pressure on yourself to be thin. Here are eight reasons you may have packed on the pounds, and the solutions to get back on track. → Read More

9 Silent Signs of an Iodine Deficiency

Do you take in enough iodine? What happens if you don't? Find out the warning signs of iodine deficiency. → Read More

11 Silent Signs of a Thiamine Deficiency

See if any of these silent signs of a thiamine deficiency sound familiar—and why you should be concerned if you're running low. → Read More

Why You Need to Talk to Your Doctor Before You Start Taking Supplements

Thinking of starting a new supplement routine? Talk with your doctor first before popping a pill. → Read More

9 Silent Signs of a Vitamin K Deficiency

Up to 31 percent of adults may be insufficient in vitamin K, and that could affect your bones, joints, and heart. → Read More

What Soy Really Does to Your Body

Is soy bad for you? Does it cause cancer? And what is soy in the first place? Here, top nutrition experts answer everything you ever want to know about the plant-based protein. → Read More

How the calorie content in food is determined

You might be surprised to learn just how calories are counted in food, and how the FDA allows for a margin of error in those numbers. → Read More

Allulose: The New Sugar Hiding in Your Food

Why is this new sugar gaining popularity? How about the fact that your body doesn't digest it? Here's what you need to know about allulose. → Read More

The Weight-Loss Plan That Works Best for Men

For guys, the battle of the bulge can be a bit easier than for women. Still, you'll want to choose one of the best weight-loss plans for men. → Read More

The Next Generation of Food Sweeteners

Coconut sugar, monk fruit extract, and date syrup are among the hottest sweeteners for 2019. Learn how these alternatives compare with table sugar and how to enjoy them in your baked goods, meals, and snacks. Plus, find out which are good for diabetics. → Read More

The 11 Biggest Keto Diet Dangers You Need to Know About

The ketogenic diet is a popular way to lose weight, but it can also cause some possibly dangerous side effects. From an increased risk of heart disease and low blood sugar to constipation and nutrient deficiencies, these are the top keto dangers to know. → Read More

How Constantly Feeling Stressed May Affect Your Weight

The stress hormone cortisol can both increase urges to overeat and reach for unhealthy foods. Not to mention, stress can cause the body to store fat. Find out how to help fight this cycle by managing and minimizing stress you encounter in your daily life. → Read More

Healthy frozen meals: 7 nutritionist-approved options

Here are 7 tips for what to look for in make ahead freezer meals. Easy, healthy meals can quickly be made with frozen food, whether you are looking for low-carb or low-sodium meals! → Read More

6 Common Misconceptions About Going Vegetarian, Explained

When done well, a vegetarian diet can be healthy and may help you lose weight. In fact, this eating approach can even be safe for children and teens. Unfortunately, many people have misconceptions about these facts and others. Find out the truth here. → Read More

12 Surprising Household Items That Could Make You Gain Weight

What if the things you use every day were adding pounds to your waistline? New research says this could be the case—here's what you need to know. → Read More

Healthy Grilling Recipes Under 400 Calories

Talk about simply delicious: As a registered dietitian and healthy recipe blogger, I’m always looking for easy, tasty, and nutritious recipes, and this grilled lemongrass asparagus hits the spot. It requires just a handful of ingredients, and the simple mixture of olive oil, lemongrass, garlic, rosemary, and onion powder elevates the fiber-packed veggie to a whole new level. → Read More

7 food pairings that will increase nutrient absorption

Strategically combining certain foods can increase the absorption of important nutrients and antioxidants. → Read More