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Anand Giridharadas

The New York Times

New York, United States

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Past articles by Anand:

Opinion | Elon Musk Is a Problem Masquerading as a Solution

What happens when the incarnation of a problem buys the right to decide what the problem is and how to fix it? → Read More

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There is no way to be a billionaire in America without taking advantage of a system predicated on cruelty. → Read More

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“Evil Geniuses” diagnoses the troubling changes that have taken place in America over the last several decades, and how to fix them. → Read More

Opinion | The Billionaire Election

Does the world belong to them or to us? → Read More

Why Do Trump Supporters Support Trump?

Michael Lind’s “The New Class War” sees class divisions at the heart of America’s current political divide. → Read More

What to Do When You’re a Country in Crisis

In “Upheaval,” Jared Diamond asks whether countries can draw lessons from how individuals confront personal difficulties. → Read More

When Your Money Is So Tainted Museums Don’t Want It

Nonprofits should not allow themselves to be used by the wealthy to scrub their consciences. → Read More

Silicon Valley’s Saudi Arabia Problem

Technology companies can no longer turn a blind eye to the human rights abuses of one of their largest investors. → Read More

What Is Identity?

Francis Fukuyama’s “Identity” and Kwame Anthony Appiah’s “The Lies That Bind” examine the role of personal identity in our modern age. → Read More

Beware Rich People Who Say They Want to Change the World

Society’s winners can seem so generous, until you consider what they’re really selling. → Read More

What Woke America And Great America Can Learn From Each Other

The key to ending the cycle of endless outrage. → Read More

Airbnb, a Silicon Valley Titan, Breaks Ranks in Admitting Its Power

A plan by the home-rental site to curb bias among users rejects the logic of networks like Uber and Facebook, which claim to be neutral platforms. → Read More

When Technology Sets Off a Populist Revolt

If you think globalization, immigration and trade have contributed to political anger, wait until robots take away millions and millions of jobs. → Read More

Trump Taps Into the Anxiety of American White Males

The presidential contest can be seen as a referendum on how white men see themselves: as being joined by women and minorities, or being replaced by them. → Read More

Healing a Nation After a Season of Vitriol

So much feels up for grabs now: the future of families, of work, of information, of identity. → Read More

Republican Rivals Talk Tough, but Even Presidents Have Limits

Could a new president exceed constitutional limits to fulfill campaign promises? Most legal scholars say it is unlikely, but others see ways it could happen. → Read More

How Wealth Plays Into Politics at a Personal Level

Research generally confirms what many voters perhaps always intuited: that wealth changes political leaders qualitatively. → Read More

How Nikki Haley Was Redeemed by Donald Trump

The governor’s identity may feel tailored to reassure white Americans — but in her response to the State of the Union address, she appealed to a nation united by something deeper than appearances. → Read More

Trumpism After Trump

Donald Trump, the candidate, may or may not last. But the ideas he’s bringing into national circulation are sure to linger. → Read More