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Past articles by Konstantin:

How Elon Musk sped up the future-

With help from Derek Robertson After decades of “space” being an arena where only governments could afford to play, a handful of private companies have reshaped the field by building reusable, capable rockets and launching record numbers of satellites into orbit. Along the way, they’ve helped rewrite the deal between federal money and private enterprise. Lori Garver, who became the agency’s… → Read More

Freeman Dyson in his own words

One of the 20th century’s foremost physicists died today. → Read More

5 of the best books about prediction

Predictions of any importance are never only about saying what will happen. Right or wrong, they also shape the course of events. → Read More

Baseball’s ban on sign-stealing technology doesn’t make sense

Red Sox and Astros managers should not have been fired for seeking a competitive advantage → Read More

The limits of Chinese military power

The US military is without peer in its ability to project power around the world, and that’s not about to change. → Read More

Quantum supremacy from Google? Not so fast, says IBM

The rival maker of quantum computers is disputing the much-vaunted claim that Google has hit a new milestone. → Read More

Five schemes for cheaper space launches—and five cautionary tales

Spaceplanes, giant rockets, tethers and catapults are all variations of technology that assist with space launch. Some have worked and others have failed. → Read More

What Neil Armstrong got wrong

The Apollo mission changed the world, but innovation in space technology has had good and bad consequences. → Read More

The number of satellites orbiting Earth could quintuple in the next decade

Satellite constellations planned for launch in the next 5 years means the number of objects in orbit will grow exponentially. → Read More

Where does space begin?

Like all geographical boundaries, the line between Earth and the heavens is indistinct. Just as the border between sea and land shifts with tides and waves, the atmosphere’s thickness varies from one day to the next. There are physical and technological limits. If you travel up, the air grows thinner and the pressure drops. Were you to approach an altitude of 20 kilometers (12 miles) without… → Read More

The write stuff: ten of the best astronaut memoirs

Very short excerpts from books about space by astronauts → Read More

A European mission will intercept an unknown comet for the first time

The “Comet Interceptor” will launch in 2028 and loiter a million miles away until an interesting and accessible comet is found.The plan: On June 19, the European Space Agency announced plans to launch a fleet of three small spacecraft to intercept a comet that will be visiting the inner solar system for the first time. → Read More

No, IBM didn’t just “reverse time” with a quantum computer

Amazing headlines about time machines are a long way off the mark, sadly. → Read More

A second 737 Max crash raises questions about airplane automation

Regulators, airlines, and Boeing need to grapple with how much information pilots are given as systems become more complex. → Read More

Zuckerberg’s new privacy essay shows why Facebook needs to be broken up

Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t understand what privacy means—he can’t be trusted to define it for the rest of us. → Read More

Why drones often aren’t the solution to developing-world problems

A critical theorist tells us how studying drones lets her better understand how technology and society shape one another. → Read More

It’s only a matter of time before a drone takes down a passenger plane

Gatwick Airport, the second-busiest in the UK, has come to a standstill after one or more drones were spotted flying over airport grounds, forcing authorities to stop all flights in and out. As of Thursday afternoon, tens of thousands of travelers have been affected. It is not yet known who is operating the drones, or why. The Gatwick episode has renewed calls for "anti-drone" technology. But… → Read More

One Man Is Updating His Own Privacy Policy

“If you are a member of my immediate family, I am using your data in order to agree with you in all respects.” → Read More

International Collaborations in Space Always Reflect Politics on Earth

In 1991, several months apart, two cosmonauts, Sergei Krikalev and Alexander Volkov, left the Soviet Union for the space station Mir. When they returne ... → Read More

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