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Recent articles by Becky:

The Ground Is Literally Exploding Due to Climate Change in Siberia, and It’s Going to Get Worse

“It is a pure stroke of luck” that none of the explosions and their giant craters have "caused loss of life or infrastructure damage,” said one scientist. → Read More

Government Scientists Are Creating Matter From Pure Light

Scientists at Brookhaven National Laboratory turned light into electrons, validating a theory that dates back nearly a century. → Read More

How to Watch the World's First All-Civilian Spaceflight Aboard a SpaceX Ship

Inspiration4, the first orbital mission with no professional astronauts, is scheduled to launch on Wednesday evening, Eastern Time. → Read More

Scientists Are Searching for Clusters of Spacetime-Eating Bubbles In the Cosmos

These hypothetical bubbles could help explain the birth, and ultimate fate, of the universe. → Read More

Scientists Want to Build Mars Bases Out of Human Blood

Humans are a “significant, but chronically overlooked, source of natural resources” for Mars missions, according to a new study. → Read More

Internet Sleuths Find Hidden Message In SpaceX Space Tourism Photo

The Morse code riddle was reminiscent of another recent Easter egg embedded in a Mars rover’s parachute. → Read More

Scientists Potty-Trained Cows to Help Reduce Environmental Pollution

Calves trained to urinate in an indoor latrine “showed a level of performance comparable to that of children,” according to a new study. → Read More

A Common Feature of Galaxies Is Challenging What We Know About the Universe

A new study has "cast serious doubt" on a ubiquitous galactic feature that may require exotic physics to explain. → Read More

Astronauts Report Smoke Alarms, Burning Plastic Smell on the ISS

The concerning event on Thursday is the latest in a series of problems with Russian modules on the International Space Station. → Read More

There's a Giant Dog Bone-Shaped Asteroid In Space, And We Have the Best Pictures of It Yet

The asteroid Kleopatra and its two moons have resisted explanation for more than a decade—until now. → Read More

Hubble Captures Object Shooting Powerful Energy Jet Across the Cosmos

The rare phenomenon, known as a Herbig–Haro (HH) object, put on a spectacular light show. → Read More

Scientists Captured Footage of Tardigrades Walking Around And It's Adorable

Tardigrades, the smallest animals with legs, weirdly walk like creatures 500,000 times their size. → Read More

China Is Aiming to Develop Miles-Wide, 'Ultra-Large' Spacecraft

A new five-year plan highlights an 'urgent need' to develop megaprojects in space, such as human habitats and space-based solar power plants. → Read More

A Quarter of Stars Like Our Sun Eat Their Planets, Study Finds

Stars show chemical traces of past "planetary ingestion" that can be used to search for Earth-like planets. → Read More

Scientists Identify Massive Ocean Worlds That May Host Alien Life

A new class of ‘Hycean’ planets may have just expanded the definition of habitability. → Read More

Archaeologists Find Offering Under 'Temple of the Feathered Serpent' Pyramid

Flower bouquets that date back nearly 2,000 years have been found in the ruins of Teotihuacan. → Read More

Why One Billion Years of Time Are Missing in the Grand Canyon

The Great Unconformity, a bizarre gap in the geological record, may be linked to the breakup of an ancient supercontinent. → Read More

A Signal from Space Is on a 16-Day Cycle. Scientists Just Ruled Out an Explanation

Never-before-obtained observations of a periodic fast radio burst revealed surprising results that have upended expectations. → Read More

A Police Raid Uncovered an 'Unprecedented' Pterosaur Fossil

With its massive head crest and eight-foot wingspan, the pterosaur is one of the most “impressive” species in its family. → Read More

This May Be a 'Heisenberg Cube' From the Nazis' Failed Nuke Program, Scientists Say

The Nazis tried to develop nuclear weapons during WWII. This uranium cube at a Washington laboratory may have been part of this secret program. → Read More