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Past articles by Ariel:

How to Make a Mummy: Archaeologists Reveal Ancient Recipe for Embalming in Egypt

Analysis of 2,600-year-old ceramics from embalming workshop at Saqqara, Egypt shows mummification process included products sourced from as far as Southeast Asia → Read More

Armageddon Time: How Discoveries at Megiddo Retell the Story of Ancient Israel

For the first time, archaeologists have dated a complete sequence from the Early Bronze Age to the Iron Age. What they found at Megiddo changes the story of the ancient Levant → Read More

Researchers Reveal Why Ancient Roman Monuments Still Stand After Millennia

What did the Romans ever do for us? They created a concrete that self-repairs, which today could reduce the massive emissions caused by modern cement production, study finds → Read More

Hominins Were Sailing the Mediterranean Half a Million Years Ago, Study Finds

The Aegean Islands have been isolated for over 450,000 years, yet evidence of activity, possibly by multiple species of early humans, is all over the place → Read More

DNA of Medieval Skeletons in Germany Sheds Light on Origins of Ashkenazi Jews

Rare opportunity to analyze genomes of 14th century Jews shows there were once two distinct populations of Ashkenazis. Also: the ‘Ashkenazi population bottleneck’ wasn’t an episode, it lasted for 500 years → Read More

Researchers Crack Secret of 1,400-year-old Inscription From Catacomb in Israel

Exaltation my mouth? Graffito from Beit She’arim cemetery confounded scholars for decades – until they figured out it was written in Aramaic using a Persian alphabet. But its true meaning remains inscrutable → Read More

When Did Judaism Emerge? Far Later Than Assumed, New Theory Suggests

Vast review finds no evidence that the Torah laws were commonly observed before the second century B.C.E., says Prof. Yonatan Adler. Not all agree → Read More

Earliest Evidence of Cooking Found in 780,000-year-old Barbecued Fish

Hominins living at Gesher Benot Ya’akov controlled fire and cooked tasty fish, suggesting a key step in our evolution happened much earlier than previously thought → Read More

Archaeologists Reconstruct Biblical Conflicts Using Earth’s Magnetic Field

Israel is full of ancient ruins, but who destroyed what and when? Earth’s magnetic field is helping researchers identify remains of wars described in the Bible → Read More

From Fox News to Ted Cruz, Conservatives Rush to Whitewash Italy’s New Far-right Rulers

Giorgia Meloni and her Brothers of Italy are not true blue fascists, but when the Western right labels them 'moderate conservatives,' or even 'centrists,' it's part of a broader, cynical ploy to normalize ultranationalist extremism → Read More

Italy’s Economic and Political Malaise Has Pushed the Country Into Far-right Hands

Giorgia Meloni, the leader of a party with neo-fascist roots, has successfully captured Italy’s protest vote and is now set to become the country’s first female prime minister → Read More

Italy’s Economic and Political Malaise Has Pushed the Country Into Far-right Hands

Giorgia Meloni, the leader of a party with neo-fascist roots, has successfully captured Italy’s protest vote and is now set to become the country’s first female prime minister → Read More

Bong Age? Israeli Archaeologists Find Opium in Bronze Age Ceramics

Residue analysis of 3,300-year-old vessels from Canaanite tombs at Tel Yehud sheds light on ancient drug trade between Cyprus and the Levant → Read More

Archaeologists Discover Why Ancient Roman Dice Were So Dodgy

Long thought to be a sign of underhandedness, lopsided Roman dice had nothing to do with cheating and everything to do with how the Romans viewed the world and fate, experts say → Read More

Megadrought contributed to fall of Jewish kingdom in Arabia, rise of Islam, study suggests

Around 1,500 years ago, southern Arabia was hit by a multi-decade megadrought, a new study of ancient climate data has found. This likely contributed to the downfall of a once powerful Jewish kingdom that ruled over large swaths of what is today Yemen, Oman and Saudi Arabia. The demise of the ancient kingdom of Himyar in the sixth century and the ensuing power vacuum in Arabia may have then… → Read More

Grisly discovery exposes the plight of Jewish slaves in Renaissance Europe

In 1610, a doctor and founding father of the Italian city of Livorno organized the mass rape of enslaved Jewish women from Morocco in a plot to extort money from local Jews → Read More

Study reveals origin of the mysterious Avars, who crushed the Roman Empire

The nomadic Avars appeared suddenly in Eastern Europe 1,500 years ago, crushed the remains of the Roman Empire under their boots and ruled for two centuries. Who were they? → Read More

Shipwreck off Israeli coast changes what we know about the early Islamic period

Goods from all over, including Turkish nuts in Egyptian jars, found in ship that sank off Ma’agan Michael in northern Israel 1,400 years ago belie ‘dark Age’ after the Muslim conquest of the Levant → Read More

Ancient Roman ‘feng shui’ revealed in Pompeii

Archaeologists recreate stately home in Pompeii destroyed by Vesuvius and see, using virtual reality, how its owner used art, lighting and architecture to impress visitors and enhance his prestige → Read More

Modern humans made failed attempt to colonize Europe 54,000 years ago

Homo sapiens remains found ‘sandwiched’ between layers of Neanderthal habitation in Rhone Valley cave push back the clock on earliest known arrival of modern humans in Europe by 10,000 years → Read More