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Past articles by Zoe:

Dear Channel 7: Replacing My Kitchen Rules with the Commonwealth Games was JUST CRUEL.

My Kitchen Rules Australia 2018: An open letter to Channel 7. But listen up, Channel 7, and listen well: I will never, ever forget what you did. → Read More

My day on a plate: Donald Trump.

President Donald Trump's diet consists of well-done steak, McDonalds, KFC and 12 diet cokes a day. His media diet is up to 8 hours of Fox News. → Read More

Where are the members of S Club 7 now?

S Club 7: Where are they now? Is Tina still doing her dance? Is Jon still looking for romance? Is Paul still gettin' down on the floor? We have the answers. → Read More

Cristiano Ronaldo welcomes a baby girl, hours after being accused of cheating on her mother.

Cristiano Ronaldo has been accused of cheating on his girlfriend while she was pregant, just hours before his new baby girl was born. → Read More

Meet the couple who trekked through the desert with a one-year-old in tow.

The Jones family hiked across the Outback with their toddler, and they say it was the best thing they ever did. So should we all be doing it with our kids? → Read More

The “nocebo” effect: How the way you think can actually make you sick.

Think of the "nocebo effect" like the placebo effect's evil twin: if you believe something will make you sick, it probably will. → Read More

“In defence of Hufflepuff: the Hogwarts house no one wants to belong to.”

If you're unhappy with the Sorting Hat's decision to put you in Hufflepuff, you might like to read a fan's theory on why Hufflepuff is awesome, actually. → Read More

“Why I’ve resurrected my childhood love of Star Wars.”

When we say Felicity Jones in the new Star Wars is everything we ever wanted, we mean it. She's badass, kick ass and an all around BOSS. → Read More

The five fiction podcasts that’ll get you through the holiday season.

The silly season is the perfect time to delve into the vast back-catalogue of the best fiction podcasts available on iTunes or your favourite podcast app. → Read More

Gilmore Girls co-stars come clean on what they thought of each other when they first met.

In an interview with Glamour ahead of the Gilmore Girls revival, Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel reveal what they thought when they met the first time. → Read More

Heartbreaking new details about Brendan Dassey emerge after his sudden blocked jail release.

Brendan Dassey's uncle says he gave away all his possessions in jail in anticipation of his release, which was blocked by the Court of Appeal on Thursday. → Read More

Chill out, parents. Kids who’ve never had a photo with Santa turn out just fine.

Here is a little-known fact about Christmas that I am revealing to you for your own good. Ready? It is not compulsory to get Santa photos of kids. → Read More

The Bachelorette’s Rhys makes crude comments about ‘bedding’ lovers Megan and Tiffany.

At Maxim's Hottest 100 Party on Saturday night, Rhys made it clear he didn't need Tommy's input to "handle" both Megan and Tiffany at once. → Read More

“My heart is full of love”: Step inside Sally Obermeder’s gorgeous baby shower.

On Sunday, Sally Obermeder celebrated the impending birth of her second baby at a baby shower with her closest family and friends. → Read More

After a dramatic season, The Block winners have finally been announced.

The Block 2016 winners have been revealed in a tense, dramatic finale. Karlie and Will have taken out the honour, hitting $715,000 over reserve. → Read More

Kerri-Anne Kennerley reflects on how husband John’s accident has impacted their lives.

After months of intense rehabilitation, John has returned home. → Read More

Why keeping your tomatoes in the fridge is a terrible idea.

Burning question: should you keep tomatoes in the fridge? According to new research, doing so ruins their flavour. Irreparably. → Read More

Men come clean on the things they wish women knew about them.

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus, but we've just been granted a sneak peek into what REALLY goes on in men's minds. → Read More

PSA: These are the new words everyone will be saying next year.

If you're still saying "lit" and "FOMO", Mamamia's got you covered with a definitive list of the new words all the cool kids will be using in 2017. → Read More

This 9-year-old Australian Muslim girl’s essay on Donald Trump will break your heart.

A nine-year-old Muslim girl from Australia has written a heartbreaking essay about Donald Trump's election win and its implications. → Read More