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Past articles by Steve:

Yes, Boris Johnson will be hard to budge, but that’s not because he’s special

Through history prime ministers have almost always persisted—as pretenders carry on pretending → Read More

The verdict on Keir Starmer’s Labour conference speech

Our writers use the tools of their trade to take the measure of the Labour leader’s work → Read More

I’ll tell you, and you’ll listen: the one thing successful opposition leaders all have in common

Shadowing the PM brings prominence, but mostly not power. To reach No 10, Labour must pick a leader who can do one thing above all else: teach → Read More

Forget the people’s vote, parliament should ditch Brexit

The only sensible way out of the Brexit saga is for parliament to revoke article 50, says political columnist Steve Richards → Read More

Boris Johnson will never be prime minister. Here’s why

On the basis of history, Johnson can be added to my list of prime ministers we never had, says the political broadcaster Steve Richards → Read More

Here is the one way to end Theresa May’s Brexit gridlock

Another referendum could satisfy all sides – if it offered just two options, says Steve Richards → Read More

Boris Johnson’s ‘crazy’ remark is seismic: the cabinet Brexit split is out in the open

Cameron and Major battled Tory rebels on Europe. But this prime minister can’t even rely on her own foreign secretary, says political columnist Steve Richards → Read More

Can Theresa May and her government survive? Our writers’ verdicts

With two resignations in one week, political commentators Sonia Sodha, Andrew Gimson, Steve Richards and Ellie Mae O’Hagan discuss whether the Conservative leader and her party can cling on to power → Read More

A new cabinet won’t save Theresa May. Brexit has doomed her

Talk of a reshuffle is toxic. This prime minister’s fate is sealed, and sacking Boris Johnson could hasten the end, writes political commentator Steve Richards → Read More

From Disraeli to Thatcher: 15 of the best political biographies and diaries

Leaders shape history and here are a selelction of the most remarkable insights into these public figures plus first-hand accounts by those with access to the corridors of power → Read More

The 15 best political biographies and diaries: from Alan Clark to Citizen Clem

Personal journals and nuanced profiles offer unparalleled insights into national events and the MPs who shaped them → Read More

Now Jeremy Corbyn must say no to Brexit: the time for evasions is over

Labour’s mockery of the government’s position rings hollow when its own position is a mess, says political commentator and broadcaster Steve Richards → Read More

Even in power, politicians are all too often powerless

Governing in a modern democracy is nigh impossible when voters hate politics but demand a more active state → Read More

Plots, feuds and summer reading – Politics Weekly podcast

Heather Stewart is joined by Kate Maltby, Steve Richards and Jonathan Freedland to discuss the cabinet infighting threatening to derail the government. Plus we get tips from MPs Keith Simpson and Chris Bryant on summer reading lists → Read More

Our leaders believe in the state again. Here’s what it should do

The Thatcherite mission of cuts and privatisation is in reverse. Government can again connect with the people• Steve Richards is author of The Rise of the Outsiders: How Mainstream Politics Lost Its Way → Read More

All shook up: this election result upended stale assumptions about “centrist” politics

The exit poll stunned the nation, by revealing Jeremy Corbyn’s surge. Photo: Paul Ellis/AFP/Getty Images The surprise is that we were surprised. The result of the UK general election is still generating shock waves and will do so for months, perhaps years, to come. Yet the outcome is part of a pattern and not an aberration. We should have seen it coming. Ever since the 2008 financial crash UK… → Read More

Whatever the result, this election has pushed the centre ground to the left

The Labour and Tory manifestos both accept the need for tax rises and market regulation. Even Blair at his peak didn’t achieve that consensus → Read More

The hidden threat of a liberal centre-ground moderniser

These terms are ubiquitous and, given that David Cameron, Tony Blair and George Osborne sign up to the description, now dangerously misleading too → Read More

Is Theresa May up to the job of prime minister? Here’s how to tell

Like others who have gone before her, even if the prime minister is on most counts doing well, the seeds of her downfall may lie in her rise to power → Read More

Brexit, Trump: the trouble with claiming we’re in a post-truth era

It’s not just political outsiders who tell lies. Mainstream parties aren’t always able to be honest with voters either → Read More