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Past articles by Hamilton:

Talking To Individual Voters Is a Waste of Time

You don’t have to spend money to go to journalism school. I will tell you how to write a story about a political campaign that is up to the standards of the national press. Your story won’t be worth a damn. Few of them are! → Read More

The Big Fight, Not the Little Fight

NEW YORK—In April of 2016, I went to a huge Bernie Sanders speech in Washington Square park, which spilled out into the surrounding streets around NYU. Last night, I went to a (not quite as huge, but still big) speech by Elizabeth Warren, in the same park, under the same noble white arch. What’s the difference? → Read More

The Desperate Battle For Unions' Blessing in 2020

Like thirsty desert travelers converging on a shimmering oasis, Democratic presidential candidates flocked to the Iowa Federation of Labor convention last week. An endless parade of hopefuls, comedic in length and wearying in content, came before the union delegates in a hotel ballroom, each with a promise in one hand and a begging cup in the other, paying homage to organized labor. All of the… → Read More

Journalism Is an Action

Many journalists are very indignant that Trump allies are reportedly combing through social media to identify embarrassing things they may have posted long ago that can be used to discredit them. In this case, I’m afraid, the outrage seems to be missing the point. → Read More

The Bernie-Warren Suicide Pact to Save America

Those of you wise enough to read Splinter should understand that the two best candidates policy-wise in the Democratic primary are Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. In order for their good policies to triumph, they must both be willing to sacrifice themselves for the cause if necessary. Sooner, rather than later. → Read More

If Uber Wants It, It's Bad

If you are negotiating with someone, and they are willing to make concessions as long as they keep one, single, big thing, then that is the thing that is important. Duh. Today, that thing is “your ability to live with human dignity.” → Read More

Terence Crawford Is The Humiliator

NEW YORK CITY — Terence Crawford is skinny, almost bony, with the gap-toothed smile of a kid who just got caught stealing Honey Buns in the lunchroom. It is kind of an evil smile. He has not spent much effort cultivating the soft fan-friendliness that the best big-money fighters often rub on themselves like lotion, for marketing purposes. Terence Crawford is mean, and you can see right down to… → Read More

Frog Watch: Frog News Now

Frogs: the very name conjures visions of wonder and terror. But what’s up with them? → Read More

Jaguars Junction Has Determined Exactly Who The Jaguars Should Take in NFL Draft 2019

Google defines NFL Draft 2019 as “Apr 25- Apr 27,” and already people are “mocking” who the Jacksonville Jaguars will select, in the NFL Draft. The following “fan-alysis,” combining history, metrics, and knowledge, reveals the fact that there is only one smart choice. → Read More

Rich People Have Been Taking Your Money For 40 Years And They Still Are

Why all the talk about socialism? Why all the talk about inequality, and the 99% vs. the 1%? Because for the past forty years, the rich have been scraping off more of our economy, leaving less for everyone else. See here: → Read More

One Hundred Years Ago, This Man Knew Everything About Today

On June 16, 1918, the socialist Eugene Debs gave a speech in Canton, Ohio. Did he have a time machine to peer a hundred years into the future? → Read More

Amazon Is Dividing (and Conquering?) New York City's Unions

Amazon’s plans to build its HQ2 in New York City in exchange for nearly $3 billion in public subsidies is dividing the city’s most powerful unions—and, by extension, the entire U.S. labor movement. Things are already getting very unfriendly. → Read More

Amazon Is Shopping for Sellouts

Amazon is set to bring thousands of new jobs and billions of dollars to New York City. This marks the most promising opportunity in history to actually unionize Amazon. But that will only work if our city’s most powerful unions don’t stab one another in the back. Some are already failing the test. → Read More

Jaguars Junction: Week 15

Jacksonville Jaguars v. Washington Racists “Week 15 action” news. What will be remembered from this day? Only these words: → Read More

Reminder: Strikes Work

After a nine-week strike, thousands of Mariott Hotel workers in San Francisco won a contract with significant wage increases and better benefits. How did they do this? Strike. Strikes work. → Read More

Jaguars Junction: Week 13

When the dust finally cleared, America’s jaws were agape—a 6-0 thrashing visited upon the hapless Colts by the Jacksonville Jaguars, in football. “It doesn’t get more one-sided than that,” America said. In how many ways were the Colts dominated? Let’s enumerate them all: → Read More

Labor Power Is the Best Investment

Concerned about inequality? Want to help low-income people earn more money? Invest in labor organizing. The return on investment is INCREDIBLE. Want proof? → Read More

There May Never Be a Better Time to Unionize Your Workplace. Do It Now

Let me tell you something real: Organize. Unionize. Your workplace. Now. This is the absolute best set of economic conditions you could have to help you to do it. IT WILL ONLY GET HARDER FROM HERE. ACT NOW. → Read More

How to Suck Money Back From Private Equity Vampires

Toys R Us died this year after going bankrupt, leaving hundreds of stores closed and tens of thousands of workers unemployed. Now, there is at least the beginning of a happ(ier) ending to this story of corporate greed. → Read More

How to Stop the Amazon Extortion From Happening Again

So, after leading America’s desperate cities around by the nose for a year, an $800 billion company has at last selected the winners of the contest to have the right to shower it with taxpayer subsidies. If only there was a way to prevent this sort of thing from ever happening again... → Read More