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Past articles by Angela:

‘He Stood His Ground’: California State Senator Will Leave Office as Champion of Tough Vaccine Laws

California state Sen. Richard Pan, who spearheaded some of the country’s most ambitious vaccine mandate legislation, is leaving office this year because of term limits. A pediatrician, he plans to … → Read More

California Gov. Newsom Pins Political Rise on Abortion, Guns, and Health Care

As California Gov. Gavin Newsom claims the role as the national Democratic Party’s political attack dog, he is trolling red-state governors over their positions on guns and abortion. He’s also maki… → Read More

California’s Public Health Tax Is Dead for the Year

A ballot measure that would have taxed California millionaires to boost public health funding will not be on the November ballot. But the tech titans who bankrolled the effort say they are negotiat… → Read More

His-and-Hers Cataract Surgeries, But His Bill Was 20 Times as Much

Whether a simple operation is performed under the auspices of a hospital or at an independent surgery center can make a huge difference in cost. → Read More

Sobering Lessons in Untying the Knot of a Homeless Crisis

The homeless tragedy in Portland, Oregon, now spills well beyond the downtown core, creating a crisis of conscience for a fiercely liberal city that has generously invested in homeless support serv… → Read More

Sobering Lessons in Untying the Knot of a Homeless Crisis

The homeless tragedy in Portland, Oregon, now spills well beyond the downtown core, creating a crisis of conscience for a fiercely liberal city that has generously invested in homeless support serv… → Read More

California Wants to Slash Insulin Prices by Becoming a Drugmaker. Can it Succeed?

Gov. Gavin Newsom proposed spending $100 million to make insulin affordable to millions of people with diabetes under a new state generic drug label, CalRx. But state officials haven’t said how muc… → Read More

Taco Bowls and Chicken Curry: Medi-Cal Delivers Ready Meals in Grand Health Care Experiment

California has embarked on an ambitious five-year initiative to improve the health of its sickest Medicaid patients by introducing nontraditional services. In the Inland Empire, where many resident… → Read More

Tech Titans Want the Richest Californians to Pay for Pandemic Preparedness

A measure likely to be on California’s November ballot would tax the state’s wealthiest residents to rebuild crumbling public health infrastructure and try to head off another pandemic. But are inf… → Read More

Tech titans want richest Californians to pay for pandemic preparedness; voters get say in fall

Californians this year will decide on a slew of health care initiatives and taxes; one would tax the wealthiest to fund public health initiatives. → Read More

California Governor’s Big Promises on Drug Prices Are Slow to Materialize

Gov. Gavin Newsom has launched several initiatives to cut rising drug prices, but the savings haven’t been as monumental as he promised. And his plan to have California make its own generic drugs h… → Read More

The Demise of Single-Payer in California Trips Up Efforts in Other States

The failure of single-payer health care legislation in California casts doubt on the ability of other states to pass government-run, universal health care. But activists in New York, Washington sta… → Read More

California Inks Sweetheart Deal With Kaiser Permanente, Jeopardizing Medicaid Reforms

The backroom deal with politically connected Kaiser Permanente, which infuriated other Medi-Cal health plans, allows the health care giant to continue selecting the enrollees it wants. → Read More

Vaccine Wars Ignite in California as Lawmakers Seek Stronger Laws

Anti-vaccination activists say California’s Democratic lawmakers are helping strengthen their movement nationally by pushing for tougher vaccine requirements — without exemptions for religious or p… → Read More

Mattresses and Mold Removal: Medi-Cal to Offer Unconventional Treatments to Asthma Patients

In January, California’s Medicaid program will begin offering nontraditional services —such as ridding homes of roaches, replacing mattresses and installing air purifiers — to some low-income asthm… → Read More

Health Industry Wields Power in California’s High-Stakes Battle to Lower Health Care Costs

Gov. Gavin Newsom wants to regulate out-of-control health care spending in California. The effort is being shaped by the very health industry players that would be regulated. → Read More

Leader of California’s Muscular Obamacare Exchange to Step Down

Peter Lee helped create Covered California, which has been lauded as a national example among the Affordable Care Act’s insurance marketplaces, and he fiercely opposed Republican efforts to repeal … → Read More

Health Care Unions Defending Newsom From Recall Will Want Single-Payer Payback

If Gov. Gavin Newsom survives Tuesday’s recall election, the health care unions that have campaigned on his behalf intend to pressure him to follow through on his promise to establish a government-… → Read More

California Set to Spend Billions on Curing Homelessness and Caring for ‘Whole Body’ Politic

California is embarking on a five-year experiment to infuse its health insurance program for low-income people with billions of dollars in nonmedical services spanning housing, food delivery and ad… → Read More

Voters in Tight Recall Race Sound Off on California Gov. Newsom’s Covid Leadership

Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom’s pandemic policies are effectively on California’s Sept. 14 recall ballot — and the electorate views them with a mix of resentment, gratitude and disillusionment.… → Read More