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Past articles by Michael:

Pelosi’s Taiwan Visit Launched a New Era of Military Competition With China

The House speaker created a new chasm in the US-China relationship. Now Biden must make sure it doesn’t lead to war. → Read More

Biden’s NATO Summit Divides the World Into Hostile Camps

With the home front fatigued, the alliance expands in Europe and campaigns to curb China’s rise. → Read More

The Ukraine War’s Collateral Damage| Countercurrents

The war in Ukraine has already caused massive death and destruction, with more undoubtedly to come as the fighting intensifies in the country’s east and → Read More

We Need International Cooperation to Fight Climate Change, Not War

The world’s ruling elites have chosen to place their geopolitical rivalries above all other critical concerns, including planetary salvation. → Read More

The Deadly Illusion of “Victory”

Choosing peace in Ukraine, not ashes and blood. → Read More

Ukraine’s Nuclear Flashpoints

How to avoid Armageddon in the new nuclear era. → Read More

Stop the Fighting in Ukraine

Now is the time to begin the search for a lasting peace. → Read More

Geopolitics Is a Ruthless Business

Russia’s assault on Ukraine is the most conspicuous recent example of blatantly predatory military actions, but hardly the only one. → Read More

Russia, Ukraine, and the New Bipartisanship in Washington

Democrats and Republicans unite in boosting Pentagon spending. → Read More

A New “March of Folly” in Europe: Can It Be Averted?

There is an urgent need for a diplomatic resolution. → Read More

Welcome to the New Cold War

Whatever Washington might say about peaceful competition, the Biden administration has no intention of allowing China to achieve parity with the United States. → Read More

The “Credibility” Factor and Biden’s Foreign Crises

The US must resist the impulse to intervene in Ukraine, Taiwan, and Iran. → Read More

We Need to Take China’s Military Strength Seriously

What’s happening between China and Taiwan should put those of us who fear a major outbreak of war on high alert. → Read More

Placing “Guardrails” on the US-China Nuclear Competition

A failure to challenge inflated claims about China’s nuclear arsenal will have serious and painful consequences. → Read More

Dangerous Brinkmanship Over Taiwan

How to avoid US-Chinese military conflict in the Western Pacific. → Read More

Geopolitics Will Cost Us Our Planet

For all of our posturing, we’re doomed if the world’s biggest players aren’t in agreement. → Read More

The Real Existential Threat Is Our Overheating Planet

By 2049, China will be too busy dealing with climate disasters to launch a war with the United States. → Read More

Great Power Politics After Afghanistan

Resetting the global chessboard. → Read More

Where Do Wars Come From?

Two new books, Margaret MacMillan’s War and Martin Sherwin’s Gambling with Armageddon, offer close studies of how we end up, or almost end up, marching into war. → Read More

Dividing the World Into Opposing Camps Is the Road to Armageddon

Washington aims to recast NATO in the image of the US military, with its focus on “great power competition” and a renewed arms race with Russia and China. → Read More