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Past articles by Keith:

2022 Top News Stories: China, Putin, and Ukraine

From Russian kill lists to refugees and rebels, these were among FP’s most impactful news stories this year. → Read More

Putin’s Ukraine Gambit Was ‘Self-Defeating’

Two experts on energy and geopolitics talk about spiking prices, Russia’s war, and what that means for the climate fight. → Read More

How the Energy Crisis Made 2021 Feel Like the ’70s

High power prices. Rolling blackouts. Dwindling supplies. And a cascade of economic and political turmoil felt around the world. → Read More

The FP Stories That Changed Things in 2021

From the U.N.’s diversity problem to the pipeline that turned into a lightning rod, here are our most impactful reads. → Read More

Europe Tilts Away From China With Disputes Over Trade, Investment, Climate, and Human Rights

EU officials speak increasingly of Beijing as a rival, not a partner. But unlike Trump, they don’t yet want a divorce. → Read More

Missouri Opens Up a New Front Against China in Coronavirus Blame Game

State sues Beijing for negligent and deceitful behavior in spreading the virus--good luck with that. → Read More

Will the U.S.-Saudi Arabia Relationship Ever Reach a Breaking Point?

A rocky marriage of convenience that has lasted since World War II could derail as oil markets crash and mutual mistrust reaches new heights. → Read More

Oil Price Nosedive Continues as Trump’s Deal Fails to Deliver

The impact of the coronavirus sends markets into an unprecedented slump, with no end in sight. → Read More

Life Under Lockdown: Here’s a Glimpse of What’s Coming for You, America

It’s only day three, but it feels like day 30. → Read More

Trump and Other Leaders Grapple With Limited Economic Remedies for the Virus

With interest rates already at rock bottom and tax cuts too slow and unfocused, the U.S. president may find his best coronavirus response is a giant stimulus. But will he get one? → Read More

The Coronavirus Is an Economic Pandemic, Panicking Markets and Slowing Growth

With markets plunging worldwide, Trump does an about-face and promises "major" efforts to contain the coronavirus and ease economic pain. → Read More

Fracking Ban and Energy Fights Looming Large in 2020 Campaign on Super Tuesday

Markets might get jittery as bids by Biden, Sanders, and Warren to restrict fossil fuels move a bit closer to reality. → Read More

World Stock Markets Begin Betting on a Coronavirus Slowdown

Big declines in the United States, Europe, and Asia and an inverted yield curve indicate market players are starting to fear the worst. → Read More

Economic Impacts of China's Coronavirus Worse Than SARS, Could Slow Growth

China’s economy is bigger and weaker than during SARS, and ripple effects are already being felt across supply chains and in commodities markets. → Read More

5 Takeaways From Trump's China Trade Agreement

The agreement may help him get reelected, but it’s only a truce, not a free trade deal. → Read More

Protests Rock Iran After Cover-Up of Downed Airliner

With protests raging in the streets, the Islamic Republic finds itself on the defensive at home and overseas over its misrepresentations. → Read More

The Global Economy 2020: A Positive Outlook Shadowed by China, Debt, and Trade Tensions

Experts expect growth to rebound, but many of their projections are built on shaky foundations. → Read More

Five FP news stories that had a real-world impact

From the State Department to the U.N. to Turkey, India, and Pakistan, Foreign Policy’s reporting helped make a difference. → Read More

Turkey's Support for Libya and Maritime Pact Are Its Plan B for the Eastern Mediterranean

Erdogan’s latest bid to reshape the Mediterranean provides military support to Tripoli against Russian-backed rebels. → Read More

Protests in the Middle East, North Africa, and Hong Kong in 2019

Even as right-wing forces took hold in many places around the world, grassroots democracy proved itself alive and well. → Read More