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Past articles by Erin:

Does the world need a 3D-printed rocket?

Relativity Space, a well-funded startup, is going all-in on additive manufacturing and 3D printing. It's not clear whether that it's necessary. → Read More

The number of satellites orbiting Earth could quintuple in the next decade

Satellite constellations planned for launch in the next 5 years means the number of objects in orbit will grow exponentially. → Read More

Rocket Lab: The small firm that launched the 3D-printed space revolution

Peter Beck founded Rocket Lab, which 3D-prints rocket engines for NASA. We talked to him about the technology’s benefits—and the future of the fledgling small launch industry. → Read More

The black hole at the center of a dwarf galaxy is way smaller than we thought

By looking at the accretion disk of a black hole in galaxy NGC 4395, astronomers found it was about 40 times smaller than researchers had estimated. → Read More

NASA is opening the ISS up to private astronauts and commercial business

The International Space Station is going to have a commercial focus going forward.The news: NASA announced today it’s now accepting bids from companies that want to make money using the station’s resources and access to microgravity. → Read More

Why is the moon flashing? A new telescope might find out.

The flashes on the moon’s surface are spotted multiple times a week—but what are they?Some background: For thousands of years astronomers have observed strange flashes on the lunar surface, known as transient lunar phenomena. → Read More

Space weather affects your daily life. It’s time to start paying attention.

Meet the space weather woman who is working to get users to understand how space impact GPS, communications, and other satellite based technologies we are increasingly relying on. → Read More

NASA has selected the first three companies bringing payloads to the moon

The first company plans to land on the moon as early as next year.The news: Today NASA announced that three companies have been selected to carry the agency’s experiments to the lunar surface as a part of the Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS) program. → Read More

A bendable mirror is a step toward finding life outside our solar system

A CubeSat launching to space this year will provide a test run for future telescopes. → Read More

SpaceX has launched the first 60 satellites of its space internet system

The satellite internet contest is heating up. → Read More

The NASA engineer who helped Apollo astronauts catch their ride home

To get back from the lunar surface, the astronauts had to rendezvous in lunar orbit. Sheila Thibeault helped make that possible. → Read More

NASA and Virgin Orbit have 3D-printed a working rocket engine part

They have successfully test-fired 3D-printed combustion chambers made from multiple materials.The news: By combining their manufacturing and testing capabilities, small-satellite launcher Virgin Orbit and NASA created a rocket combustion chamber that was 3D-printed from multiple metals. → Read More

NASA’s Juno spacecraft has spotted Jupiter’s magnetic field shifting

It turns out our home planet isn’t the only one with poles that can’t sit still.Changing it up: Earth’s magnetic field is far from set in stone. → Read More

Jeff Bezos has unveiled Blue Origin’s lunar lander

He revealed details about the company’s new rocket, engine, and lunar lander at a private event in Washington DC today.Behind curtain number one… Jeff Bezos unveiled Blue Moon, the company’s lunar lander that has been in the works for the past three years. → Read More

These amazing Met Gala looks took more than a thousand hours of 3D printing

Designer Zac Posen used additive manufacturing to create wearable sculptures for partygoers. → Read More

What would we do if an asteroid was on a collision course with Earth?

Pretend there’s a 1-in-100 chance an asteroid will hit us—what should we do? → Read More

A power outage on the International Space Station will delay a SpaceX resupply mission

Thankfully, no one is in immediate danger, but the partial power loss means that SpaceX is going to need to wait before launching its CRS-17 Dragon resupply mission carrying nearly 5,500 pounds of experiments and supplies.The problem: The International Space Station (ISS), which is powered via its solar panels, has four main distribution units known as main bus switching units (MBSUs). → Read More

The moon may be made from a magma ocean that once covered Earth

There are a number of theories about where the moon came from. → Read More

This 3D-printed beehive could be our future home on Mars

A NASA competition to develop habitats for space missions is down to its final three—and you could test them out. → Read More

The first Marsquake has been detected

The Mars InSight lander has sensed a quake within the planet.The news: On its 128th day on the red planet, the lander picked up the first definitive sign of shaking from within Mars. → Read More