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Past articles by Rose:

(Almost) A Year Of You

We chase each other around the city, learning about each other and laughing, your hands on my thigh and my fingers in your hair, and we stand on the platform at Islington and you pull me into you, … → Read More

12 Things I Wish I Had Known Before Falling In Love With A Narcissist

They’ll have a constant source of narcissistic supply on the back-burner. → Read More

Stay Single Until Love Feels Exactly Like This

Stay single until it feels easy, simple, like breathing. → Read More

7 Ways To Make Sure Instagram Isn’t Having A Negative Impact On Your Mental Health

We all need to be kinder to ourselves and know that the only validation that holds any real substance is the validation we give to ourselves. → Read More

Friends Don’t Touch Like This

Friends don’t kiss like this. Don’t touch like this. Don’t let my name rumble out of them like a command, like this. → Read More

I Am Not A ‘Just Talking’ Kind Of Girl

I deserve to feel special. → Read More

This Is Me Saying Goodbye To Modern Dating

This is me saying goodbye to always settling for less than what I want and need. → Read More

The Night We First Met

Even now, when my mind wanders, it ends up back on that night of our first date. If I allow myself, I think of the way you looked at me when your eyes first fixed on my face, almost as if you could… → Read More

10 Things To Remember When You’re Having A Bad Anxiety Day

Anxiety can be fleeting, but it can also hang around for a couple of days, depending on the cause and the methods used to try and ease it. But it never lasts forever. → Read More

An Open Letter To My Best Friend On Her Wedding Day

I will promise that I’ll remember this day forever, the day my person married the love of her life. Her McDreamy. I promise I’ll be smiling like a fool in all of your photos. I promise I’ll be by y… → Read More

20 Best Pieces Of Relationship Advice As Told By My Best Friends

Your expectations aren’t too high, he just can’t live up to them. → Read More

Break Up With Your Boyfriend, You’re Better Than Him

Break up with your boyfriend because you’re better than him and deep down he knows that. → Read More

Date Someone Who Doesn’t Confuse You

Date someone who doesn’t confuse you. Someone who doesn’t send you mixed messages. → Read More

I Was Never Crazy, You Were Just Shady As Fuck

Stupid boy, I wasn’t crazy, not when it came to you. → Read More

Modern Dating Is Hell If You Have Anxiety

Maybe that’s all it was. Maybe I was silly for thinking it was more than that. → Read More

You Don’t Have To Apologize For Having Your Heart Broken By Micro-Cheating

You don’t have to apologize for needing someone to devote all of their sexual attention and intimacy towards you and only you. → Read More

An Open Letter To Myself: I’m Sorry

I’m sorry I let him convince you that you were damaged and broken and hard to love. I’m sorry I let him make you think what you needed and wanted from a boyfriend was impossible. → Read More

You Don’t Need A McDreamy, You Need To Be Your Own Sun

You are strong, you are capable, you are empowered. → Read More

The Unedited Truth About Romanticizing Emotional Abuse

We want to believe that this sort of thing happens in every relationship. We tell ourselves we’re just so in love and with every passionate thing, there’s bound to be blazing fights. → Read More

There’s A Difference Between Not Giving Up And Being Reckless

There’s a difference between choosing him, even when he doesn’t choose you, and choosing happiness, choosing adventure, choosing a love which does not exhaust you and disappoint you and… → Read More