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Recent articles by Lyz:

It's time to start a civil war with New Hampshire

The state whose motto is 'Live Free or Die' is certainly good at keeping their clamming boots on our neck. → Read More

The Constitution Never Said Women Would Be Equal. The ERA Aims to Change That

Virginia is now the 38th state to approve the Equal Rights Amendment, crossing the threshold needed for ratification. But an America in which women are equal citizens is still hard to imagine. → Read More

The Constitution Never Said Women Would Be Equal. The ERA Aims to Change That

Virginia is now the 38th state to approve the Equal Rights Amendment, crossing the threshold needed for ratification. But an America in which women are equal citizens is still hard to imagine. → Read More

Undecided is winning the election

In years past, Genie Maybanks thought that an Iowan who was undecided in January wasn't paying enough attention. Except now, in 2020, that undecided person is her. Maybanks has lived in Cedar Rapids for seven years. She's a mother and she's involved in her community. Maybanks has been to so many campaign events she's seen herself in the background of both a Yang campaign and a Pete Buttigieg ad,… → Read More

U.S. rhetoric around the Iran strike mirrors the 2003 logic for invading Iraq

Once again, there was dubious talk of an “imminent threat.” → Read More

Lyz Lenz: What a racist doll can teach Iowans about silence and bias

For several weeks last fall, there was a doll in the hall of Excelsior Middle School in Marion. The doll wore a blue silk dress edged in lace, had shining pewter skin, exaggerated African-American features - wide lips, flat nose, large eyes - and a head of glossy orange-blonde hair, topped with a blue bow. Next to it was a sign that read, 'Sometimes we're on top. Sometimes we fall. It's okay not… → Read More

Overturning Roe v. Wade will not save lives, it will end them

Linda Schrieber worked at the University of Iowa Hospital in 1973 when the Roe v. Wade decision made abortion legal. She remembers seeing a mother with five other children and history of childbirth complications that threatened her life. A young girl, pregnant through rape. Another woman, focused and career-oriented, pregnant by her boyfriend who had no intention of being a father. → Read More

Yelling down the devil in 2020

On December 6, I took my kids to hear the story of Svaty Mikulas in Czech Village. We are not Czech, but Cedar Rapids is their home. Plus, there would be cocoa, cookies and the devil. → Read More

There is no Christ in a Trumpian Christmas

I would have liked to have been in the room when they pulled out the Nazi. It wasn't just a room, it was a church sanctuary in Bettendorf and in it were gathered a bunch of men and women and elected officials who had gathered for one purpose: to oppose immigration. And then, it went full Nazi. → Read More

Chuck Grassley was right in 1999

Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley once stated, of impeachment, 'Some say that this impeachment effort is part of a right wing conspiracy. A Republican plot to get a Democrat president. We are here because the president did wrongful acts, and he admits that. We are here because of the independent counsel law. No, this president is in this predicament because of his own wrongdoing. There is no conspiracy.' → Read More

Ashton Kutcher's failed promise to Iowans

It was a concert everyone around here remembers: Big and Rich and Blake Shelton at Kinnick Stadium and emceed by KCRG-TV's Beth Malicki. Approximately 50,000 people showed up on the thick August night in 2016 to drink beer, listen to music and raise money for the Native Fund, a nonprofit started by two Iowa golden boys - former Iowa Hawkeye Dallas Clark and actor Ashton Kutcher. → Read More

Lies, lies and the GOP

The first time I met the head of the Republican Party of Iowa was at a rally against impeachment. The impeachment itself is a kind of a protest against the unchecked criminality of this administration. The anti-impeachment rally was protesting impeachment and across the street was another protest protesting the protest. It's the kind of earnest self-satire that's easy to do in politics. → Read More

Who is Mayor Pete campaigning for?

On a snowy night in Sioux City, 172 people, stamped into West Middle School to hear South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg make the case for President Pete Buttigieg. → Read More

The story of Thanksgiving is fake news

Last year, I watched as 20 second-graders reenacted a slave auction for a school's annual Thanksgiving Day play. The play traded in on the cultural myth that Squanto was a born-again Christian, who had been bought from a slave auction by a Catholic monk. The monk, the myth asserts, converted Squanto and then set him free. → Read More

What makes someone change their mind?

Elizabeth Warren used to be a Republican. She grew up in Oklahoma and like any woman in America she's had to be so many things at so many different times and all of them at the same time-a college-drop out, a wife, a single mom, Republican, wealth advisor, Democrat, senator and a Harvard professor. → Read More

Will no one listen to the men?

This past week, former Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick and professionally rich man Michael Bloomberg announced their 2020 presidential campaigns. Which is good news for anyone looking at the field of 19 Democratic candidates, 15 of them male, and thinking, but what about the men? → Read More

A powerful letter to the church from a minister accused of being an 'avowed homosexual'

For three years, Rev. Anna Blaedel, an openly queer Methodist minister and former director of the Wesley Center at the University of Iowa, has been fighting three charges of being a 'self-avowed, practicing homosexual' in the Methodist Church. On Aug. 8, a committee voted to send Blaedel to trial. But on Nov. 12, a resolution was reached, placing Blaedel on permentant leave from the church. The… → Read More

Abolish the undemocratic Iowa caucuses

'Julian Castro is right' is not a sentence I thought I would write. → Read More

Surviving the new American farm crisis

It's always something on this land: withering summers, freezing winters, flooding springs, trade wars, and pesticides. One third of our residents live in rural areas and agriculture is one of the biggest drivers of our local economy. Everyone here is connected to the landscape. Our lives and our livelihoods twist like a double helix with the landscape. As the earth trembles and shifts, so do we… → Read More

She just wanted a chance: Sexism and racism in the medical community

Juliana Anyanwu has only ever wanted to be a doctor. As a child in Nigeria, Anyanwu spent a lot of time in hospitals for her allergies. One of the doctors listened to her in a way that made her feel seen and understood. → Read More