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Past articles by Elizabeth:

Otherworldly blue lights in space are no longer shrouded in mystery

Flashes of blue lighting up the void sound like special effects in a sci-fi movie that almost certainly involves aliens, but what they actually are may be even more bizarre than that. → Read More

Mars rocked by the most intense Marsquakes ever

Thought to once have been Earthlike, Mars apparently still has some things in common with Earth — like seismic events that make its sun-blasted surface tremble. → Read More

This killer Cretaceous croc literally ate an entire dinosaur

You might think of dinosaurs (at least the theropods) as the apex predators to end all apex predators, but not if one got snapped up by the jaws of a massive crocodile first. → Read More

Instead of a Big Bang, there could have been… a Big Bounce?

Whenever you hear about the dawn of the universe, you’re probably also going to hear something about the Big Bang. But wait. What if it didn’t all happen with a bang? → Read More

Even robots can be fooled, but they're getting smarter

Humans tend to think AI can make no mistakes. Isn’t it programmed to be perfect, something we, as biological organisms, can never be? → Read More

Turns out Homo sapiens are older than we previously thought... like, way older

When were humans really born? Though our Homo ancestors go back millions of years, Homo sapiens didn’t appear on the scene until 200,000 years ago. Make that 230,300. → Read More

Woolly mammoths were probably around much longer than we thought

While the de-extinction of woolly mammoths isn’t happening anytime soon, turns out they were around for longer than anyone previously thought. → Read More

We live in a star system more alien than most

As much as we are used to living in the solar system, it would look downright weird to any hypothetical aliens peering through their hypothetical telescope. → Read More

Could 'Grand Canyon of Mars' be hiding a massive amount of water underground?

Water is everywhere on Mars. It is more accessible in some places than others, but future Mars-tronauts are going to need that alien water, and now they might know where to find it. → Read More

10 of the most mind-blowingly bizarre things that happened in science in 2021

You can’t have science without weirdness. Of course, it doesn’t end there, because once you fall through that portal, you can’t have weirdness without more weirdness, and... you can see where this is going. Take Xenobots. These living robots were created last year. This year, the scientists behind them found a way for these things to keep duplicating themselves. Tardigrades always existed on the… → Read More

The 10 most mind-blowing space breakthroughs of 2021

Asteroid dust, black holes almost biting off more than they can chew, Mars, Mars and…Mars. These are only some of the most out-there space finds of 2021. There were also, among other curiosities and objects of fascination, a perilous brush with the Sun and an asteroid-crushing mission straight out of a video game. Of course, this was the year of Perseverance and Ingenuity (there is a reason… → Read More

Want to know something really cool? There’s now a jelly ice cube that won’t melt

The problem with using ice cubes or ice packs to keep things cold is that either of those might melt or, worse, grow mold or breed pathogens, but that’s about to be put on ice. → Read More

Could we really terraform Mars like they did in 'The Expanse'?

You know that scene in The Expanse where Avarsala and Arjun are gazing at the Martian aurora borealis? It’s a phenomenon that can’t physically happen. → Read More

This mysterious ancient civilization’s DNA was not what we thought it was

Unearthing ancient relics can tell you many things about a ghost civilization, but where you found those relics is not necessarily where those long-lost people came from. → Read More

Viruses body-snatch cells by shapeshifting like it's a micro horror movie

Shapeshifters are often the stars of sci-fi horror movies, but they are also lurking out there where you can’t even see them. → Read More

Video game reveals the psychedelic wonderland you’d see if the speed of light slowed down

Whoever said video games fry your brain hasn’t played A Slower Speed of Light. → Read More

Coolest dinosaur (literally) ever lived in Greenland and has emerged from the ice

Imagine waiting 214 million years to be dug up, and then another few decades to be identified as a previously unknown dinosaur that lived in what is now one of the coldest places on Earth. → Read More

Martian ketchup? Heinz has gotten this close, and yes, it really is edible

Humans have a long way to go until our species lands on Mars — but what will be on the menu for Mars-tronauts? → Read More

What is spewing weird radio signals from the middle of the galaxy?

The Australian Square Kilometer Array Pathfinder (ASKAP) picked up on something unusual, and it could be a completely new type of object never observed before. → Read More

Would Doctor Strange think of using a quantum crystal to reveal the secrets of dark matter?

Because of its hypersensitivity, a quantum crystal it can pick up on such faint electromagnetic signals and might eventually detect dark matter particles. → Read More