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Past articles by Elizabeth:

What is spewing weird radio signals from the middle of the galaxy?

The Australian Square Kilometer Array Pathfinder (ASKAP) picked up on something unusual, and it could be a completely new type of object never observed before. → Read More

Would Doctor Strange think of using a quantum crystal to reveal the secrets of dark matter?

Because of its hypersensitivity, a quantum crystal it can pick up on such faint electromagnetic signals and might eventually detect dark matter particles. → Read More

1.21 gigawatts? 10 quadrillion watts just went kaboom in the most epic nuclear fusion experiment ever

Doc Brown might have exclaimed “1.21 gigawatts!” as if his time machine of a DeLorean was the most powerful thing on Earth, but something has beat that by a long shot. → Read More

Slime mold was just sent up to the ISS for science, not horror

The Blob was a thing from outer space that landed on Earth, but there is another blob that spawned on Earth which just rocketed into space. → Read More

Astronauts aboard the ISS can breathe easy now that NASA has launched an upgraded CO2 eliminator

If there’s one thing you don’t want to breathe in space (besides potentially hazardous lunar dust), it’s carbon dioxide. That could be a problem when everyone around you is breathing it out. → Read More

The Moon was an ocean of fire billions of years ago

The Moon looks anything but alive today, but what appears stone dead was once very much alive with scorching flows of magma. → Read More

We can’t see them, but stars are blowing up all the time

Previously unknown supernovas that are only visible in the infrared part of the spectrum, invisible to us, have emerged. → Read More

Sunken city from over 2,000 years ago is like the Egyptian version of Atlantis

The sunken ancient Egyptian city of Thonis-Heracleion is revealing two more spectacular finds: a warship and an entire burial ground. → Read More

Fossil of the most ginormous vampire bat ever just flew out of 100,000 years of darkness

There is a reason vampire bats are associated with Dracula, and other fictional vampires that don’t sparkle. They actually do take wing at night and suck the blood of unsuspecting victims. → Read More

Body of a sacrificial victim was amazingly preserved down to his last meal

So what did Tollund Man eat before he was sacrificed? He was given fish and a porridge made of mostly barley and flax. He also suffered from parasites. → Read More

Scientists, who are also Lord of the Rings fans, have (sort of) found Mordor and the Eye of Sauron

An ancient volcano that collapsed in on itself ended up forming something eerily reminiscent of the Eye of Sauron, and its surroundings are like Mordor. → Read More

Stardust isn’t magical, but it could tell us where Earth’s water came from

So maybe stardust isn’t cosmic glitter with supernatural powers, but it has its own kind of magic when it comes to telling us things we would otherwise never know about the early solar system. → Read More

A 3,000-year-old murder has finally been solved. Turns out it was the first recorded shark attack

Scientists from Oxford and Kytoto University have found that the skeletal remains of a Neolithic man are evidence of the oldest known shark attack on a human. → Read More

So now we know why the worst mass extinction ever annihilated almost everything on Earth

The mass extinction that gets attention always seems to be the one that brought down the dinosaurs, but it had nothing on an extinction event that made nuclear explosions look like nothing and happened millions of years before a dinosaur so much as appeared. → Read More

Turducken has nothing on this fossil of a shark eating a squid eating a crustacean

Around 180 million years ago, a proto-squid caught a lobster-like thing that it was just about to feast on when something made a meal of the unwary squid. → Read More

The first pregnant mummy ever found in Egypt has been expecting for almost 2,000 years

When a team of scientists used CT scans to virtually unwrap a mummy whose coffin had been inscribed with the name of male priest Hor-Djehuty, it didn't seem to be who it was supposed to be. That was hardly the most shocking thing about this find, though. → Read More

Almost 4.7 billion miles from the Sun, there is more on the horizon for the New Horizons mission

Alan Stern remembers the night he first glimpsed Arrokoth. The bizarre Kuiper belt object that would capture the curiosity of millions was still lurking somewhere unknown that June night in 2014, when the summer heat of Houston had cooled off everywhere but mission control. → Read More

How did hundreds of human skeletons mysteriously end up in a faraway lake?

Genetic analysis has found that the skeletons in Roopkund Lake are not all from the same place, deepening an already haunting mystery. → Read More

Mammoth find: The oldest DNA ever sequenced comes from ancient mystery mammoth

Frozen creatures seem to emerge from the permafrost of Siberia all the time, but what has made one mammoth such a huge find goes far beyond its size. → Read More

Perseverance is searching Mars for signs of alien microbes, but will we know if it finds them?

Now that Perseverance has landed and everyone who was in that mission control room can finally breathe again, the rover will be scoping out Mars for any evidence of things having lived (or even living deep underground) on the scorched and frozen planet. → Read More