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Past articles by Arthur:

Viking virtues can help defeat woke enemies of America

Viking virtues can help defeat enemies of American culture. Characteristics that gave strength to explore, trade and settle are ones Americans need now. → Read More

Biden Weakened the U.S. on the World Stage. China Is Taking Advantage

At the G-20 summit in Bali, we’ve seen the first face-to-face meeting between the weakest American president since Jimmy Carter, and the toughest and most powerful Chinese leader since Mao. Of course, it was a debacle. → Read More

Biden, Democrats' downward spiral began with Afghanistan

When historians look back over the Biden presidency they will point to Afghanistan as the turning point when things began to go terribly wrong for the administration. → Read More

Sweden and Finland Will Help NATO Counter Russia in the Arctic

Putin seeks domination of the increasingly important region, and the Chinese are also trying to muscle in. → Read More

America needs a strategic reset to confront the new axis of Russia, China, Iran

Whatever the outcome of the war in Ukraine, it is just the latest round in a concerted, totalitarian assault on freedom and its allies around the world—an assault led by three revisionist powers, Russia, China, and Iran, determined to overthrow the post-World War II liberal world order. → Read More

The Naval Response to the War in Ukraine

The U.S. and NATO could send a flotilla to the Black Sea region and also set up a humanitarian sealift. → Read More

We are all Ukrainians now

Americans should learn we can never take anything for granted in the perpetual struggle to defend our homes and families and nations from enemies inside and out. → Read More

Politics and the ‘Great Confinement’

As in 1932, the electorate is in the mood to punish the party in power for its general incompetence. → Read More

The U.S. Needs a Hypersonic Capability Now

Washington mothballed its program just as Beijing made developing the technology a priority. → Read More

Nikole Hannah-Jones Mangles World War II Atomic History

Ms. Hannah-Jones recently decided to extend her streak from the history of slavery to the dropping of the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War II. → Read More

America’s Quad Fallacy

Strong alliances won’t make up for a weak America. → Read More

Arthur Herman: After COVID, the Afghanistan debacle, the wisdom of the Vikings can help an America in crisis

'The Viking Heart' is about the links between freedom and community, and how a polarized nation can become one again. It offer real lessons for today. → Read More

Help Afghan Refugees and They’ll Help America

Having paid a price for liberty, immigrants fleeing tyranny understand the importance of freedom. → Read More

Arthur Herman: How to think like a Viking in the age of COVID

The Vikings can offer us powerful lessons on how to navigate our post-COVID rapids, and how to renew the American experiment in a fast-moving high-tech age. → Read More

A Good Battery Is the Best Defense Against a Military Assault

If China maintains control over the supply chain, it will be able to deny power to advanced U.S. weapons. → Read More

Arthur Herman: Message to DeSantis – civics important but here's what we really need to teach our kids

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has earned criticism as well as plaudits for announcing on Wednesday that critical race theory, which teaches that America is an irredeemably racist and sexist country, will have no place in the state’s new civics education program. → Read More

Why Operation Warp Speed Worked

The successful vaccine program followed the model of U.S. mobilization in World War II. → Read More

Saving America’s Digital Future

Semiconductors, sometimes called microchips, are essential to our modern way of life. But who makes them, and where they are made, is looming as a national-security crisis. → Read More

Arthur Herman: Twitter, Facebook and Amazon censorship of conservatives harms social media giants

Big Tech firms Facebook, Twitter and Amazon have managed to provide plenty of ammunition in the past week for those who accuse them of using their colossal market dominance to unfairly tilt the political and cultural conversation. → Read More

V-J Day, 75 Years Later

After being America’s mortal enemy, Japan has become the U.S.’s closest and oldest ally in Asia. This is a tribute not only to generations of leadership in both countries, but also to the hopes that MacArthur set in motion on that day. → Read More