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Past articles by SARAH:

Hypothyroidism: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

Hypothyroidism is a condition in which the thyroid doesn't produce enough of the hormones responsible for metabolism, temperature regulation, heart rate, and other functions. → Read More

Unraveling the Possible Causes of Narcolepsy, a Long-Misunderstood Sleep Disorder

In many cases, chronic sleepiness is tied to low levels of certain brain chemicals. → Read More

What Is Narcolepsy With Cataplexy? Here's How Sleep Medicine Experts Explain the Disorder

Narcolepsy with cataplexy is now known as type 1 narcolepsy. Type 1 typically means that someone either has low levels of the brain hormone hypocretin or they have episodes of cataplexy, meaning temporary loss of muscle control or weakness. Learn more about what causes narcolepsy with cataplexy and how it's treated. → Read More

Opioid Use Disorder Treatment: Doctor-Recommended Drugs and Therapy

There are a handful of medicines and a number of different therapies for treating opioid use disorder. Learn more about medication-assisted treatment and other options for reducing opioid cravings and symptoms and regaining your life. → Read More

14 Symptoms of Opioid Withdrawal—And What to Know About Breaking Your Addiction

Breaking an opioid addiction can be difficult. Withdrawal can cause physical and mental discomfort. These are the symptoms to know, plus information from experts on how to navigate the opioid withdrawal process. → Read More

Does Narcolepsy Runs in Your Family? Experts Say It Doesn't Mean You'll Inherit This Sleep Disorder

If you have a family member with narcolepsy, you may wonder: Is narcolepsy genetic? Can narcolepsy be inherited? Learn more about the types and causes of narcolepsy and what experts say about whether it is genetic disease. → Read More

How to Run Faster: The 2 Main Strategies Running Coaches Rely On

Experts explain how to run faster with tried-and-true techniques, including hill sprints, interval training, and more. Plus, learn all about the benefits of running. → Read More

What Is Heat Intolerance? Here's Why You May Be More Sensitive to Hot Weather Than Others

Excessive sweating isn't the only sign that you're overheating. → Read More

How to Stop Snoring, According to Sleep Experts

Do you snore, or know someone who does? Here's everything you need to know about snoring, including what causes it, how to stop snoring, and when to see a doctor, according to experts. → Read More

What to Know About Cherry Angiomas, or Those Red Moles You Might See on Your Skin

Cherry angiomas are those red, raised bumps or moles that can pop up on your skin. Here's what they mean, and how to get rid of them (if you want). → Read More

What Causes Tingling in Feet—And When to See a Doctor

Tingling in the feet is a strange sensation, but what causes it? Here, experts weigh in on various causes, how they make a diagnosis, what other symptoms to look out for, and treatments. → Read More

7 Local & Online Shops That Support The LGBTQ Community

We all have that place that makes us feel safe. Whether it's your room, a park, or a bookstore, it creates an immense feeling of security. For anyone who finds their rights being challenged, these places can be even more important. Members of the… → Read More

The Pain-Free Guide to Choosing and Using a Backpack

Packing and wearing a backpack incorrectly can have harmful effects on the body. From the weight of the bag to how you adjust the straps, it is possible to avoid unnecessary pain. Here’s what the experts have to say about choosing and using a backpack. → Read More

15 Inspiring Memes & Tweets To Share On International Women’s Day 2018

In addition to being Women's Rights Month, March will also feature an inspirational, empowering day dedicated to honoring women around the world: Mar. 8 is International Women's Day. There are tons of ways to support women and women's rights on Inter… → Read More

How Often Do Total Lunar Eclipses Happen? It’s More Frequent Than You Might Think

On Jan. 31, the night sky will play host to a total lunar eclipse. The special display of celestial wonder is quite a sight to behold. If you are around that night, catching a glimpse of the moon as it is eclipsed might not give you great Instagram p… → Read More

How Often Do Blue Moons Happen? The Truth Makes The Phrase “Once In A Blue Moon” Take On An Entirely Different Meaning

In case you were worried 2018 was going to be anything but the magical reprieve we all need from 2017, I have good news for you: The year is starting off with an event that feels quite magical. While we got to witness a full moon on New Year's Day, J… → Read More

What Does It Mean If A Blue Moon Is Also A Super Moon? January 2018 Will Play Host To One

Growing up, I remember being overwhelmingly excited whenever I found out a blue moon was set to happen soon. I knew deep down that, in actuality, looking at a blue moon is no different than looking at a full moon — but I didn't care. I loved the idea… → Read More

How To Change Your Facebook Profile Picture To Support The 2018 Women’s March

Considered to be the largest day of protests in American history, the Women's March on Jan. 21, 2017 was an influential, inspiring stand against the continued disregard for equality in the United States. In the months since the march, social media ha… → Read More

19 Martin Luther King Jr. Quotes About Leadership That Will Inspire You

On Jan. 15, 2018, the world will observe Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and remember one of the most influential voices in the fight for equality during the Civil Rights Movement. In 2018, 40 years after his death, Martin Luther King Jr.'s quotes and sp… → Read More

When Do Girl Scout Cookies Come Out In 2018? You Won't Have To Wait Much Longer For Your Thin Mints

At a time when blizzards are stopping cities in their tracks and our president is blabbering on about nuclear war as if it ain't no thang, the emergence of Girl Scout Cookie season is one little shining beacon of light in the darkness. Not only do Gi… → Read More