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Recent articles by Chance:

The Link Between Cost And Quality In American Health Care

Pinpointing a single reason for rising health care costs is difficult. Here's why. → Read More

Dream Jobs: Happy Hour Entrepreneur

The team at Happied designed a system to find the ideal happy hour. → Read More

Why Some Scientists Think Newborns Look More Like Their Dads

Research points to one explanation for newborn faces that not all scientists can agree with. → Read More

Power May Corrupt, But Only By Heightening Existing Personality Traits

Even "power posing" or standing with confidence can increase testosterone and lower stress. → Read More

Leave No Trace: Treating The Wilderness Like A Museum

Preserving natural landmarks for generations means treating them like works of art. → Read More

'Stage Jitters' Could Have Developed During Humanity's Primitive Days

Mark Twain said, "There are two types of speakers: Those who get nervous and those who are liars." → Read More

The Male Beginnings Of 'Feminine' Fashion

Gender-specific fashion is historically fickle. → Read More

Graduation Rates Are Dipping For Low Income Students

The plan was to get everyone, who wanted to go, accepted to college, but more schools are struggling to keep students through graduation. → Read More

Remote Work May Ramp Up Productivity, But Workers Feel Isolated

Working from home is becoming more popular, but its effects are only just being studied. → Read More

Straight Edge: The Subgenre That Turned A Counterculture On Its Head

No drinking, drugs or promiscuous sex. An iconoclastic approach to punk rock still resonates with fans. → Read More

More People Want Milk — Just Not From Cows

It's nuts what foods can be turned into milk. → Read More

How The Federal Reserve's Size Lets It Influence Interest Rates

A look at the expansiveness of the Federal Reserve. → Read More

Memories Shape Brain Development⏤ Forgetting Regulates That Process

We get bombarded with endless information, so the brain has to be selective. → Read More

Dream Jobs: Non-Profit Advocate

At A Wider Circle, Rachel Buck connects her community with the supplies they need. → Read More

The Vivid Inner Worlds Of Animals

As scientists learn more about the way animals think, are they finding more human qualities? Or is it just anthropomorphizing? → Read More

Does Every Pop Song Really Sound The Same?

Every song is meticulously constructed. So why do they sound so similar? → Read More

Trump Administration Considers Freezing Federal Gas Mileage Targets

House members are investigating whether oil companies played a role in the Trump administration’s major freezing of fuel efficiency standards. → Read More

Our Affinity For Fairness Is Not Unique To Humans

Inequality is nothing new — and neither is the resulting outrage. → Read More

Dream Jobs: Food Stylist

Food stylist Lisa Cherkasky shows Newsy's Chance Seales around her dream job. → Read More

Open Salary Models Hold Risks and Benefits

Advocates are encouraging workers to share how much they make. Is it a good idea? → Read More