Lucy Gransbury,

Lucy Gransbury

Melbourne, VIC, Australia

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Past articles by Lucy:

Lucy spent $300 on CCTV footage showing her neighbour stealing her stuff. Only problem was, how to get it back?

DID you ever catch yourself in the middle of doing something, and wonder ‘how on Earth did I end up here?’ → Read More

Get ready for an influx of spiders Australia.

Thanks to the rainy and humid spring/summer we're having, there's an influx of spiders in Australia. Here's what you should do when you spot one. → Read More

‘Never Teach Your Wife To Drive’ is ground-breaking new TV.

'Never Teach Your Wife To Drive' is a groundbreaking new drama from Channel Seven, and it will make you feel most excellent about being a woman. → Read More

Why Lucy Gransbury is looking forward to watching a film about ‘men’s oppression’.

Should 'The Red Pill' be banned? This controversial film has been "misogynistic propaganda" but Lucy Gransbury says we should still watch it. → Read More

An open letter to the ‘Scary Clowns’: Stop hiding behind your masks, and get a life.

Lucy Gransbury has a message for the "gutless red-nosed tools" of Australia. → Read More

Forget everything you’ve ever heard: 28 is the new mid-life crisis.

Feeling anxious about turning 28? You're not alone. Your late-twenties can bring all kinds of anxiety to do with your future and the decisions you've made. → Read More

Lucy G tries to become a Morning Person. Fails hilariously.

There sure is a lot of useless advice on how to become a morning person. If you want to be a person who exercises in the morning, which advice do you take? → Read More

What on earth is Pokemon Go, and why is everyone talking about it?

Pokemon go has landed in Australia, and it's bringing out the inner nerd in all of us. There could be a Pokemon in your driveway right now. → Read More

“My whole life has improved since I started sleeping with white noise.”

Listening to white noise for sleep has helped Lucy Gransbury get a proper night's rest for the first time in months - and her favourite option? Pink noise. → Read More

A guide to surviving the winter sport season dominating our screens.

Winter is coming - and with it, hours and hours of winter sport television. How to survive when you're the only one not sports-crazed in your household. → Read More

What to do with the kids when you’ve seen Frozen 10,000 times.

If you're stuck on how to entertain kids we've got the solution. It involves ice, magic and everyone's favourite -- Frozen. → Read More

Why do we give up on our dreams when we become adults?

Why do you give up your dreams when you become an adult? Your adult dreams, of owning your own house etc.are entirely different to wanting to be a spice girl. → Read More

“Vale, Jon English. Thank you for making us laugh, and making us feel special.”

It was the eyes. Those piercingly blue, raccoon-like eyes, that you could still see from the furthest seat of the audience. → Read More

“That time O.J. Simpson asked my mum out on a date.”

A story from a woman who has met OJ Simpson: Mum was seated at the back of first class, flying the LA-Denver leg, and there was a spare seat beside her. → Read More

12 signs that you are truly WINNING AT LIFE.

Success is getting harder to achieve. Houses are more expensive to buy. Jobs are harder and more competitive. Friends are getting famous on Instagram. So w → Read More

“I stalked my boyfriend before we met.”

Is Facebook stalking acceptable? I stalked my boyfriend before I'd even met him. Not even just on Facebook. Instagram, Linkedin, you name it. I did it. → Read More

Those Two Girls share the only life hacks you will ever need.

Bulldog clips that double as iPhone stands. Bread tags that can organise your computer cords. This video makes them look like child's play. → Read More

Qantas is putting Wi-Fi on planes, and civilisation is ending.

Qantas has announced they are putting high-quality, ground-speed wi-fi on planes, but we fear what this will do for our head space. Say hello to the future. → Read More

“Dear Samuel Johnson, I want to thank you. I want to thank you for so much.”

"Dear Samuel Johnson. I read this morning that you are flat broke." Lucy Gransbury wants to thank Johnson for the impact he has, despite his finances. → Read More

How to use Facebook reactions without embarrassing yourself.

You may have noticed you have a whole new wealth of emotions at your fingertips. Introducing Facebook Reactions, and some etiquette on how to use them. → Read More