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Recent articles by Ron:

What downturn? The total cloud market reached $126B in Q1 2022

No matter how you define it, the cloud market is lucrative, it’s growing and it’s only going to do more so over time. → Read More

With $2.4M seed, Zing Data wants to put data analysis in the palm of your hand –

If data is at the heart of any modern business, it needs to be easier to access and manipulate it without expertise. While there are many data analysis tools available including the sophisticated data science variety, and more line of business-focused BI tools, it hasn’t been easy for a person with little experience to work […] → Read More

Google Cloud’s new sustainability platform aims to bring enterprise climate goals down to earth

Google Cloud's new set of solutions designed to form a sustainability platform for enterprise companies and governments to set goals and understand progress → Read More

After several bruising months, industry analysts see Zendesk sale as pressure release –

Maybe now, as Zendesk goes private, it can take a deep breath and get back to work outside of the white-hot public investing spotlight where activist investors can lurk, sometimes wreaking havoc. → Read More

Red Sox CTO: Baseball teams need modern tech stack as much as any other biz –

The Red Sox are no different than most businesses when it comes to a tech stack. → Read More

Zendesk’s final selling price is a warning shot for unicorns –

Zendesk selling for a mid-single-digit multiple with positive free cash flow, 30% revenue growth and a recent re-acceleration of top-line expansion should be downright terrifying for unicorns. → Read More

Zendesk drama concludes with $10.2 billion private equity acquisition –

Zendesk has had a difficult time over the last several months. It has been hounded by activist investors, Jana Partners. It turned down a $17 billion acquisition in February believing it was worth more. Its investors turned down a deal to buy Survey Monkey’s parent company, Momentive the same month. Today, the drama concluded when […] → Read More

ConductorOne is bringing automation to identity and access management with $15M investment –

The founders of ConductorOne, an identity and access control startup, both came from Okta, which is itself a single sign-on vendor based on the zero trust model. In fact, they were in charge of authentication and zero trust products, and saw firsthand how companies were struggling to control permissions and access across a complex environment […] → Read More

Appsmith, a low-code platform for building business apps, lands $41M –

For the last several years, Appsmith has been quietly building an open source platform for internal development teams to build the custom apps they need. These are business applications that companies tend to build themselves to give them access to data in a more streamlined and visual way. While the company frames it as low-code, […] → Read More

CloudQuery raises $15M to demystify your cloud infrastructure setup –

CloudQuery CEO and co-founder Yevgeny Pats helped launch the startup because he needed a tool to give him visibility into his cloud infrastructure resources, and he couldn’t find one on the open market. He built his own SQL-based tool to help understand exactly what resources he was using, based on data engineering best practices. After […] → Read More

Fermyon wants to reinvent the way programmers develop microservices –

When Fermyon’s founders were working at Microsoft, they helped build a lot of cloud native technologies. They noted that the development process, particularly around Kubernetes, was complex and developers often over provisioned cloud infrastructure resources for those times when usage spiked, resources that often went unused. That was a costly hedge for companies and developers, […] → Read More

Makelog looks to revitalize software release notes with $3M seed –

When Makelog founder and CEO JJ Nguyen was working in product management and customer success positions at companies like Segment, Scale AI and Warby Parker, she saw a constant stream of product updates. Yet communication between engineering and product teams couldn’t always keep up with the rapid changes of a modern development team. She spent […] → Read More

Emory University student venture fund is raising a new generation of investors –

Students at Emory University's Goizueta Business School launched Peachtree Minority Venture Fund, which aims to teach students about VC while investing in real companies with minority founders. → Read More

Dynaboard is building a low code platform to bring design, product and development together –

Dynaboard founder Alex Kern has been programming since he was a teen and over the years attended more than 100 hackathons, even launching one of his own, Cal Hacks. Later he helped build a company called Distributed Systems that was acquired by Coinbase in 2018. Throughout these experiences, he saw how the power of APIs […] → Read More

Microsoft is elevating Viva from pure employee portal to job support platform starting with sales

Microsoft announced the first of what could be multiple jobs supported inside Viva, starting with sales. → Read More

DataStax proves it’s still possible to raise nine-figures at higher valuation in 2022 –

When DataStax hired Chet Kapoor as CEO in October 2019, one of the first moves he made was to bring in his old pal Sam Ramji to be chief strategy officer, someone he had worked with for many years and was deeply involved in open source throughout his career. The two had worked together successfully […] → Read More

Arkestro brings game theory and machine learning to procurement with $26M investment –

Procurement involves buying supplies and services you need to run your business. For the most part, companies still use email and spreadsheets or legacy tools to find the best price and come to an agreement with the supplier. That’s fine as far as it goes, but in a world of growing supply chain problems and […] → Read More

Zendesk punished by investors after vowing to remain independent –

Does the spurned $17 billion offer from earlier this year appear more attractive in light of the current downturn? Sure, but enough to put Zendesk's decision to decline in doubt? Let’s find out. → Read More

Luminai (formerly DigitalBrain) gets $16M investment for customer support RPA-like tool –

The founders of DigitalBrain have quite a back story, a pair of immigrants living in a hacker house in San Francisco, the two paid bills for a time by competing at hackathons and winning. When they came up with an idea for a business called DigitalBrain, they were able to get into Y Combinator in […] → Read More

Xage releases new tool to battle MFA bombing in critical infrastructure –

Earlier this year, the news of multi-factor authentication attacks began to surface. MFA is supposed to be a technique to limit attacks. If someone gets hold of a password, an MFA request usually prevents them from getting any further, but this year’s attacks showed that even MFA can be vulnerable under the right circumstances. Xage […] → Read More