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Recent articles by Quentin:

Americans have a dangerous love affair with salt

The FDA issued new guidelines on sodium consumption Wednesday → Read More

My daughter, 55, reprimanded me for not giving her $25 and said, ‘You have more money than you know what to do with.’ She is also executor of my will

Last week, my 55-year-old married daughter (her husband is 58) called to express her anger that I had failed to send her a $25 gift certificate. Is she the person to whom you should trust the distribution of your estate? → Read More

Why Facebook will never go away

#IfFacebookWentAway That is a fanciful hashtag. The company's bottom line depends on us always coming back for more. → Read More

‘My husband sprung a prenup on me days before the wedding. Is this normal?’

A divorce lawyer weighs in. → Read More

My recently widowed father, 68, met a woman on Facebook — and sent her bitcoin so they could meet

‘How do I navigate these waters now and what can I do to protect his finances?’ → Read More

I’ve taken care of my father for 23 years. He gifted me $20,000 and a vehicle. Could my opportunistic siblings contest this?

‘The money was put into a savings account, and I told my dad I would not touch it until he passes, in case he needs the money later.’ → Read More

My grandfather cut my mom out of his will and left everything to me. If she’s the beneficiary on his retirement and life insurance, do I get those too?

My grandfather, 86, recently changed his will to specifically exclude my mother — his daughter — and leave everything to me. If my mother has been listed as a beneficiary on any of his retirement accounts or life-insurance policies, does that go directly to my mother? How do I initiate having this uncomfortable conversation with my grandfather? → Read More

So you think you’re getting steep discounts shopping online during the pandemic? Think again

'The COVID-19 pandemic reversed a predictable pattern in e-commerce, where consumers were generally able to purchase goods cheaper online,' according to the... → Read More

‘My father has abandoned me twice in my life’: I found him when I was 30, but he moved his girlfriend in — and disinherited me

‘My dad told me he never remarried because he knew one day I would find him, and he would be ready.’ → Read More

My second husband pays $1,200 toward our living expenses. How do I avoid commingling our assets so I keep my house separate?

‘I have made it clear that this money does not go toward paying the mortgage on this home, which I purchased before we got married.' → Read More

I’ve been married to a serial cheater for 27 years. Does my estranged husband have a claim to my 4 properties?

‘Three of the properties are solely in my name and one has both our names on it.’ → Read More

‘He is waiting for her to die’: My unhappily married father wants to stop his wife from inheriting his estate — but he won’t get a divorce

‘He wants to retire, and alimony would make him work the rest of his life.’ → Read More

My boyfriend earns $230K. I’m in law school and make nothing. He wants a prenup. Is this a dealbreaker?

Dear Quentin, My boyfriend recently made a jump in his career and makes around $230,000 a year. I am in my last year of law school and make nothing. He recently told me that when we get married he wants a prenuptial agreement. → Read More

I’m a teenager and worked in my mom’s summer camp. My dad won’t cash my check unless I agree to save 85%. How do I change his mind?

‘I’ve already got $1,000 in savings, and I have nothing to spend my money on outside of leisure and personal products.’ → Read More

I loaned my son thousands of dollars last year when he was out of work. Now he is spending lavishly, while we are struggling

‘How can I approach this without hurting my relationship?’ → Read More

My brother and I each invested $10K in a home 10 years ago. Now I want out. How much do I get back?

‘Had I received $10,000 out during his original refinancing eight years ago, that money would have grown either in savings or in the stock market.’ → Read More

I gave my parents a vintage car. They secretly agreed with my brother to take any upgrade costs out of my inheritance. Is that fair?

‘I did make it a conditional gift, in the sense I requested it be willed to me upon their passing.’ → Read More

My parents had drug and alcohol addiction. My ailing mother got sober, but now overspends and gambles. She wants to move in. What do I owe her?

'She is my mother. I do care about her, and don't want to see anything bad happen to her.' → Read More

I successfully renovated a condo building. My new husband offered to manage my next project — and it all went horribly wrong

‘He now wants the $40,000 he invested in my building that he tore apart and left destroyed.’ → Read More

My husband and I bought our late neighbor’s foreclosed home. My stepdaughter moved in — then the problems began

'I paid most of the cost of the home. The plan was to fix it up, and rent or sell it.' → Read More