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Past articles by Michael:

If It Works Better Than Metro, Tax It More

Political supporters of the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority have slipped a tax increase into the District’s budget that would make even the most brazen robber baron blush. → Read More

2018 FAA Reauthorization: Opportunities to Improve Federal Aviation Policy

Since the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA’s) last multi-year extension expired in 2015, a long-term reauthorization of the agency has been unable to take flight. This year, Congress must reauthorize the FAA by October 1, following the extension of its authority in the Consolidated Omnibus Appropriations Act of 2018. → Read More

Steel and aluminum tariffs a big threat to Trump's infrastructure plan

It will be months before we know the full consequences of these tariffs, but tariffs do not protect the “forgotten men and women” of this country or bring back jobs. → Read More

Our Roads and Bridges Are Not Actually Crumbling

The problem with infrastructure is not that it's "crumbling," it's the loopholes and federal regulations that cost the government billions of dollars. → Read More

The Only Way Trump Can Improve U.S. Infrastructure

In his first State of the Union Address, President Trump built on his campaign promise to “rebuild our crumbling infrastructure.” While the speech was light on details, the president made the scale of his aspiration clear by increasing his total goal to $1.5 trillion in new investment, up from what started as a $550 million promise and had settled at $1 trillion. → Read More

Taxpayers Get a Win Over Sports Stadium Cronies

As the Houston Astros enjoy their World Series victory, taxpayers across the country have a reason of their own to celebrate this week. Buried in the tax reform bill is a provision that fixes an egregious loophole that sends billions in tax preferences to private sports stadium construction. → Read More

Trump Wants Private Investment in Infrastructure. The Tax Bill Doesn’t Do That.

The tax bill complicates Trump's push for private infrastructure investment by eliminating private activity bonds, the main funding tool for such projects. → Read More

Taxpayers Get a Win Over Sports Stadium Cronies

Ending the tax preference for sports stadiums is a clear win for all federal taxpayers, regardless of which team they support. → Read More

Why Tax Reform Should Eliminate State and Local Tax Deductions

Under federal tax law, individuals may deduct the income and property taxes that they pay to their state and local governments, as well as any interest they receive from owning state or local bonds, from their total income when filing their federal taxes. In recent years, individuals have been allowed to choose between deducting their income tax or sales taxes. → Read More

A September Action Guide for Congress in 2017

In 2017, the month of September brings a plethora of legislative deadlines requiring congressional action. When Congress returns from August recess, lawmakers will have only 12 legislative days to complete action on several high-stakes issues. → Read More

Another Bogus Score for Air Traffic Control Reform

Opponents of a long-needed air traffic control reform bill are looking for any excuse to oppose it. Their argument banks on a flawed CBO score. → Read More

2018 FAA Reauthorization: Potential for Positive Air Traffic Control Reforms, But More Policy Improvements Needed

Although the nation’s airports and airways move more people more safely than those of any other nation, America’s aviation system faces myriad challenges and shortcomings, many of them inflicted by outdated public policies. Indeed, members of Congress and President Trump have recently voiced dismay over the state of the nation’s aviation infrastructure. → Read More

Congress has the ability to build a better air traffic control proposal

OPINION | Privatization and innovation are key to a successful reform package. → Read More

Driving Investment, Fueling Growth: How Strategic Reforms Can Generate $1.1 Trillion in Infrastructure Investment

Revised and Updated May 8, 2017. → Read More

How To Fix Air Travel

Jokes about airports practically date back to the days of the Wright brothers. But the problems with our nation’s centers of air travel seem to have become particularly acute lately and, in light of the recent United Airlines passenger-dragging debacle, are no laughing matter. Sure, President Donald Trump is overstating the matter when he calls U.S. airports “obsolete” and even “third-world.”… → Read More

How to Improve Airline Travel: Cut Out Washington Meddling

Too many lawmakers just want to funnel more taxpayer money to airports. That would be a mistake. → Read More

United's lousy service is a reason for more competition, not regulation

OPINION | Empower customers. That's the only solution. → Read More

Time to Put an End to Sports Stadium Cronyism

Sports franchises often take advantage of tax-exempt bonds to finance the building of new stadiums. → Read More

Transportation Reforms Take to Fast Lane in Trump Budget

The president's proposal would slash the Department of Transportation by 13 percent. → Read More

Transportation Reforms Take to Fast Lane in Trump Budget

The president's proposal would slash the Department of Transportation by 13 percent. → Read More