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Past articles by Paul:

Memo to Democrats: To solve your rural problem, look to Mississippi

A case study in how Republicans actively make the lives of their rural constituents worse. → Read More

Trump’s indictments are only a ‘distraction’ if you’re a Republican

Why do so many insist that every story they don’t like is part of a conspiracy to divert your attention? → Read More

2 reasons Republicans are done with McConnell

Always unpopular, not loyal enough to the former president, and without much to show lately for his efforts, his usefulness could be near an end. → Read More

Nikki Haley is no moderate on abortion

She might talk differently about the issue than the other GOP candidates, but don’t be fooled. → Read More

Why Republicans love candidates like Vivek Ramaswamy

Vivek Ramaswamy’s rise is something we’ve seen before. → Read More

Why prosecuting Trump’s alleged accomplices could help save democracy

By indicting Trump’s flunkies, Fani Willis created a vital deterrent to a repeat of 2020 in 2024. → Read More

The 2024 GOP field still can’t explain to voters why Trump should lose

Sooner or later they’ll have to tell primary voters why they shouldn’t vote for the former president. → Read More

Apocalyptic rhetoric is just as dangerous as the violent kind

We shouldn't let Republicans say President Biden is "destroying America" without challenge. → Read More

How liberals learned to love the ballot initiative

In an age of GOP minority rule, Democrats have to go directly to the voters, even in red states. → Read More

Coal country voters demand nothing from the GOP. That’s what they get.

Biden's plan for a green transition might not work, but at least he has one. Republicans haven't offered anything. → Read More

The bizarre contradiction in the GOP’s view of America

To hear Republican presidential candidates tell it, America is at once perfect in its majesty, and a cesspool of depravity and corruption. → Read More

Biden has a new opportunity in the places Democrats struggle most

If he delivers tangible results in rural areas, he can put Republicans on the defensive. → Read More

Sorry, Republicans: Nikki Haley can’t make you young again

The GOP presidential candidate promises a gauzy nostalgia, and nothing could be emptier. → Read More

Welcome to the Supreme Court, where corruption has no meaning

How the court's distorted worldview has undermined the institutions of our democracy. → Read More

A ‘debate’ about vaccines on Joe Rogan’s program? Spare us.

When you hear someone cry "Debate me, you coward!" they're not after the truth. → Read More

How Republicans are wasting their House majority

There's a lot a party can do with control of one house of Congress. But Republicans are repeating their old mistakes. → Read More

Forget ‘small-town values.’ We need candidates with big-city values.

No presidential candidate touts their urban roots, but that's where you can learn to govern a complex country. → Read More

Donald Trump is right: The ‘war on woke’ is ridiculous

"Wokeness" as Republicans define it means everything and nothing. → Read More

Mystery surrounds Mike Pence’s doomed presidential candidacy

He's everything no one wants. Yet he's running. → Read More

The real manhood crisis is conservatives whining about manhood

What if the manliest thing you can do is to stop worrying about whether you're manly enough? → Read More