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Recent articles by Paul:

After Buffalo massacre, Republicans double down on ‘great replacement’

After a killer echoes their ideas, the GOP becomes more convinced than ever. → Read More

The baby formula battle shows a stark imbalance between the parties

The government is trying to solve the formula shortage while Republicans continue to blame Biden. → Read More

Gun sales have exploded. Funny, that didn’t make us all safer.

The gun advocates are proven wrong yet again. → Read More

Disturbing primary elections show how the GOP normalizes extremism

When dangerous GOP extremists emerge, the party approaches them with kid gloves. → Read More

GOP to working class: Get mad! But don’t expect much from us.

They're all in on appeals to class-based resentment, but actually helping the working class is an afterthought. → Read More

Absurd Texas social media law shows how GOP debases the courts

The courts have become just one more arena for Republican culture war posturing. → Read More

Trumpism is leaving old-line conservatives behind. Can they catch up?

Everybody wants to jump on the bandwagon of the new authoritarianism on the right. → Read More

The big conservative freakout about the Supreme Court is a sham

It's never been more political, because they made it that way. Yet they'll deny it until their dying breath. → Read More

How the GOP strategy to paint Democrats as ‘extreme’ really works

One part distraction, one part hyperbole, and one part fake outrage. → Read More

Republicans scramble to pretend they care about women and children

The "pro-family" party swears they'll get right on it after abortion is outlawed. → Read More

Conservatives want Roe overturned for the sake of democracy? Please.

They ask the Supreme Court to substitute its judgment for that of the people and their representatives all the time. → Read More

Liberals are right to panic about what will follow Roe’s demise

If anything, we aren't panicked enough about what the right has planned. → Read More

Democrats need to truly engage the abortion fight

No more abstractions. Force Republicans to defend the horrifying things they have planned. → Read More

Minority rule is the real reason Roe v. Wade is dead

Republicans don't have to worry whether the public is on their side; they can win anyway. → Read More

Democrats understand their rural voter problem perfectly well

The problem is that its roots run deep, and the solutions are hard to scale. → Read More

The House GOP is a dumpster fire. What if it takes power?

We're in for a long couple of years. → Read More

The new Republican statism

Local control? Federalism? Forget it. Republicans want to centralize power and direct it upward. → Read More

The Republican primaries have gone off the rails

What happens when some of these clowns get elected? → Read More

The Supreme Court’s threat to the separation of church and state

Conservative justices might not bring back prayer in schools quite yet, but they're heading in that direction. → Read More

Abbott and DeSantis reveal the new GOP perspective on capitalism

Targeting corporations one at a time is good. A broad-based attack on your state's economy? Not so much. → Read More