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Recent articles by Paul:

We’re getting this election entirely backward

The "kitchen table" issues like inflation and crime are the ones Congress can't do anything about. Abortion and democracy are the real practical issues. → Read More

How Democrats quietly triumphed in one of their biggest fights

After 12 years, Republicans have finally given up and accepted Obamacare. That it took so long shows how hard it is to do big things. → Read More

Judge Cannon shows the courts have been politicized far beyond SCOTUS

The legitimacy crisis isn't just about the Supreme Court, and a Trump judge's latest gift to the president who appointed her shows why. → Read More

The next presidential race will be all about anxious masculinity

Republican candidates are lining up to defend manly manhood. → Read More

The GOP attack on Biden’s student loan plan is upside-down class war

Fight the elite! By having billionaire-funded lawyers get Trump judges to strike down loan forgiveness for struggling borrowers. → Read More

Mehmet Oz shows Republicans are caught in a trap of their own making

When Mehmet Oz says John Fetterman's diabolical plan to destroy America is revealed by his hoodie, something is going on. → Read More

Those GOP ‘tough on crime’ ads? They’re based on a very big lie.

Whatever caused the recent increase in crime, it wasn't police budget cuts. Because that never happened. → Read More

Republicans offer their Commitment to Vapid Sloganeering

The GOP's Commitment to America is here, and it's as empty-headed as anyone could have expected. → Read More

If Democrats win, the GOP candidate meltdown will be why

Has either party ever nominated so many inexperienced, pratfalling candidates in a single year? → Read More

America is under attack — by Texas

"Don't mess with Texas"? Maybe Texas should stop messing with the rest of us. → Read More

The next big threat to democracy: Under-the-radar election sabotage

Stochastic election sabotage from local election officials taken in by conspiracy theories could be a major threat. → Read More

Forget the cruel stunts. What should we actually do about immigration?

We've forgotten what kind of immigration future we're trying to create. → Read More

Why our raging geography wars could make 2024 a nightmare

Ron DeSantis's incursion into enemy territory shows the new GOP appetite for attacking places where liberals live. → Read More

Biden helped avert one labor crisis. But the deeper challenge remains.

Imagine if every American worker could expect to be treated with dignity and respect. → Read More

Why every conspiracy Republicans imagine eventually crumbles to dust

Kenneth Starr has died, and John Durham's probe has fizzled. Republicans though they'd both deliver the goods, and they both failed. → Read More

Lindsey Graham’s proposed abortion ban clarifies the midterm stakes

Forget about leaving it to the states: Republicans want a national abortion ban, and they won't hide it anymore. → Read More

Why not prosecuting Trump would be the most dangerous thing of all

If the evidence he committed crimes is clear, the Justice Department must move forward. → Read More

The culture wars have suddenly shifted. Democrats need to respond.

Republicans now realize the worst thing that could happen to them politically is getting what they want substantively, and they're flailing. → Read More

The problem with GOP extremists isn’t what they thought in college

It's interesting to read the youthful musings of someone like Blake Masters, but the threat he poses today is right in front of us. → Read More

A Trump judge’s appalling Mar-a-Lago order signals a grim future

In every controversy, Republicans will start by preparing lawsuits and shopping for a hack judge who will rule in their favor. → Read More