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Recent articles by Paul:

A rare — and overdue — piece of good health care news

Why did it take so long to do something about the insane price of hearing aids? → Read More

To police officers who refuse to be vaccinated, we say: Good riddance.

If they won't consider the health of the people they interact with, they're too dangerous to serve. → Read More

Joe Manchin thinks West Virginia, and America, are doing just fine

He doesn't see the problems of his state are important enough to demand an urgent response. → Read More

Another phony Republican campaign about a fake ‘issue’

Nobody believes Glenn Youngkin actually cares about critical race theory, or would spend his time on it if he wins. → Read More

Workers are feeling a bit more empowered, and Republicans can’t stand it

The Great Resignation shows power shifting just a bit toward workers. It might not last. → Read More

Democrats make futile stab at saving democracy from Republicans

Republicans are desperate to keep gerrymandering to avoid the will of the people. If only Democrats would stop them. → Read More

Greg Abbott shows how Republicans must constantly chase the fringe

With a primary challenge from the right, the Texas governor has to get more and more extreme. → Read More

Brace yourself: Donald Trump will run for president in 2024

From where he sits, it looks like a great idea - particularly if his loyalists are ready and willing to steal the election for him. → Read More

Democrats negotiate over whether to shoot themselves in the foot

Bringing down prescription drug prices is absurdly popular, and Democrats have been promising to do it. → Read More

Only one thing can solve Biden’s political dilemma: Donald Trump

Passing legislation won't motivate Democratic voters. Trump will. → Read More

Have Democrats learned from this ridiculous debt ceiling fight?

We shouldn't have had to go through this, and we don't have to again. → Read More

As a stunning new report reveals Trump’s threat to democracy, Republicans shrug

The law couldn't stop him; only a few people did. It's not a comforting thought. → Read More

Republicans are siding with the angry mob

No, the Department of Justice is not coming after suburban moms. → Read More

Why Republicans think they can get away with setting fire to the economy

They understand what Democrats don't: In our system, there's hardly ever accountability for those who deserve it. → Read More

Mitch McConnell is making a terrific case for reforming the Senate

An institution that allows McConnell to do what he's doing has to change, and almost all Democrats now realize it. → Read More

Victory in the right’s 40-year quest to remake U.S. law is at hand

The Supreme Court starts a new term, and the 6-3 conservative majority is unleashed. → Read More

Welcome to ‘Death Panels: Build Back Better Edition’

Republicans will try to repeat what they did on the Affordable Care Act to make Americans hate the social infrastructure bill. → Read More

What if everything we think about centrists and ideologues is wrong?

The centrists are the ones who cave to special interests and stand in the way of getting things done. → Read More

Can we please stop obsessing over America’s ‘credibility’?

It keeps us from understanding the countries we meddle in, and takes us down dark pathways. → Read More

Dear Alabama: You can have our money, but how about a ‘thank you’?

A conflict over covid relief funds, prison construction and how much Washington can dictate what federal money is used for. → Read More