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Chicago, IL, United States

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Past articles by Moira:

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Sex can lead to the production of two hormones linked to drowsiness and sleep. Plus, the feelings of closeness that come with intimacy have major stress-busting capacity, experts say. → Read More

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8 Smart Tips for Preventing Dehydration

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Everything to Know About Personalized Vitamins

Companies that craft custom vitamins based on the results of online, DNA, or blood tests have become popular, but are they effective, let alone necessary? → Read More

A Detailed Guide to Asparagus: Health Benefits and Risks, How to Select and Store It, How to Cook It, and More

Asparagus is a perennial veggie that may be green, white, or purple. Possible health benefits of asparagus include fighting some cancers, preventing reproductive issues, and strengthening bones. Learn how to cook asparagus, how to know when it's gone bad, and more. → Read More

Strength Training vs. Cardio: Which Is Better for Heart Health?

What's the best form of exercise for your heart? In the strength training vs. cardio for heart health debate, learn the benefits of each and find out which one prevails. → Read More

What Are Jade Combs, and Can They Improve Circulation and Hair Growth?

Scientific research on these wellness tools is limited. Here's a look at some of the studies and what health experts want you to know before you try them. → Read More

Can Drinking Coffee Lead to Weight Loss?

Your morning brew has been linked with several effects, including potential health benefits like a longer life span and a reduced risk of chronic disease. Experts touch on the research and share whether slimming down is one of those effects. → Read More

Best Foods With Zinc to Strengthen Your Immune System

The COVID-19 pandemic is in full force, so you may be looking to boost your immunity. Zinc may help. Try these foods high in zinc to support your immune system and potentially help prevent novel coronavirus infection. → Read More

5-Minute Stress Busters That Really Work

When stress shows up, shifting your mood to way less frazzled can help you cope. Here’s how to do it. → Read More

10 Healthy Sandwich Dos and Don'ts

Break out of a lunchtime rut with these rules for making the healthiest sandwiches. These delicious and nutritious sandwich hacks will help you pack a lunch that’s as good as it tastes. → Read More

5 Rules for a Healthier Breakfast Sandwich

Breakfast sandwiches are a popular grab-and-go a.m. option but not the most nutritious. These expert tips will help you order or create a healthier morning meal. → Read More

Why Honey Could Be the Secret to Clearing Up Eczema

You may have heard that honey is good for your complexion. But can it clear up eczema? Here's what you should know. → Read More

8 Habits That Can Age Your Skin

Prematurely aged skin may result from stress, sun exposure, and many other factors. Read on for eight habits that might cause skin aging, and expert tips on how to counter it. → Read More

Yes, Friends Are Good for Mental and Physical Health

From helping make us more resilient in the face of stressors, to encouraging us to make healthy decisions, to making us feel like we belong, fostering strong friendships boosts our well-being. → Read More

What Is Revenge Sleep Procrastination? And How to Stop

If you’re sacrificing sleep for downtime, you might be getting yourself into this bad habit. Here’s why experts say you’re likely doing it and how to stop. → Read More

Do Power Naps Actually Work?

Yes, here’s how long a power nap should be, who they work best for, and other tips for getting them right. → Read More