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Past articles by Aniruddha:

When Karl Marx Fails: Discourse on Class and Caste Politics in India – Countercurrents

There is a long standing debate as to whether Marxism played any role in the Dalit’s struggle for social emancipation and justice. The debate is characterized by two currents of thoughts one favour… → Read More

The Philosophical Discourse on ‘Death’ – Countercurrents

Peace, my heart, let the time for the parting be sweet. Let it not be a death but completeness. Let love melt into memory and pain into songs. Let the flight through the sky end in the folding of t… → Read More

Changing Political Dynamics of Nagaland: A Threat of Cultural Subversion – Countercurrents

2018 Nagaland State Assembly elections witnessed meteoric rise of BJP on the political platform in the state of Nagaland which set the wheel of discussions in motion regarding elections and the uns… → Read More

A Critical Discourse On Dalit Literature and Literary Theory – Countercurrents

According to the hymn in India, Brahmin were born from the mouth of Brahma, Kshatriyas were born from his shoulder, Vaishyas from his thighs, while the Shudras were born from his feet. Therefore, the Brahmin are considered as most superior, while the Shudras are at the lowest position in hierarchy. Shudras were considered to be the untouchables and were named[Read More...] → Read More

Through The 'Silence' Of A Philosopher – Countercurrents

The philosophy of courage involves an examination of a desire of mankind to take risk to know the unknown, to explore the unexplored, to understand the complex, to see the unseen. The human life without the elements of risks becomes a monotonous game of denials. Being a philosopher, every day I often make myself witness how an element of risk[Read More...] → Read More

In The Defence Of Right To ‘Eat’ – Countercurrents

I am born foody. I must have inherited this trait from my mother as she is a great cook as well as food lover. I love to eat everything that is edible; however, somehow I have always kept some distance from red meat and chicken by embracing seafood and eggs. In short, for me food is an object of attraction[Read More...] → Read More

Brief discourse on the origin of Naga Tribes – Countercurrents

Nagas are considered to be the people, who belong to old warrior tribe. Some of the myths also inform that these people are from Mongoloid origin. People often believe that there is only one Naga tribe or that Naga is a single tribe. However, there are about 32 known Naga tribes, which are distributed in various areas and territories of Nagaland,[Read More...] → Read More

Through The Ink of a PhD Scholar – Countercurrents

In the name of Fundamental Research not much has been done in India in comparison with European nations. The right to education was once traditionally confined to ‘one’ community in India which is a fact that also has contributed to great extent to the degradation of Education system. Right from School education to the PhD; the education system in India[Read More...] → Read More

A Brief Discourse on Naga’s Struggle for Self-Respect and Freedom – Countercurrents

Mr. T. Sakhrie, one of the first Naga intellectuals, a philosopher and a great Naga-nationalist leader of his era who sacrificed his life for the freedom and rights of Nagas stood true till his last breath to his ideologies and convictions which reflect in his quote that further produced verbatim. He said, “Truly we are a peculiar people.[Read More...] → Read More

Lateral entry into India’s Civil Services- The Constitutional Blunder – Countercurrents

11th of June, 2018 should be considered as the darkest day in the constitutional history of India. It is the day when BJP government through the Department of Personnel and Training opened up the doors to the prestigious ‘higher’ civil services of India to the private sector through lateral entry scheme. Central Government through its nation-wide advertisement has call for[Read More...] → Read More

India In The Mirror: A Brief Discourse On Parallel Realities Of India – Countercurrents

It is said that the India is a cradle of civilization that has been following the ‘SANATANA’ Dharma that teaches the principles of Equality and Brotherhood. Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam- ‘The Entire Earth is my Family” has been the celebrated Sanskrit verse that most of the Indians have been taught in the school. “Saare Jaha se Acha, Hindostan Hamara” has been proudly[Read More...] → Read More

Let Humanity Die – Countercurrents

The death of Kevin became front page news in national as well as international media. Death; nowadays has become a very cheap commodity for news channels and papers to mint money. News of Rapes, Murders, Genocide, Riots, Sexual Affairs, Violence, Gang-wars attract people to the media. Kevin did not die in accident nor did he die due to some physical[Read More...] → Read More