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Recent articles by Kris:

'Kind Words' is the rare social network where everyone is nice

The older I get, the less energy I have for social media. Twitter is too busy, Facebook is too stupid and dating apps are just... ugh. But I still have that need to connect with people in some way, something I can approach at my own pace and not feel any kind of obligation. Last year came Popcannibal's Kind Words, a non-game game that lets you reach out, but expects nothing from you in return… → Read More

How well did the Xperia 1’s super tall screen work for users?

When our reviewer Chris Velazco took a look at Sony's oddly proportioned flagship last summer, his reaction was mixed, to say the least. It looked weird, but was comfortable to hold. The 4K screen was beautiful, but unnecessary on a smartphone, especially one with such a small battery. Ultimately, Chris declared the phone impractical for everyday use. → Read More

Tell us if the Garmin Forerunner 645 Music is worth buying

The Garmin Forerunner 645 Music is nearing the ripe old age of two soon, but it's still one of our favorite fitness devices to recommend. Reviewer Cherlynn Low complemented its battery life and ability to lock-on to GPS fairly quickly, which is essential for accurately tracking a jog. However, the 645 Music's biggest drawback was actually its marquee feature, the music player. The watch often… → Read More

'Picard' finally shows us how Star Trek’s technology evolves

This article contains spoilers for the first season of 'Star Trek: Picard' up to episode nine. Star Trek: Picard is the show I've been looking forward to for 17 years. Not because I was particularly interested in finding out what happened to Picard, Troi, Riker and the rest. (But don't get me wrong, it's nice to check in with old friends.) Instead, it's because we finally get to see what happens… → Read More

Is the Pixel 3a your ideal budget phone?

As much as we loved the Pixel 3 and 3 XL, we were let down by their hardware, especially given how much they cost. Which is why the Pixel 3a and 3a XL were such a breath of fresh air: They offered the same great software features and excellent camera, but at half the price. They even had bigger batteries and a headphone jack! → Read More

The PlayStation 5 vs. the Xbox Series X: Which is more powerful?

The next generation of consoles is coming, with plenty of emphasis on how much power these things have — the better to render modern graphics. Last week we got a look at what's inside Microsoft's Xbox Series X, and today we're finally seeing what's under the hood with the PlayStation 5. As usual, we've lined up their specs for a side-by-side comparison, though for a final verdict we'd wait to… → Read More

'Exit the Gungeon' lands on Nintendo Switch today

Apple Arcade exclusives have been a bit of a sticking point for people who don't have an iOS device or don't want to subscribe to the service. It was especially annoying for fans of Enter the Gungeon, a bullet hell dungeon crawler that made a real splash on PC and consoles a few years ago. The spinoff, Exit the Gungeon, was only on Apple Arcade when it was released last fall. However, that… → Read More

Users tell us what keeps the XPS 15 from being the perfect laptop

But Cherlynn is just one user among many, so we've turned to the reader reviews on our product page for a deeper dive into the XPS 15. And none of them even mentioned the webcam. What they did talk about was its build. Many of them agreed that it was a bit "chunky" as Cherlynn said, with Jonathan calling it "quite heavy compared to many of its competitors." Desmond felt it was "not something… → Read More

Of all the smart speakers, what made you choose the Echo Show 5?

If you're in the market for a smart display, you have a lot of choices right now. If you need something small that works great as a bedside timekeeper, the Lenovo Smart Clock is ideal. For the kitchen, something bigger like an Echo Show 8 or Nest Hub Max will do. And somewhere in the middle is the Echo Show 5, a connected display that's big enough for watching videos but not so big that it takes… → Read More

The original iPad is turning 10 and we want your thoughts

The iPad turns 10 next month, and it's hard to remember a time when Apple's tablet wasn't ubiquitous. Sure, some of us derided it as "a giant iPhone'' when it d... → Read More

The PlayStation 2 turns 20 and our readers have feelings

The PlayStation 2 came out in Japan 20 years ago today, with Sony selling 155 million units over a lifespan of almost 13 years. It's actually the best-selling c... → Read More

My favorite PlayStation 2 game was DVDs

The PlayStation 2 was the first game console I ever bought. Heck, it was the first big ticket item I ever bought, period. That was a big deal at a time when I w... → Read More

'Fuser' is 'Rock Band' and 'DropMix' without the expensive clutter

10 years ago you'd be forgiven for calling Harmonix "the Rock Band guys," because there was a three-year span where that's all the developer produced. And for t... → Read More

Is the Roku Ultra your favorite streaming device?

Even as TVs and game consoles and cable boxes pack in more and more features, the best way to access all your favorite streaming content continues to be a Roku.... → Read More

Everything you missed at Toy Fair 2020

If you're a toy-loving child (and which kid isn't), your favorite times of year are birthdays and the big gift-giving holidays in December. If you're a to... → Read More

Polly Pocket meets Tamagotchi in this portable LCD home

Remember Polly Pocket? It was a line of dollhouses that folded up into a makeup compact, making them small enough to fit in a purse. It was pretty great for kid... → Read More

KidKraft's Alexa-powered toy kitchen sizzles and tells dad jokes

Kids love to cook — or at least to pretend to. They enjoy emulating their parents, especially when it comes to making delicious things to eat. However, ou... → Read More

Spin Master's new NinjaBots are cute little killers

Do you remember the old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon from the '80s? Shredder's minions were all featureless humanoid robots, which our heroes could coul... → Read More

'Minecraft Earth' gets a bit more physical thanks to new NFC-enabled minis

Your 'Minecraft Earth' game is about to get a little more physical. → Read More

Hot Wheels brings its NFC-enabled stat-tracker to even more toys this year

For stats-obsessed kids, last year's release of Hot Wheels ID was a godsend. The NFC-based system let you scan your cars into the app to keep tabs on how fast a... → Read More