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Recent articles by Swapna:

'Burnout' Is An Essential Guide To Tackling Stress, Aimed Specifically At Women

If you're a millennial, you've probably heard about how your entire generation is burned out. You know that you have been short-changed by the generations that come before you. You and your peers are buying fewer houses, getting married later, and… → Read More

The identity of The Red Angel is revealed on Star Trek: Discovery

“The Red Angel,” Star Trek: Discovery’s tenth episode of its second season, moved so fast that I didn’t even have time to stop and think about whether a certain turn of events made sense. It turns out that was on purpose, as the end reveal of the Red Angel's identity made clear. → Read More

Cover reveal: A House of Rage and Sorrow by Sangu Mandanna

Want more information on the new space opera from Sangu Mandanna? We here at FANGRRLS have you covered. → Read More

Elizabeth Warren pledges to break up Facebook, Google and Amazon

Elizabeth Warren is coming for big tech companies. → Read More

'Yakuza' spin-off 'Judgment' comes to PS4 on June 25th

If you're a fan of the popular Yakuza game, then you've probably been eagerly anticipating the newest installment of the gangster series. Judgment will be avail... → Read More

SpaceX is set to launch its crew spacecraft for the first time

After this weekend, SpaceX may be one step closer to launching astronauts to space. → Read More

Electron microscope can record movies at the atomic scale

The Department of Energy's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory installed a new electron detector that can capture images at the atomic level at a much faster... → Read More

T-Mobile denies delaying its 5G launch (update)

Sprint may have committed to debuting its 5G service this May, but partner T-Mobile is a little behind. In an interview with CNET, the company's chief technolog... → Read More

'The Sound of Thunder' returns Saru to his home planet

“The Sound of Thunder” takes Star Trek: Discovery back to Saru’s home planet of Kaminar far faster than I would have expected (though I’ve learned not to underestimate how fast this show moves). On a more personal level, it also showed us who the new Saru is — he’s as brave and capable as he’s ever been, but he’s also assertive in an entirely new way. → Read More

Mexican scientist Eva Ramón Gallegos cures HPV with light therapy

A cure for HPV may be on the horizon, thanks to this new research. → Read More

In 'Doza’s Dilemma,' the First Order takes action against our Star Wars Resistance heroes

The First Order makes a move against the platform in "Doza's Dilemma." → Read More

'New Eden' revealed more about Spock’s whereabouts on Star Trek: Discovery

Need more Star Trek: Discovery in your life? We recap it each week here at SYFY FANGRRLS. → Read More

Star Wars Resistance's 'The Children of Tehar' tests Kaz in new ways

In this latest episode of Star Wars Resistance, “The Children from Tehar,” Kaz is looking to make a quick buck. He overhears word of a hefty reward for finding two lost children who just may be close by. But after he learns that it’s actually the First Order who wants the kids, he is determined to help them escape the grim fate that they have awaiting them. → Read More

ESPN's standalone streaming service is available on PS4 and Xbox One

Today, ESPN announced that its standalone streaming service, ESPN+, is now available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Sports fans can access the subscription offe... → Read More

Apple is using 100-percent recycled aluminum in new Macs

Today, at its Mac event, Apple announced that the new MacBook Air and the Mac Mini are "the greenest" Macs ever. That's because the new machine bodies are made... → Read More

'Alan Wake' is back on Steam thanks to new music licenses

Game developer Remedy Entertainment has some good news for fans of the game Alan Wake. Publisher Microsoft has renegotiated the game's music licenses, and as a... → Read More

Star Trek animated comedy 'Lower Decks' is coming to CBS All Access

CBS All Access has been forging ahead with new Star Trek programming, and the streaming network has just greenlighted a new show. Star Trek: Lower Decks is a ha... → Read More

Fox News will debut its subscription service on November 27th

Earlier this year, Fox revealed that it had plans to launch a paid streaming service for fans of its conservative news channel. Fox Nation will launch on Tuesda... → Read More

Palm's tiny companion phone goes on sale next week

We have a release date for that tiny new Palm companion handset. → Read More

Coord's new app will help catalog curb rules on city streets

How often have you stared at a curb, unable to decipher whether you're allowed to leave your car there or not because the parking signs seem completely contradi... → Read More