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Past articles by Micael:

How to take creative macro photos in your kitchen sink

Here comes a quick, easy tip on something you can try in your kitchen with a macro lens. Yesterday as I was doing the dishes, the water stream hit an egg cup and bounced up in a concentrated jet, splashing water up all over me. We have all been there, and we all hate when […] → Read More

Nine things that make Leica Rangefinders different from other digital cameras

If someone would ask me what digital camera brand is the most different from all the others, I would definitely answer Leica. A couple of weeks ago I bought my first Leica rangefinder, after using virtually every other camera brand on the market. I went for the cheapest one available, the Leica M8. In this […] → Read More

8 tips for taking the best photos of flowers

Freehand flower photography out in nature (or your local neighborhood) is one of my favorite photography genres. In this article, and in the accompanying video, I will give you my 8 best tips for flower photography in the wild. 1. Use a fast and close focusing lens A macro lens is an ideal option, but it … → Read More

How to fix the bad grip of Sony A7 and A9

Sony’s A7/A9 series of mirrorless cameras have a bad reputation for their grip ergonomics. And rightly so. I love my Sony A7III and it is still the best camera on the market for my particular needs, but the grip just isn’t anywhere near as good as on a pro DSLR. My pinky finger has nowhere … → Read More

Full Frame vs Micro Four Thirds in Macro Photography

When I do macro photography, I do it mostly freehand, outdoors, and when possible, in natural light. I love my Sony A7 and the abundance of affordable macro lenses available for it via adapters. But one thing that I often struggle with, and sometimes damn my full frame sensor for, is the minuscule depth of … → Read More

Six must-have camera accessories if you’re just starting out

There seems to be many beginners in photography, who enthusiastically buy a mirrorless or DSLR-camera, use it intensively for two weeks, and then never touch it again. Yet some people manage to truly make photography into a passion from the very start, and they go on to enjoy it for years and years. I believe … → Read More

Six reasons to get a 135mm f/2 lens

Image quality, weight and value for money. We have come to accept that most lenses are strong in only one or two of these three factors, that I personally focus on when researching lenses to buy. Sometimes though, we stumble upon a great lens design which is strong in all three. One of the prime examples of such a design is the 'nifty fifty' – the 50mm f1.8 lens construction that many lens… → Read More

Ten quick tips for photographing northern lights

The other day I was lucky enough to catch some Northern Lights over my hometown Stockholm. It is quite rare to see them here, especially on a full moon night, and with all the light pollution from the city. The experience of seeing and photographing Aurora Borealis inspired me to compile a video and this article with my 10 best quick tips to catch the northern lights with a camera. 1.Location… → Read More

An $80 DLSR kit gives you more than you'd expect

Cameras and lenses are expensive. Really expensive. Even the cheapest entry-level DSLR kit today costs $500 and upwards. But what if you would buy the cheapest possible used DSLR? A camera that is over 10 years old? How would it stack up against today's modern cameras? I was curious about this and decided to find out for myself. After two weeks of watching classified ads closely, and missing a… → Read More

How to add metadata for manual lenses in Lightroom

As my love for photography has increased over time, so has my love for manual focus lenses. Lenses such as the Samyang 135mm f2 provide unsurpassed sharpness and image quality, at a price much lower than its autofocus counterparts. Often you also save weight and size when switching to a manual lens. I switched my Sigma 35mm f1.4 ART for a Voigtländer Ultron 35mm f1.7, and got a lens that was… → Read More

10 macro photography tips for beginners

1. Lens There are several good lens options for macro photography. You could use extension tubes combined with a normal lens, which gives you some magnification. Or even better, you could reverse a normal lens, which combined with extension tubes gives even more magnification. The most convenient and flexible option though, especially for a beginner within macro photography, is to get a… → Read More

The 7 commandments for successful photo walks

In the last year, I’ve walked probably more than 2000 miles with my camera. I love photo walks, because they are so meditative. There is also great excitement when you get home to look at the photos, to see if you caught any great ones. It adds a dimension of extra beauty and flow to your regular long walks. Following, are the seven most important lessons I have learned, when it comes to getting… → Read More

7 ways to achieve massive bokeh in your photos

To achieve massive and creamy bokeh, one of the first things we learn is to use a wide aperture. But there are several other ways that might just as effective. Do you know them all? 1. Maximize focal length This one is pretty basic, but I am surprised by how many photographers aren't familiar with it. If you keep composition, aperture and all other things equal, a longer focal length will give… → Read More

Build Your Own 2.5x Super Macro Rig for $230

Last summer I bought a macro lens. A normal one, giving 1x magnification. This means that your subject will be projected as big on the sensor as it is in real life. So if you shoot a bug that is 36mm long, it will completely cover a full frame sensor from side to side. I discovered that macro photography is just so much fun. It is much easier to take a cool looking macro photo than a cool… → Read More