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Past articles by James:

The Yield Curve Inversion, Explained for a Guy Who Just Wants to Retire Before 70

The yield curve inverted again, and people are freaking out about a potential recession. But should you? And what does "yield curve" even mean? → Read More

The ‘Stonks’ Meme Is Actually a Perfect Distillation of Boglehead Investing

What is the stonks meme, and what can it teach us about the actual stock market, personal finance, index funds and Jack Bogle's philosophy? Lots, actually! → Read More

Foolproof Moving Tips to Land the Home of Your Dreams, From a Serial Mover

Moving gets a bad rap, says Ali Wenzke, who moved 10 times in 11 years and recently published The Art of Happy Moving about the experience. Wenzke even says moving can be fun. I had to call her up to figure out what all of us complainers are doing wrong. → Read More

FaceApp's May Unlock a Genuine Psychological Benefit for Users

Among the pantheon of internet time-wasters, you could do a lot worse than the FaceApp Challenge, the current meme of the moment which involves sharing an image of an artificially aged version of yourself.In fact, engaging with a realistic rendering of your aged self can actually yield a surprising psychological ben... → Read More

5G iPhone: New Render Depicts the Massive iPhone 10X-Like Overhaul for 2020

The 2020 iPhone lineup is shaping up to be a more substantial upgrade than the one that will be unveiled at the end of the summer, according to a series of analyst predictions. The planned improvements include 5G modems, a notchless display, and more. Here's what it looks like, according to a new render. → Read More

Prime Day 2019: Build Your Dream Home Office With 5 Productivity Deals

Amazon Prime Day 2019 kicks off on Monday, July 15 at 3 a.m. EST, though you can access some deals as early as Saturday if you have an Amazon Alexa. If you're thinking about starting a business or living the #workfromhome life, here is how to leverage Prime Day to get the home office of your dreams. → Read More

Vacation Spending: 3 Reasons Your 2020 Vacation Is Going to Be So Baller

Most Americans go into debt to fund their vacations, incurring stress which completely defeats the purpose of taking a vacation in the first place. Take these steps now so you can ball out in summer 2020 and take a vacation that will make your Instagram followers green with envy. → Read More

A.I. Masters Six Player Texas Hold 'Em, a White Whale for A.I. Researchers

In a landmark for artificial intelligence research, an A.I. has been developed capable of beating professionals at no limit, six-player Texas Hold’em poker. It’s the first time an A.I. has been able to master a game of that caliper, and the first time an A.I. has been able to beat professionals in a game that has mo... → Read More

Homeownership Is Overrated: Why "Shameful" Renting Deserves a Second-Look

The American Dream's emphasis on homeownership can lead us astray as far as the actual numbers are concerned. Not everyone needs to own a home. Homeownership is more expensive than it used to be, and the opportunity costs of staying put for 20 or 30 years are going up. → Read More

Google Stadia: Is Stadia About to Jump the Gun on Cloud Gaming's Readiness?

Google Stadia talks a very big game, and will deliver access to cutting-edge titles at a remarkably low price-point. But there are valid questions about whether the mainstream consumer will be able to access the infrastructure needed for a smooth gaming experience. → Read More

iPhone 11: Leaked CAD Flies Reveal Entire Chassis Lineup in Striking Detail

CAD files depicting what appear to be the three chassis designs for the 2019 iPhone lineup leaked. The 2019 iPhones appear likely to be controversial, with notch and a large camera bump on the rear to house extra camera lenses. With Apple's iconic design chief headed for the door, it'd be an especially risky year to... → Read More

PS5: What Sony Could Mean by Its Risky Plan for Targeting Hardcore Gamers

Sony's PS 5 will be a "niche" device catered to hardcore gamers, according to some recent remarks from Sony executives reported by the Wall Street Journal. What could Sony execs mean by this? And how will the PS 5 compete with cloud gaming services, where it is arguably outgunned? → Read More

Bitcoin Bubble 2019: Why the Summer Rally Is Nothing Like the One in 2017

Bitcoin’s 2019 rally, which kicked off in March, has gained speed over the last few weeks. This has naturally prompted the question of whether bitcoin is capable of repeating history, specifically, the meteoric 1400 percent gain it made in 2017. Could it happen again? → Read More

Live Your Best Millennial Life: 4 Money-Wasters You Should Ghost Forever

Mainstream news outlets are full of sensational tales of people who make stunningly bad spending decisions ($1,500 a month on nonessentials.) Instead, we’re told to spend that money on “more important things,” like life insurance policies. → Read More

Libra Is a Great Idea, but Facebook Is a Terrible Home for It

Facebook is hardly the first major company to release its own digital currency. The reason is that tech within digital currencies have the potential to make company money actually helpful. Unfortunately for Libra, its scandal-plagued parent is the worst possible messenger for this technology. → Read More

Watch This YouTuber Retrofit a Tesla Model 3 Into a Working Pickup Truck

The popular YouTuber Simone Giertz retrofitted a Tesla Model 3 into an actual, drivable pickup truck dubbed the Truckla. In a cheeky fake ad and 30 minute YouTube video, Giertz and her collaborators show off the vehicle and explain how they were able to make it using a Model 3 chassis and some parts from an F150. → Read More

Google Pixel 4 Leaks: Design, Camera, Specs, Notch, Other Key Hints

Google's next flagship phone, the Google Pixel 4, has been confirmed after a steady stream of leaks. Like the iPhone 11, it is packing a lot of tech into a backwards facing camera bump, though it's not yet clear what all these lenses and sensors will be. Here's what we know about the design, features, camera, and more. → Read More

Survive Wedding Season With 3 Self-Care Tips From the Experts

There's nothing like the sweet smell of June flowers, recently-popped champagne, and the sheen of nervous sweat you get charging a plane ticket you can't afford. That's right folks, it's officially wedding season. Here's how to make it through with your budget, and your pride, intact. → Read More

Tesla Pickup Truck: Elon Musk Teases When to Expect Our First Real Glimpse

Tesla CEO Elon Musk convened Tesla shareholders on Tuesday for the company’s annual shareholder event. Most notably, Musk indicated that that the price point on solar roof installations could come in lower than expected, and teased an (admittedly trepidatious) target for formally unveiling the Tesla pickup truck. → Read More

Matt Gaetz: A Congressman's Brief Quote Sums Up Why Big Tech Is Getting Scared

Particularly in today’s partisan times, it is rare to find an issue that we can all agree on. But that may be about to change as politicians on the left and the right up for election eagerly tap into broiling anti-tech resentment as a way to curry votes. → Read More