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Cambridge, MA, United States

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Past articles by David:

Stop covid or save the economy? We can do both

In the first employment report after social distancing measures had taken hold in many US states, the Department of Labor announced that 3.3 million people had filed jobless claims. A week later, in the first week in April, an additional 6.6 million claims came in—almost unfathomable compared with the previous record of 695,000, which was… → Read More

The official jobless numbers are horrifying. The real situation is even worse.

The record unemployment numbers only hint at the crisis facing many with no work. → Read More

We’re not prepared for the end of Moore’s Law

It has fueled prosperity of the last 50 years. But the end is now in sight. → Read More

The year’s best books on the economy we live in

The year 2019 produced some evidence-based antidotes to the trendy political narratives of robot domination and the collapse of capitalism. → Read More

Why you shouldn’t fear the gray tsunami

Many worry that aging populations will doom the world economy and make life miserable for everyone. Here’s why that’s wrong. → Read More

Should we tax robots? A debate.

Pro: Why not? We tax human labor. Con: It will slow innovation. Background: The idea of taxing robots isn’t new, but it gained momentum a few years ago when Bill Gates pitched the strategy as a way to slow the job-destroying progress of automation. In a quick rebuttal, Lawrence Summers, a former economic advisor to… → Read More

The economic argument behind the Green New Deal

Economist Mariana Mazzucato explains how rethinking industrial policy could be key to tackling climate change. → Read More

The one number you need to know about climate change

The social cost of carbon could guide us toward intelligent policies—if only we knew what it was. → Read More

Robots won’t make it into our houses until they get common sense

AI’s big advances have so far relied on algorithms that train on huge piles of data. If robots are going to work in the real world, that will have to change. → Read More

AI is reinventing the way we invent

The biggest impact of artificial intelligence will be to help humans make discoveries we couldn’t make on our own. → Read More

DNA databases are too white. This man aims to fix that.

Carlos D. Bustamante’s hunt for genetic variations between populations should help us better understand and treat disease. → Read More

From rust belt to robot belt: Turning AI into jobs in the US heartland

Artificial intelligence is offering an amazing opportunity to increase prosperity, but whether or not ­we will seize it is our choice. → Read More

The productivity paradox

The mission of MIT Technology Review is to equip its audiences with the intelligence to understand a world shaped by technology. → Read More

Obama economist: We’re not preparing workers for changing jobs

Jason Furman, Obama’s top economist, says we need to learn from recent economic history and worry less about 20 years from now. → Read More

AI is rapidly changing the types and location of the best-paying jobs

Berkeley’s Laura Tyson thinks we shouldn’t worry about technological unemployment, but should fear inequality. → Read More

AI savants, recognizing bias, and building machines that think like people

Despite impressive advances, three speakers at EmTech Digital show how far there is to go in the AI world. → Read More

Gene Editing Could Rewrite the GMO Debate

CRISPR and Talen are giving plant scientists a fast and cheap new way to create genetically modified foods. → Read More

This Year’s 35 Innovators Under the Age of 35

Meet the young inventors, pioneers, entrepreneurs, visionaries, and humanitarians that will change the world. → Read More

35 Innovators Under the Age of 35 tagged stories

The mission of MIT Technology Review is to equip its audiences with the intelligence to understand a world shaped by technology. → Read More

It Pays to Be Smart

Superstar companies are dominating the economy by exploiting a growing gap in digital competencies. → Read More