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Past articles by Charlotte:

In a Rapidly Evolving Industry, Banking Leaders Must Redefine ‘Underbanked’

A detailed breakdown of the banking status of U.S. adults shows that banks must reconsider how they think of unbanked and underbanked populations → Read More

Future of ESG Investing Unclear Amid Inflation, Regulatory Scrutiny

Morning Consult financial services analyst Charlotte Principato analyzes investors’ current understanding and prioritization of ESG investing → Read More

For Financial Services, Trust Is a Must, but Data Privacy Is the New Differentiator

When it comes to trust, honesty and especially data privacy, consumers hold their financial services providers to high standards → Read More

Money 20/20 Europe: 5 Things to Keep in Mind About Consumer Finances and Relationships

From customer satisfaction to cryptocurrency usage, explore the consumer attitudes and habits shaping the financial services industry in Europe and beyond → Read More

Crypto’s Success Proves It Doesn’t Need Consumer Trust

An analysis of the seemingly contradictory trends of dipping trust in cryptocurrency and consumers’ steady purchase intentions → Read More

Now Is The Time to Think Beyond Crypto and Focus on DeFi and Web3

Analyzing consumers’ current understanding of the crypto-related forces shaping the future of consumer financial services → Read More

Banking Blind Spots Reveal Struggling Financial Health

Consumers’ steady banking relationships and satisfaction numbers belie higher overdrafts, use of alternative services and moves to find new providers → Read More

How Embedded Finance Will Disrupt Traditional Financial Services Brands

As consumers experience the ease of payments embedded in their brand experiences, they’ll wonder why their banks make transactions so hard → Read More

The Holidays Highlight Financial Well-Being and Fintech Inclusion Gender Gaps

The Financial Well-Being score is a reflection of respondents’ sense of security and freedom of choice, and women appear to be struggling with the former. They are less likely to report being able to handle an unexpected expense or having money left over at the end of the month, and are more likely to feel concerned that their saved money won’t last. Women’s lower financial well-being can be… → Read More

Consumers Without Financial Anxiety Are Helping Drive BNPL, New Credit Card Holiday Growth

Fifty-four percent of adults say they are worried about their holiday finances, equal to the share that said the same last year. And it’s not just the coronavirus driving these worries: Another 52 percent of U.S. adults say the holidays in general are the most financially stressful time of year for them. Forty-five percent of adults say the coronavirus is impacting their holiday plans this year,… → Read More

Ahead of the Holidays, Boomer Financial Well-Being Stands Out

The financial well-being schism between boomers and younger generations should give financial services leaders pause as they prepare for the holidays While millennials’ financial well-being has stayed relatively level, albeit low, over the past few months, Gen X and Gen Z both dropped by statistically significant margins of 2.06 and 2.25 points, respectively. Boomers’ financial well-being… → Read More

What a Correspondence Analysis Reveals About How Banks Are Struggling to Differentiate

Consumers do differentiate neobanks from traditional banks, but not the brands that comprise these groups. That is to say, neobanks have done a good job of distinguishing themselves from traditional banks — clustered in the second and third quadrants of the map and closely associated with innovation, affordability, and personalization — but not from one another. The same is true for traditional… → Read More

The Walmart and Litecoin News Was Fake, but Walmart and Bitcoin Have Potential

While news that Walmart would soon be accepting the cryptocurrency Litecoin turned out to be untrue, the retailer would be wise to consider allowing customers to pay with Bitcoin. Morning Consult data shows that frequent Walmart shoppers are roughly twice as likely to be Bitcoin owners than the average consumer: 30 percent of adults who shop at Walmart a few times a week or more often own… → Read More

For the Most Pronounced CBDC Enthusiasm, Look to the Underbanked

Similar to open banking, central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) have the potential to reshape how consumers access and use money, but has yet to gain widespread attention or favorability among the general public. One group is a notable exception — the underbanked, or those with a bank account but who also use alternative financial services. Their unique interest underlines the need for… → Read More

The Future of Open Banking is Blurry for U.S. Consumers

Open banking is quickly becoming a “when,” not an “if,” for U.S. banks, as the Biden administration calls for improved consumer controls of personal financial data and banks accelerate their efforts to incorporate application program interfaces (APIs) into their services. But Americans’ lack of awareness of the concept, per recent Morning Consult international polling, paired with consumer fears… → Read More

How the Roughly One-Quarter of Underbanked U.S. Adults Differ From Fully Banked Individuals

Ten percent of U.S. adults are unbanked and roughly one-quarter are underbanked, according to recent Morning Consult analysis aimed at exploring how these two often-overlooked groups differ from those who are “fully banked.” The results highlight how many banks and credit unions have fallen short in serving the needs of their customers, as the coronavirus pandemic continues to deepen the… → Read More

The Financial Goals of Underbanked and Unbanked Americans

Although creating an emergency fund was the top financial goal for individuals in both groups, underbanked adults are more likely in general to have financial goals than unbanked adults — and to actively be working towards those goals. Twenty-one percent of unbanked adults said they’re not aiming to accomplish any of the 13 financial objectives listed in the survey, compared to 4 percent of… → Read More

Recovering but Not Recovered: A Look at Robinhood’s U.S. Brand Health Ahead of Its IPO

To be sure, important brand metrics such as trust took a hit amid the scandal, but Robinhood has already made up ground among those aware of the app: In just six months, it’s gained back half of the roughly 25 percentage points of net trust it lost in early 2021. That’s because underneath the turbulence are strong metrics in trust, value and purchasing consideration among those who actually use… → Read More

How 'Buy Now, Pay Later' Consumers Differ From Credit Card Users

With income inequality remaining high amid the pandemic, driven primarily by expected loss of employment income, more adults are using “buy now, pay later” services to make online purchases. New Morning Consult analysis distinguishes how the emerging BNPL consumer differs from customers who have credit cards in their household– not just their demographic makeup, but their attitudes about… → Read More

Outlining the Potential Growth of BNPL Services, Apple Pay’s Newest Reported Venture

While Apple Pay’s rumored “buy now, pay later” service is perhaps the most prominent signal of BNPL’s growth potential, Morning Consult trend data shows awareness and usage of BNPL services such as Affirm and Afterpay was on the rise since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic — without any signs of slowing down. Seventeen percent of U.S. adults said they used a BNPL service to make a purchase… → Read More