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Recent articles by Suzannah:

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How to Have Great Sex When You’re on the Autism Spectrum

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"Most people have no clue about the different ways you can stimulate a clitoris, or believe that female ejaculation is just a myth.” → Read More

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A unicorn may join a couple for a one-off threesome, or they may regularly date or even live with both members of a couple. Here's what it's like to be one. → Read More

The Most Effective Safe Words and How to Use Them During Sex

Sex is hotter when no one's boundaries are crossed, and one way to ensure this won’t happen is to establish a safe word. Here are some safe word ideas. → Read More

Are You Aromantic? Here's What It Means, and How to Tell.

More people are now familiar with the term “asexual,” but fewer people know what it means to be aromantic—that is, not experiencing romantic attraction. → Read More

Rose Sex Toy Review: One Writer Tries the TikTok-Famous Vibrator

One "Glamour" writer reviews the Rose Sex Toy, a TikTok-famous sex toy known for clitoral stimulation, to see if it lives up to the hype. → Read More

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