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Recent articles by Suzannah:

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Is Sex Addiction Real?

Mental health experts and former "addicts" believe that the term is outmoded and inaccurate. Others say it helped them change their lives. → Read More

Scientists Explain Why We Have Oral Sex

The question of why we have oral sex seems like an obvious one: because it feels good. But according to a recent investigation by Medical Daily, there could be a few other reasons both men and women engage in oral sex. → Read More

‘I’ve gained my life back’: New tests may help those with persistent urinary tract infections

UTIs are common, but for some people the agony persists even when standard tests show nothing, and the pain and urgency become chronic. → Read More

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How to Tell Your Doctor You're Using Drugs

“A psychedelic? Why would you do that?” my doctor asked. → Read More

Singing about Female Masturbation Has Become Cool—but Is It Helping?

Singing about masturbation is, for women artists, still radical. → Read More

7 Things Women Should Not Be Afraid To Do In Bed

Women live in a world where, from a young age, fear is drilled into them. These fears show up in all different ways, but because female sexuality is so repressed to begin with, the bedroom has become a microcosm for them. Women's sexual insecurities… → Read More

Sexting 101: Your Complete Guide to Sending and Receiving Nude Photos

Sexting can be amazing—and awkward. Especially when it comes to sending and receiving nude photos. We asked the experts how to address sticky situations and privacy concerns when it comes to your most intimate messages. → Read More

9 Foods to Avoid If You’re Trying to Get Pregnant

Steering clear of these foods to avoid when trying to get pregnant can increase your fertility and prevent fetal damage. → Read More

9 Ways To Say “No” To Sex That’s Already Started If You Change Your Mind

When people talk about consent, they usually emphasize that you always have the right to turn down sex — which is true. But you don't hear often enough that it's also OK to say "no" to sex you've agreed to if you change your mind. Consent is not a… → Read More

Do Sex-Themed Resorts Have a Responsibility to Teach Consent?

The objectification of women permeates almost every aspect of our culture. Can these resorts block out such a pervasive force? → Read More

The Best 7 Masturbation Tips to Get You Super Turned On When You're Solo

Most women can't just snap their fingers and be in the mood, so we asked the experts for their best masturbation tips for getting turned on. → Read More

The Feminist Potential Of The Consensual Dick Pic –

The societal reluctance to depict men as sexual objects is connected to the denial of female desire. → Read More

10 Women And Non-Binary People Reveal The Worst Sex Advice They've Ever Received

We don't receive much sex advice growing up, and unfortunately, the advice we do receive is often completely off-base or downright dangerous. Hopefully, we can get to the point one day where we look back and laugh and the ridiculous things we were… → Read More

I Took A Course On Becoming A Psychic Medium & Here's What I Learned About My Intuition

I haven't always believed in psychics. But recently, a series of odd experiences made me wonder. A psychic diagnosed my chronic Lyme disease based on no information after 16 doctors missed it. Another psychic somehow knew my childhood cat was black… → Read More