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Recent articles by Suzannah:

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I Took A Course On Becoming A Psychic Medium & Here's What I Learned About My Intuition

I haven't always believed in psychics. But recently, a series of odd experiences made me wonder. A psychic diagnosed my chronic Lyme disease based on no information after 16 doctors missed it. Another psychic somehow knew my childhood cat was black… → Read More

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7 Things To Understand If You Want To Practice Good Consent

Thanks to the #MeToo movement, people are becoming more conscious of how they treat others' sexual boundaries. Yet there's still some confusion over what constitutes sexual consent. Even those with the best of intentions can disrespect others'… → Read More

What to Know Before You Test Your MDMA for Contaminants

Drug checking is part of a harm-reduction approach that emphasizes reducing the negative impact of drug use rather than telling people not to use them—which usually doesn’t work. → Read More

The Insidious Reasons Doctors Are Botching Labiaplasties –

Many doctors performing labiaplasties were never taught the basics of vulvar anatomy—leaving some patients scarred and unable to feel sexual pleasure. → Read More

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11 Women On How They Know Their Intuition Is Speaking To Them

When you're trying to make a decision, people always say, "Follow your intuition." But how do you know if your intuition is talking to you or if that inclination you feel is coming from somewhere else, like your mind, your emotions, or other people?… → Read More

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