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Past articles by John:

Don’t Just End the War in Afghanistan, Repeal the Resolution That Authorized It

No current threat remotely justifies roving presidential authority to wage war on multiple continents. → Read More

Let the Afghan People Come

Joe Biden doesn’t have to feel bad about bringing the troops home if he lets the persecuted come here. → Read More

Let the Afghan People Come

Joe Biden doesn’t have to feel bad about bringing the troops home if he lets the persecuted come here. → Read More

Cultivating a Politics of Restraint

It is precisely because American elites have been socialized into accepting special responsibilities in global security that a narrow strategy cautiously circumscribing this temptation to expand is what we most need. → Read More

Will COVID Bring the Troops Home? Maybe Some of Them.

Maintaining big expensive U.S. military bases and forward‐​deployed forces overseas may get a second look. → Read More

Ending the War in Afghanistan vs Exiting It

The uncomfortable fact is that this deal makes U.S. withdrawal too conditional on the vicissitudes of Afghan politics. → Read More

It Is Time to Relinquish America’s Global Interventionist Foreign Policy

A new article in Survival critiques America’s foreign policy of global interventionism and makes the case for a grand strategy of restraint. → Read More

Exiting Afghanistan

Featuring John Glaser and Caleb O. Brown A new Cato policy analysis makes the case for ending America’s longest war. John Glaser is co-author of that report. → Read More

Overcoming Inertia: Why It’s Time to End the War in Afghanistan

A full political settlement built around a cease-fire and a withdrawal of U.S. military forces from Afghanistan is within reach—but only if policymakers are willing to make significant concessions to the Taliban and to dispense with erroneous rationales for continuing the fight. → Read More

How Donald Trump May Push America into a War with Iran

The Trump administration’s frenzied provocations could lead America to the brink of a conflict with Iran—one that almost no one actually wants. → Read More

Will Congress Act to End the War in Afghanistan?

A new proposed resolution would withdraw U.S. forces and end the war in Afghanistan in one year. It’s about time. → Read More

Lessons from Rome on Executive Power and Restraint

Unchecked international power carries some of the same hazards as unchecked power in the domestic realm. → Read More

Failure Forecast: Sanctions Won't Work on Iran

The truth is that President Trump has no real strategy for Tehran. → Read More

Let's Face It: US Policy in the Middle East Has Failed

A real reevaluation of U.S. policy toward this region is imperative. → Read More

Repeal, Don’t Replace, the AUMF

GENE HEALY: We’re in the middle of a renewed debate here on Capitol Hill about what role — if any — Congress should play in the choice between war and peace. That’s the most fundamental decision any government can make, and it’s one our Constitution entrusts to Congress. But for nearly 17 years now, that choice has been left to the executive branch, with the result that the United States has… → Read More

Three Reasons Why Diplomacy with North Korea Will Remain Difficult

As negotiations stumble forward, we will likely continue to see embarrassing diplomatic foul-ups for three key reasons. → Read More

Repeal, Don’t Replace, Trump’s War Powers

Presidential war undermines fundamental values of our representative democracy. → Read More

Striking Assad might boost Trump’s prestige. It won’t serve American interests.

Last year’s missile strikes won the president the Beltway approval he craves. His tough talk now on Syria means he wants more. → Read More

It's Bolton Time

Featuring John Glaser, Sahar Khan, and Caleb O. Brown John Bolton, an effective communicator of extreme hawkish views, will become the President’s new national security advisor. John Glaser and Sahar Khan argue that Bolton articulates views that almost entirely reject serious diplomacy. → Read More

A Big-Spending, Flag-Waving State of the Union

The State of the Union is a tradition that probably ought to go, but this one had the big spending plans Americans have come to expect. Cato’s John Glaser, Chris Edwards, and Neal McCluskey comment on the substantive policy proposals. → Read More