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Lowell, MA, United States

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Past articles by Kenrick:

Tortoise Revival Plan Blends Tech and Good-Old-Fashioned Babymaking

Efforts to breed two extinct species of Galapagos tortoise back into existence set a new bar for the use of genetics in conservation. → Read More

Socks Generate Electricity Using Microbes Fed by Urine

Yes, you read that right. → Read More

What Does the World Look Like to a Dolphin? We Still Don’t Know

A viral image claiming to show what dolphin’s echolocation perceives is backed by suspect science. → Read More

Software Reconstructs Famous Faces from Still Images, Captures Their Unique Mannerisms

A University of Washington team has developed virtual “Face/Off” software that lets them animate Barack Obama’s face with George W. Bush’s mannerisms, and other surreal tricks. → Read More

No, China Is Not Building a “Human Cloning Factory”

A planned factory for cloning a million cows by 2020 is news enough on its own. → Read More

How Blue Tarantulas Could Improve Screens for TVs, Phones, and Computers

Researchers examining the nanoscale topography of the world’s largest spiders are part of a larger effort to understand and copy the brilliant structural colors in nature. → Read More

“Plant Lamps” Turn Dirt and Vegetation into a Power Source

Researchers in Peru have a new way to capture electricity from plants and bacteria to help rainforest communities. → Read More

Comic Explodes the “DNA Is Just Source Code” Metaphor

Sorry, smug technophiles, biology is a lot messier than even the most poorly optimized code. → Read More

How Animal Hairs Could Inspire Cleaner Tech

A pair of physicist-biologists show the many ways animals use hairs to keep clean – and how we might leverage nature’s design expertise. → Read More

Our Robotic Children: The Ethics of Creating Intelligent Life

Philosopher Eric Schwitzgebel argues that conscious machines would deserve special moral consideration akin to our own children. → Read More

A Strapless Bra That’s as Sticky as Gecko Feet

A mechanical engineer has decided to stand up for bras that stay up using space-age materials science. → Read More

Now You Can Genetically Engineer Living Cells with a Home Kit. Should You?

A new kit called Amino promises home-brew bioengineering for less than the price of a MacBook. → Read More

3-D Scans Give New Life to the Dodo

Can technology revise our image of the bird as a big, dumb buffoon? → Read More

Can Genetic Engineering Save Endangered Rhinos?

Endangered rhinos are being killed for their horns. Some researchers think they can use bioengineering techniques to trip up the poachers. → Read More

New GMO Techniques May Circumvent Regulation, But Not Fears

Even if advancements in gene editing dodge formal regulation in the short-term, they’re not going to escape the roiling anti-biotech public sentiment. → Read More